Darren MacElroy
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Darren MacElroy (Character)
from Blades of Glory (2007)

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Blades of Glory (2007)
[Chazz and Jimmy have tied for the Gold Medal in Men's Singles]
Darren MacElroy: You're fired.
Coach: What? I got him a Gold Medal.
Darren MacElroy: No, you got him half a Gold Medal. If I wanted him to share, I would have gotten him a brother.

Darren MacElroy: [referring to the fans] They may look cute and innocent, but they're nothing but a beehive for germs and bacteria.

[first lines]
Darren MacElroy: [watching a young Jimmy skate at an orphanage] I'll take him.

Darren MacElroy: I'm un-adopting you.
Jimmy: What?
Darren MacElroy: Well, legally I'm disowning you.

Darren MacElroy: Banned for life. That's a long time.

[Darren is 'unadopting' Jimmy]
Jimmy: I've been your son for 26 years.
Darren MacElroy: 22, so no one can say I didn't try.