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Quotes for
Albie Cianfione (Character)
from "The Sopranos" (1999)

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"The Sopranos: The Blue Comet (#6.20)" (2007)
Phil Leotardo: Historically, Carmine always said the Sopranos are nothing more than a glorified crew. Plain and simple. We decapitate and we do business with whatever's left.
[to Albie]
Phil Leotardo: What?
Albie Cianflone: Nothin'. I agree in spirit but I gotta counsel.
Phil Leotardo: This thing shoulda been done during John's era.
Butch DeConcini: They got redundant upper management, bleeds off half the kick. We take 'em out, absorb the whole fuckin' thing.
Albie Cianflone: Take out an entire fuckin' family?
Phil Leotardo: Let me tell ya a couple of three things: Forget Coco, forget Fat Dom who goes over to Jersey and never comes back, forget my brother Billy.
Albie Cianflone: Phil, Phil, that's not what I'm sayin' at all.
Phil Leotardo: Anthony Soprano has no respect for this thing. He's never been in the can, not really. Here's a guy who stepped over his own uncle to grab the big seat, his father's brother.
Albie Cianflone: Please, huh?
Phil Leotardo: I'm embarrassed. I let him come to the hospital last Christmas, and I took his fat, fuckin' hand in friendship.
Albie Cianflone: Philly, ya had a heart attack.
Phil Leotardo: Listen to me. They make anybody and everybody over there. And the way that they do it, it's all fucked up. Guys don't get their finger pricked. There's no sword and gun on the table...
Albie Cianflone: Phil...
Phil Leotardo: No, Alb, either it has meaning or no meaning. And the Vito thing, the man harbors a faggot.
Albie Cianflone: It's true.
Phil Leotardo: Five fuckin' Families and we got this other pygmy thing over in Jersey... There's no scraps in my scrapbook... Make it happen.