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Quotes for
Terry Carmichael (Character)
from Broken Arrow (1996)

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Broken Arrow (1996)
Terry: Clyde, what exactly does a suspicious truck look like?

Terry: Clyde, I'm standing here looking at half the valley and there's nothing going...
[the B-3 flies over her extremely low]
Terry: Holy shit.

Terry: [running after Riley even though he told her to go to a phone for help] Oh, this is a bad idea.
[jumps on the roof of the truck with Hale]
Terry: Hi.
Riley Hale: [Bemused] Hi.

Terry Carmichael: Just put it down, and I won't have to kill you.
Riley Hale: This isn't a standoff. I've got the gun.
Terry Carmichael: I never keep it loaded.
[Hale is momentarily distacted; Terry acquires the gun and points it at him]
Riley Hale: Thought you said it wasn't loaded?
Terry Carmichael: [fires a shot into the air] I LIED!

Vic Deakins: You just saved me 3 million dollars. I owe you one.
Terry Carmichael: Shoot yourself. We'll call it square.

Terry Carmichael: [after Hale has shot a bad guy from between Terry's legs] Wow.
Riley Hale: That was a first for me, too.

[last lines]
Terry: You know you're still under arrest, Captain.
Riley Hale: [holding Terry's hand] Oh, yeah? Well, I guess you better take me in.