Joey Randone
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Joey Randone (Character)
from Cop Land (1997)

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Cop Land (1997)
Joey Randone: What the fuck, Ray? You said PDA was gonna set this guy up, with a new life and everything.
Ray Donlan: You think I'm all that, huh, Joey?

Figgs: Pretty boy Joey bettin' against the Bulls. What are you, some kind of high roller?
Joey Randone: Fuck you Figgs, I had twelve points.
Figgs: Against the five-time NBA champs? What kind of a bet is that? You know you night guys watch too much Oprah when you should be catching z's.
Joey Randone: Uh-huh, Figgs. At least I'm not the one sniffin' my money away.
Figgs: That was your inner child making a bet there, Joey. Little boy Joey with the Mets poster taped above his bed.
Joey Randone: Tell you what, Figgs. Why don't you come over here, unzip me, pull out my inner child and take a bite. Bite it hard and bite it thick!
Figgs: Fuck you!
Joey Randone: No, fuck you!