Maggie Reynolds
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Maggie Reynolds (Character)
from Major League: Back to the Minors (1998)

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Major League: Back to the Minors (1998)
Leonard Huff: So are you a baseball fan?
Maggie Reynolds: As a matter of fact, I am.
Leonard Huff: Well, I manage a team. Minnesota Twins, may you've heard of them.
Gus Cantrell: Hmm, Minnesota Twins, may I've heard of them. You asshole.

Maggie Reynolds: One minute, you're talking about the new, improved, responsible, Gus Cantrell. The next, you are rolling across a bar room floor, kicking, punching, and biting.
Gus Cantrell: I didn't bite him. Besides, it wasn't my fault.
Maggie Reynolds: How was it not your fault?
Gus Cantrell: He asked he to hit him.
Maggie Reynolds: That's funny. I don't remember hearing him request a punch in the nose.
Gus Cantrell: It's like a secret guy language. When someone pokes you with their finger more than once, they are saying, "Come on and hit me."
Maggie Reynolds: A secret guy language. Now, I know about the handshake, and the decoder ring, but this is new to me.

Leonard Huff: Do my eyes deceive me? Is that who I think it is?
Gus Cantrell: [not turning around] Slick guy, overdressed, helmet hair, shit-eating grin?
Maggie Reynolds: [turning around] You must have eyes in the back of your head.
Gus Cantrell: Leonard Huff, manager-slash-bullshit artist extraordinaire.

Roger Dorn: As far as I'm concerned, as deal's a deal. I know how long you've been waiting to get to the Majors, plus I know that it has been a lifelong dream.
Gus Cantrell: [Dorn presents Gus with a Twins hat] Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm going to have to pass.
Roger Dorn: I'm talking about a job with the Twins here, Gus.
Gus Cantrell: I have a lot of information I feel I can pass on to young ballplayers. That's where I belong, and that's what I want to do.
Roger Dorn: You want to manage a minor league team?
Gus Cantrell: So I'm going to stick with the Buzz, if that's okay with you.
Roger Dorn: [speechless] Yeah it's okay, but...
Gus Cantrell: But thanks.
Airport P.A.: Your attention please. Flight 63 to Miami is boarding at Gate 28.
Maggie Reynolds: Oh that's us.
Roger Dorn: Wait, where are you guys going?
Maggie Reynolds: It's called a honeymoon.
Roger Dorn: That's great. Congratulations! Hey, I don't have any plans. You mind if I come along.
Maggie Reynolds: Yeah, we do.