Dottie Hinson
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Dottie Hinson (Character)
from A League of Their Own (1992)

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A League of Their Own (1992)
[Ernie sees Dottie and Kit vigorously milking cows]
Ernie Capadino: Ow. Doesn't that hurt them?
Dottie Hinson: Doesn't seem to.
Ernie Capadino: Well, that would bruise the hell out of me.
Dottie Hinson: Who ARE you?
Ernie Capadino: I'm Ernie Capadino. I'm a baseball scout. I saw you playing today. Not bad, not bad. You ever heard of Walter Harvey, makes Harvey bars - you know, the candy?
Dottie Hinson: Yeah. We feed them to the cows when they're constipated.
Ernie Capadino: That's the guy. He's starting a girls' baseball league, so he can make a buck while the boys are overseas. Wanna play?
Dottie Hinson: Huh?
Ernie Capadino: Nice retort. Tryouts are in Chicago. It's a real league, professional.
Kit Keller: Professional - baseball?
Ernie Capadino: Mmm-hmm. They'll pay you 75 dollars a week.
Kit Keller: We only make 30 at the dairy.
Ernie Capadino: Well then, this would be more, wouldn't it?

Stadium announcer: Now batting for the Peaches, #5, center fielder, Mae Mordabito.
Racine Catcher: C'mon, no hitter, no hitter!
Stadium announcer: Here's the pitch...
[Mae swings and hits a ball into right center field]
Stadium announcer: ... there's a shot into right center it's... up the alley!
Peaches first base coach: Go to third, go to third, keep goin', Mae!
Ellen Sue Gotlander - Shortstop: Keep goin', Mae, all the way!
Stadium announcer: She's turning 'round first, she's heading up to third. Mordabito's heading past second!
Racine Catcher: Go to third, go to third!
Stadium announcer: She's headed into third!
Dottie Hinson: Dirt in the skirt, Mae! Dirt in the skirt!
Umpire: [Mae slides head-first into third base, ahead of the throw] Safe!
Stadium announcer: She's in there with a triple!
Mae Mordabito: Time.
Umpire: Boy, did she smack that one on the kisser. No wonder they call her "All the Way" Mae.

Dottie Hinson: [Bob returns from the war] Can we just hold each other for the rest of our lives?
Bob Hinson: That's my plan.

Dollbody Kid: What's your rush, dollbody? What do you say we slip in the back seat, and make a man out of me?
Dottie Hinson: What do you say I smack you around for a while?
Dollbody Kid: Can't we do both?

Helen Haley: Has anybody seen my new red hat?
Dottie Hinson: Oh piss on your hat.
Helen Haley: That was uncalled for.

Dottie Hinson: Lay off the high ones!
Kit Keller: I like the high ones!
Dottie Hinson: Mule!
Kit Keller: Nag!

Jimmy Dugan: Taking a little day trip?
Dottie Hinson: No, Bob and I are driving home. To Oregon.
Jimmy Dugan: [long pause] You know, I really thought you were a ballplayer.
Dottie Hinson: Well, you were wrong.
Jimmy Dugan: Was I?
Dottie Hinson: Yeah. It is only a game, Jimmy. It's only a game, and, and, I don't need this. I have Bob; I don't need this. At all.
Jimmy Dugan: I, I gave away five years at the end my career, drinking. Five years. And now there isn't anything I wouldn't give to get back any one day of it.
Dottie Hinson: Well, we're different.
Jimmy Dugan: This is chickenshit, Dottie, if you want to go back to Oregon and make a hundred babies, great, I'm in no position to tell anyone how to live. But sneaking out like this, quitting, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Baseball is what gets inside you. It's what lights you up, you can't deny that.
Dottie Hinson: It just got too hard.
Jimmy Dugan: It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great.

Dottie Hinson: How good am I?
Jimmy Dugan: You stink, you're lousy, you're only the best player in the league.

Dottie Hinson: You ever been married?
Jimmy Dugan: Well, let me think... yeah, twice.
Dottie Hinson: Any children?
Jimmy Dugan: One of them was, yeah.

Doris Murphy: What are you lookin' at?
Dottie Hinson: Nothing.
Doris Murphy: That's right, nothin'.

Dottie Hinson: [Upon seeing Marla drunk and singing with the band] What did you do to her?
Doris Murphy: Nothin', we just gave her a dress.
Mae Mordabito: And a lotta liquor!

Jimmy Dugan: Does he know how good you are?
Dottie Hinson: Bob?
Jimmy Dugan: No, Hitler. Yes, Bob.

Dottie Hinson: It was an important game; it got us into the playoffs.
Kit Keller: I could have finished.
Dottie Hinson: The way you were pitching, Stilwell could have hit off you.

Jimmy Dugan: Hey, where did you come from?
Dottie Hinson: Well, we got as far as Yellowstone Park... then we turned back.
Jimmy Dugan: Have a little trouble with the bears, did ya?

Kit Keller: Hey, Dottie? thanks for gettin' me into the league.
Dottie Hinson: You got yourself into the league. I just got you on the train.

Kit Keller: My train leaves at eight o'clock, I've got ten minutes to pack.
Dottie Hinson: Well, if you have any trouble, you know who to blame.

Dottie Hinson: I'm so sick of being blamed for every thing that's bothering you. I got you into this league, God damnit! I didn't even want to be here.
Kit Keller: Then why are you still here?

Kit Keller: [while the team is stranded out on the road] Dottie, you going to come with us?
Dottie Hinson: Where are you going?
Mae Mordabito: A road house called the Sud's Bucket.
Dottie Hinson: Ah, no. You know, I'm married...
Doris Murphy: C'mon Dottie, you ain't on the farm any more, live a little bit!
Miss Cuthbert: Girls, girls, please! Mr. Goosatelli shan't be returning.
[Goes back on the bus]
Dottie Hinson: Hey, what are you going to do about Ms. Cuthbert? How are you going to get past her?
Kit Keller: Mae's going to poison her dinner.
Dottie Hinson: WHAT?
[Girls laugh]

Dottie Hinson: [Dottie has returned for the World Series] Hey, Jimmy, you look like shit. Don't you ever shave?
Jimmy Dugan: [grinning] We're gonna win... We're gonna *win!*

Dottie Hinson: Hey, hey, hey, you guys, come on! How hard can it be to make a lineup? Come on!
Doris Murphy: Oh yeah? Well, why don't you do it, Oregon?
Dottie Hinson: Me?
Mae Mordabito, Doris Murphy: [Together] Yeah, you!
Dottie Hinson: Alright, Mae, center field, lead off.
Mae Mordabito: She's good!

Older Stilwell: Hi, Dottie. You remember? "You're gonna lose!"
Older Dottie: Stillwell, angel! My goodness! Where's your mom?
Older Stilwell: Mom died... a few years ago.
Older Dottie: Oh, I'm sorry. She was a real nice lady, and a damn fine ball player.
Older Stilwell: Yeah. When I heard about this, I... I felt I owed it to her to be here. She always said it was the best time she ever had in her entire life.

Older Doris: [Doris sees Dottie watching the former team playing after 40s years] Mae! Come here! Is that her?
Older Mae: I don't know, is it?
Older Doris: Dottie?
Older Doris, Older Mae: [Doris throw a fast ball and Dottie catches it like their first day in tryouts] It's her!
Older Dottie: [smiling in recognition] Hey Doris

Older Dottie: [Meeting after almost 50 years] You haven't changed one bit.
Older Ellen Sue: Dottie, I married a plastic surgeon.