Ray Donlan
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Ray Donlan (Character)
from Cop Land (1997)

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Cop Land (1997)
Joey Randone: What the fuck, Ray? You said PDA was gonna set this guy up, with a new life and everything.
Ray Donlan: You think I'm all that, huh, Joey?

Ray Donlan: See officer, in Garrison, when the car you're gonna tag has got a PDA sticker, I'd advise you to think to yourself, "Hey, that's one of the good guys. I think I'll go catch me a bad guy."
Deputy Cindy Betts: If we didn't pull over P.D., there wouldn't be any violations in this town.

Ray Donlan: What brings you to our fair city?
Moe Tilden: I heard there was a way of life out here. Thought I'd check it out for myself.
Ray Donlan: What are we, like the Amish now?

Sheriff Freddy Heflin: How do you think this makes me look.
Ray Donlan: Go home and don't think so much.

Ray Donlan: You're just a child, Freddie.

Ray Donlan: I always liked you, Murray. You just sweat too much!

Ray Donlan: You know the difference between men and boys? Boys bet everything on everything! Boys think every hand is a royal flush! You play cards with a man, he knows his limits.

Figgs: Don't shut me out, Ray! You found us a sweet little town. You got us the low interest, and I'm grateful. But don't forget who it was that you came to two years ago to cover your ass.
Ray Donlan: Get him outta here Freddy.
Sheriff Freddy Heflin: Come on.
[as he tries to pull Figgs out of the bar but is pushed away]
Figgs: It's not my fault that you can't look at him! You sit in this chair with your back to 'im. You want it to go away, but I'm still here. In for a penny, in for a pound. Don't shut me out, Ray.