Ivan Igor
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Ivan Igor (Character)
from Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

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Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)
Ivan Igor: My dear, why are you so pitifully afraid? Immortality has been the dream, the inspiration of mankind through the ages. And I am going to give you immortality!

Ivan Igor: I offer you immortality, my child. Think of it: in a thousand years you shall be as lovely as you are now!

Ivan Igor: For twelve years... twelve awful years... this terrible living dead man, with these burned hands and face, has searched for this fiend. Now the account is closed!
[opens packing case to reveal the body of Worth]

Charlotte Duncan: You fiend.
Ivan Igor: My Marie Antoinette, you must not say that to me.
Charlotte Duncan: You fiend!
Ivan Igor: My dear, why are you so pitifully afraid?

Ivan Igor: If my curiosity is not too great, would you mind telling me what manner of animal it is you are designing?
Ralph Burton: This is one of the Athenian girls for the bacchanal.
Ivan Igor: It would be interesting to know, young man, where and when you studied anatomy.

Ivan Igor: You know, I might have felt a little discouraged tonight, but now everything is exactly as it should be.
Charlotte Duncan: I'm glad.

Joe Worth: [talking about their financial situation] I don't hope to impress you, but I've got to tell you we haven't a farthing.
Ivan Igor: That is unfortunate.
Joe Worth: You're right it's unfortunate, 15,000 pounds it's cost me and you say it's unfortunate as though I've spilled soup on my vest.
Ivan Igor: Your money may have been very well invested you never know, something important may come of all this.
Joe Worth: Something important has got to come of all this, you know the rent on this place isn't paid?
Ivan Igor: Is that a fact?
Joe Worth: No I'm lying to amuse myself.
Joe Worth: I've got an idea that will get us out of all this, you and I have absolutely no money but we have got this
[hands Ivan the fire insurance]
Joe Worth: .
Ivan Igor: Fire insurance? Is this your idea of humor my friend?
Joe Worth: Yes fire insurance, that's our way out.