Colonel Brandon
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Colonel Brandon (Character)
from Sense and Sensibility (1995)

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Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Sir John Middleton: You know what they're saying, of course. Hm? Word is, you've developed a taste for certain company. And why not, say I. A man like you in your prime... she'd be a very fortunate young lady.
Colonel Brandon: Marianne Dashwood would no more think of me than she would of you, John.
Sir John Middleton: Brandon, my boy, do not think of yourself so meanly.
Colonel Brandon: And all the better for her.

Colonel Brandon: Miss Dashwood, Miss Marianne - I come to issue an invitation. A picnic on my estate at Delaford if you would care to join us on Thursday next. Mrs. Jennings daughter and her husband are traveling up especially.
Elinor Dashwood: We should be delighted, Colonel.
Colonel Brandon: I will of course be including Mr. Willoughby in the party.
Marianne: I shall be delighted to join you, Colonel.

Colonel Brandon: What can I do?
Elinor Dashwood: Colonel, you have done so much already...
Colonel Brandon: Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood, or I shall run mad.

Margaret: Have you really been to the East Indies, Colonel?
Colonel Brandon: I have.
Margaret: What's it like?
Sir John Middleton: Like? Hot.
Colonel Brandon: [mysteriously] The air is full of spices.

[after a reading of Spenser's The Faerie Queen]
Marianne: Shall we continue tomorrow?
Colonel Brandon: No, for I must away.
Marianne: Away? Where?
Colonel Brandon: That I cannot tell you. It is a secret.

Colonel Brandon: Your sister seems very happy.
Elinor Dashwood: Yes. Marianne does not approve of hiding her emotions. In fact, her romantic prejudices have the unfortunate tendency to set propriety at naught.
Colonel Brandon: She is wholly unspoilt.
Elinor Dashwood: Rather too unspoilt, in my view. The sooner she becomes acquainted with the ways of the world, the better.
Colonel Brandon: I knew a lady very like your sister - the same impulsive sweetness of temper - who was forced into, as you put it, a better acquaintance with the world. The result was only ruination and despair. Do not desire it, Miss Dashwood.

"Sense and Sensibility: Episode #1.2" (1981)
Colonel Brandon: [On hearing that Marianne is very ill] For the love of God, is there nothing I can do?