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Quotes for
Eric Carradine (Character)
from ...And God Created Woman (1956)

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...And God Created Woman (1956)
[Juliette is sunbathing in the nude]
Eric Carradine: Ah! The Garden of Eden in Saint-Tropez!
Juliete Hardy: Monsieur Carradine! And I suppose you are the Devil?
Eric Carradine: Perhaps so. I've brought the apple anyway.

Mme Vigier-Lefranc: Eric, I'm worried about you.
Eric Carradine: Worried?
Mme Vigier-Lefranc: You are at the point of falling for her.
Eric Carradine: What makes you say that?
Mme Vigier-Lefranc: Whenever you look at her, you appear less intelligent.

Eric Carradine: Are you crazy?
Juliete Hardy: I'm shooting bottles.
Eric Carradine: Where did you find this gun?
Juliete Hardy: In the drawer. I love to shoot. It's exciting.

Eric Carradine: If I were your husband or your father I'd give you a good spanking.
Juliete Hardy: [smiling] Go ahead!