Charlotte Duncan
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Charlotte Duncan (Character)
from Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

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Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)
Charlotte Duncan: Ready, Florence?
Florence: Well, you two will have to struggle along without me, I've got a heavy date. No fouling in the clinches...

Charlotte Duncan: You fiend.
Ivan Igor: My Marie Antoinette, you must not say that to me.
Charlotte Duncan: You fiend!
Ivan Igor: My dear, why are you so pitifully afraid?

Charlotte Duncan: I can just see it now, you telling the landlady you didn't have the rent, but Ralph was awfully sweet.
Charlotte Duncan: It just so happens that the poor people are happier.
Florence: Then marry Ralph, you'll be the happiest couple in the world.
Charlotte Duncan: I don't know what you're going on about, I don't see any millionaires running after you.
Florence: Met one last night, all the money this side of Peoria.
Charlotte Duncan: Who?
Florence: George Winton of the Park Avenue Wintons.

Florence: [after Charlotte hangs up the phone after talking to Ralph] Who was that? Penny Ante?
Charlotte Duncan: Mmm-hmm, why?.
Florence: Just wondering, did you invite him to lunch or did he invite you?
Charlotte Duncan: Well I don't want to offend you, but, frankly, that's none of your business. I don't interfere in any of your affairs.
Florence: I don't have any affairs.
[sits up and shouts]
Florence: What do you mean?
Charlotte Duncan: I don't think you could have a real affair, I don't think you could care for anyone.
Florence: Oh please, I've been in love so many times my heart's calloused, but I never hit one with dough.

Ivan Igor: You know, I might have felt a little discouraged tonight, but now everything is exactly as it should be.
Charlotte Duncan: I'm glad.