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Virginia (Character)
from Freaky Friday (1976)

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Freaky Friday (1976)
Mrs. Andrews (as Annabel): What is this?
Virginia: Your usual rum raisin banana-split breakfast.
Mrs. Andrews (as Annabel): Of course! what else would the junk food junkie eat for breakfast?
[looking at the girls, who are staring]
Mrs. Andrews (as Annabel): You notice something different about me, right? Something different?

Mrs. Andrews (as Annabel): Could I trouble you for a dime, dear?
Virginia: [shocked] Could-I-trouble-you-for-a-dime-dear?

Mrs. Andrews (as Annabel): [needing bus fare] Virginia could you possibly...
Virginia: No I couldn't possibly! I know you've got more change than that, Annabel, I've seen the way you walk.
Mrs. Andrews (as Annabel): The way I walk?
Mrs. Andrews: [thinks] Of course!
[takes off her shoe and coins scatter]