Fairchild Van Waldenberg
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Fairchild Van Waldenberg (Character)
from Blades of Glory (2007)

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Blades of Glory (2007)
Fairchild Van Waldenberg: Nothing breaks up a team faster than...
Stranz Van Waldenberg: Herpes! Uh... jealousy.

Sports Anchor: [Referring to their medals] And how heavy is that gold around your necks?
Fairchild Van Waldenberg: Scott, this may be solid gold, but to us it's lighter than air, because dreams never weigh you down.
Stranz Van Waldenberg: No. Dreams are in your sleep.

Fairchild Van Waldenberg: No, say you want a snowbone!

Fairchild Van Waldenberg: Two men skating together? And in our division, no less! Why, Stranz? Why is God singling us out to the greatest suffering the world has ever known?
Stranz Van Waldenberg: I don't know, sis; those two are just a couple of freaks.
Fairchild Van Waldenberg: Yeah, and the media loves freaks.

Stranz Van Waldenberg: It makes my blood boil.
Fairchild Van Waldenberg: You know I'm not a violent person. But I would like to hold them down and skate over their throats.

Katie Van Waldenberg: No! I'm not gonna make Chazz Michael Michaels fall in love with me.
Fairchild Van Waldenberg: Who's talking about love? We just want you to have sex with him.
Katie Van Waldenberg: What? No! I am not going to have sex with Chazz!
Stranz Van Waldenberg: Come on, Katie. Do the honorable thing here.