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Quotes for
Rafe Perry (Character)
from Mindhunters (2004)

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Mindhunters (2004)
Gabe: Sir, I thought they didn't let foreign nationals into the FBI?
Harris: Don't worry. On the inside he's 100% American. Right, Rafe?
Rafe: As American as the death penalty.
Harris: That's my boy.

Rafe: Did he just pull that gun out of his ass?

Vince Sherman: [pulls his gun from a cubby under his wheel chair and cocks it back] I'll give him a taste of the real thing.
Rafe: Did he just pull that gun out of his arse?
Lucas: [Everyone looks at Vince] We weren't suppose to bring weapons.
Vince Sherman: My gun goes where I go. If you ever get shot sometime maybe you'll understand.

Rafe: [Rafe walks in and everyone looks at him] What? He said dress for an island.

Bobby: I think I'll go see if the UNSUB's still in the building.
Rafe: Sweetheart, it's just a simulation, yeah?
Bobby: Where we're from, a site search is called procedure. Yeah?

Rafe: How's about your Navy?
[He pulls a wall of weapons]
Rafe: They don't muck around, do they?

Rafe: Look.
[he sits down next to dummy of boy]
Rafe: It's little Bobby. Little gonna grow up to big and strong and pursue a career in buried children and dismembered mummies. Now that will make happy town proud.
Bobby: I think your in the wrong line of work.
[he walks away]
Rafe: [turning to dummy] No mate. Not me.

Rafe: [calling for a vote on Gabe] All for killing him in his sleep?