Sheriff Freddy Heflin
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Sheriff Freddy Heflin (Character)
from Cop Land (1997)

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Cop Land (1997)
Moe Tilden: See sheriff, I got a sticky problem. My jurisdiction ends, in a sense, at the George Washington Bridge. But half the men I watch live beyond that bridge, where no one's watching.
Sheriff Freddy Heflin: I'm watching.

Figgs: Look Freddy, I say it's okay to be jealous. You save this girl's life, right? From it, from risking yourself, from saving her sorry ass, you go deaf as a result.
Sheriff Freddy Heflin: In one ear.
Figgs: In one ear. Then you have to watch this girl you saved, this beauty queen, marries this cocksucker.

Liz Randone: Why is it that you never got married Freddy?
Freddy Heflin: All the best girls were taken.

Sheriff Freddy Heflin: I look at this town, and I don't like what I see.

Sheriff Freddy Heflin: How do you think this makes me look.
Ray Donlan: Go home and don't think so much.

Sheriff Freddy Heflin: I can't hear you Ray.

Sheriff Freddy Heflin: What about Babitch?
Moe Tilden: What about him? Fuck him.
Sheriff Freddy Heflin: What about Donlan?
Moe Tilden: Fuck him too.
Sheriff Freddy Heflin: What about Joey Randone?
Moe Tilden: He fell off a building. Don't you read the papers?

Figgs: Don't shut me out, Ray! You found us a sweet little town. You got us the low interest, and I'm grateful. But don't forget who it was that you came to two years ago to cover your ass.
Ray Donlan: Get him outta here Freddy.
Sheriff Freddy Heflin: Come on.
[as he tries to pull Figgs out of the bar but is pushed away]
Figgs: It's not my fault that you can't look at him! You sit in this chair with your back to 'im. You want it to go away, but I'm still here. In for a penny, in for a pound. Don't shut me out, Ray.

Deputy Bill Geisler: I don't know about Ray, but not everyone in Garrison is a murderer.
Sheriff Freddy Heflin: No, they just keep their eyes closed and their mouths shut, just like me.

Sheriff Freddy Heflin: You people are all the same.