Mars Krupcheck
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Mars Krupcheck (Character)
from Hostage (2005)

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Hostage (2005)
Mars Krupcheck: [while choking Jennifer] You're my girl. And my girl comes with me.

Mars Krupcheck: [leaning in really close to Jennifer when she's tied up] What's the best day of your life?
[looks at him, scared, and doesn't say anything]
Mars Krupcheck: You don't know?
[shakes her head]
Mars Krupcheck: Mine's today.

Dennis Kelly: [holding his dying brother Kevin] Mars, please, do something. Please. Please. Please. Please...
Mars Krupcheck: I am.
Dennis Kelly: What?
[Mars shoots Dennis]

[pointing his gun at Jeff in the dark while they stare at each other]
Mars Krupcheck: Bang.
[smirks and disappears back into the dark again]

Mars Krupcheck: [after stepping around corner and pointing gun point blank at kevin] You really should listen to your brother.

Kevin Kelly: Put it back.
Mars Krupcheck: Claustrophobic?
Kevin Kelly: Try fuckedaphobic.

[cd starts skipping]
Dennis Kelly: This yours?
[throws it out the window and smiles]
Mars Krupcheck: Dennis.
[Dennis looks out the back window and turns around quickly, then Kevin looks back and sees a cop car behind them]
Kevin Kelly: Smooth. Hey, that's like a $200 ticket.
Dennis Kelly: Shut up.
Kevin Kelly: You got $200? Huh?
Dennis Kelly: Shut up, Kevin.
Mars Krupcheck: Green light.