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Quotes for
Lucas Harper (Character)
from Mindhunters (2004)

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Mindhunters (2004)
Lucas: I came out here to feed the ducks and I see you're feeding the ducks. Maybe we could feed the ducks together?

Vince Sherman: [pulls his gun from a cubby under his wheel chair and cocks it back] I'll give him a taste of the real thing.
Rafe: Did he just pull that gun out of his arse?
Lucas: [Everyone looks at Vince] We weren't suppose to bring weapons.
Vince Sherman: My gun goes where I go. If you ever get shot sometime maybe you'll understand.

Lucas: Well, since the end may be near here; have you always sorta kinda had a thing for me?
[Sarah pulls a huge splinter out of the wound on his arm and he grits his teeth]
Lucas: Is that a no?

[Sara is tending to a wound]
Lucas: Oh, for the love of God, just take the arm.

Lucas: When I was a kid I lost both my parents. Freak thing, ten years old- BANG. - mortality. So I grew up livin' real hard; racing cars, smoking, drinking, sleeping with any girl I could find... Real stupid, dangerous lifestyle... then I turned eleven
Lucas: ... All I know is this; you don't confront your demons and defeat them. You confront them, then you confront them, then you confront them some more, every single day.

Bobby: Two hundred and ninety nine million, seven hundred and ninety two thousand, four hundred and fifty eight meters per second. This is the original measurement for light.
Lucas: And you know that?
Bobby: Its the basic principal of physics
Lucas: Along with "shit happens"?

Lucas: Your other weakness is ME.

Lucas: [sees maggot and worm infested food on table] Hey, dinner at Harris' house. Pass the nuts.

Lucas: [exposed] This is awkward.