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Quotes for
Caroline Lane (Character)
from Maid in Manhattan (2002)

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Maid in Manhattan (2002)
Marisa: Can you keep a secret?
Caroline: Yes of course.
Marisa: Good. So can I.

Caroline: This would never happen at the Four Seasons.

Caroline: [to Marisa] You are so good. Thank God! You should be a personal assistant.
Rachel Hoffberg: She's a maid.
Caroline: So are they, with better titles.

Caroline: What do you think? Dolce coat, Gucci pants or Ralph Lauren skirt, Manolo pumps?
Rachel Hoffberg: Ooh, they're both divine! Let's see. How about the pants, open sandals, see-through blouse, colored-bra and I'd carry the Dolce coat for effect.
Caroline: Maria?
Rachel Hoffberg: She barely speaks English.
[Marisa mutters something in Spanish under her breath]
Rachel Hoffberg: What?
Marisa: Excuse me?
Caroline: Maria, what do you think?
Marisa: What about the beaded skirt with that beige crocheted halter you have hanging in the closet? You know, casual sexy. No stockings. Definately eighty six the coat. It sends the wrong message. Looks like you're going someplace.
[looking at Rachel who is wearing a see-through blouse and colored-bra]
Marisa: Besides, that whole see-through blouse, colored-bra thing... reads a little, you know, desperate, older gal, trying to hard. Don't you think? Yeah, you want to make him work for it.
Rachel Hoffberg: Who does she think she is, to talk to me like that?
Caroline: Thank you, Maria. I have two words for you Rachel Hoffberh: Eric who?
Marisa: [accidentally deliberately whips Rachel with the bed spread] Excuse me. Sorry.

Caroline: [to Marisa] Oh, that needs pressing.

Chris: She's about five-six, dark hair, really beautiful, has a kid named Ty. What the hell happened?
Lionel: I'm sorry, Sir.
Chris: Don't be sorry. Just find her.
Caroline: Oh, Chris, I loved your quote in "The Times".
Chris: Please!

Caroline: At least let me buy you lunch. After all, we've only got each other to get through this humiliation.
Christopher: Caroline, the first lunch was a mistake. A second would be complete torture.
Caroline: Drinks, then?