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Captain Feeny (Character)
from Barry Lyndon (1975)

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Barry Lyndon (1975)
[Redmond Barry sees a lone figure down the road, his back facing him]
Redmond Barry: Excuse me, sir!
[Man turns around aiming dual pistols at Barry]
Captain Feeny: Good morning again, young sir!
[a young man on horseback approaches and holds Barry up from behind with a pistol]
Captain Feeny: Don't even think about it. Get down off that horse. Raise your hands high above your head, please. Come forward... stop. How do you do? I'm Captain Feeny.
Redmond Barry: Captain Feeny?
Captain Feeny: Captain Feeny at your service.
Redmond Barry: THE Captain Feeny?
Captain Feeny: None other. May I introduce you to my son, Seamus.
Seamus: How do you do?
Redmond Barry: How do you do?
Captain Feeny: To whom have I the honor of speaking?
Redmond Barry: My name's Redmond Barry.
Captain Feeny: How do you do Mr. Barry? And now I'm afraid we must get on to the more regrettable stage of our brief acquaintance. Turn around, and keep your hands high above your head, please.
[Seamus frisks Barry and finds a pouch full of money]
Seamus: There must be 20 guineas in gold here, father!
Captain Feeny: Well, well, well. You seem to be a very well set up young gentleman, sir!
Redmond Barry: Captain Feeny, that's all the money my mother had in the world. Mightn't I be allowed to keep it? I'm just one step ahead of the law myself. I killed and English officer in a duel, and I'm on my way to Dublin until things cool down.
Captain Feeny: Mr. Barry, in my profession we hear many such stories. Yours is one of the most intriguing and touching I've heard in many weeks. Nevertheless, I'm afraid I cannot grant your request. But I'll tell you what I will do. I'll allow you to keep those fine pair of boots which in normal circumstances I would have for myself. The next town is only 5 miles away, and I suggest you now start walking.
Redmond Barry: Mightn't I be allowed to keep my horse?
Captain Feeny: I should like to oblige you, but with people like us, we must be able to travel faster than our clients. Good day, young sir.
[Barry soon is a few paces ahead of the robbers]
Captain Feeny: You can put down your hands now, Mr. Barry!