Christopher Marshall
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Christopher Marshall (Character)
from Maid in Manhattan (2002)

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Maid in Manhattan (2002)
Christopher: Let's go see the penguins!

Jerry Siegel: Who the hell is she?
Christopher: I'll tell you who she isn't. She isn't like anyone I've ever met before. And she isn't a phony. I'll make you a deal, wonder man. You want me at the benefit tomorrow night? Then get her to go, and I swear to God, I'll shake any part of Maddox's body you want me to. Deal?
Jerry Siegel: Deal. All right. Sure. Okay.

Jerry Siegel: What press are you affiliated with?
Ty: I'm 10.
Jerry Siegel: What about your parents, are they Democrat or Republican?
Ty: What's the difference these days?
Christopher: I love this kid.
Jerry Siegel: Well, what's not to love.

Marisa: Look, you have to listen to me, I know you're used to getting your way.
Christopher: Yeah, until I met you.
Marisa: There's millions of women who are just dying for you to look their way.
Christopher: [Laughing] Yeah? Then why are you making me work so hard?

Christopher: You're beautiful.
Marisa: So are you.
Christopher: Thank you for being here.
Marisa: I only came to tell you that this, you and me, can't go anywhere beyond this evening. It just can't.
Christopher: Well, then, you should've worn a different dress.

Marisa: Marisa Ventura. Housekeeping.
Christopher: Chris Marshall. Candidate for Senate. I'd appreciate your vote.
Marisa: We'll see.

[Running after Marisa when she leaves a benefit early]
Christopher: Caroline. Caroline. Caroline. Do you have somewhere else you have to be?
Marisa: No, I just have to leave.
Christopher: Well, I don't think you're leaving. I think you're running. And what I can't figure out is, are you running towards something you want? Or are you running away from something you're afraid to want?
Marisa: Look, I've made so many mistakes already. I just don't want to make it worse.
Christopher: You won't. I promise.
Marisa: There's something you don't know, ok? Oh, God. How do I tell you this? Look, the first time that you saw me I was...
Christopher: You were mesmerizing.

Christopher: Do I look as stupid as you think I am?
Jerry Siegel: No. No, I mean, you're not stupid. What, what are you talking about?

[meeting Marisa's son, Ty]
Christopher: I'm Chris.
Jerry Siegel: I'm bald and no one in particular.
Ty: I know who you are.
Christopher: Yeah? What do you know?
Ty: I know that you're the state assemblyman. I know that you're thinking of running for Senator. I know your voting record and your consistent stand on environmental causes.

Marisa: The first time you saw me, I was cleaning your bathroom floor! Only you didn't see me.
Chris: What was I supposed to do, introduce myself while I'm taking a leak?

Marisa: There was a part of me that wanted to know what it felt like, to have someone like you look at me the way you did just once. And I'm sorry. Truly. If I could rewind the past week, I would.
Christopher: Was any of it real?
Marisa: Yeah, it was real. It was so real I wondered how I was ever gunna give you up. But I had to give you up. That was the plan. And then, last night, I couldn't.

Christopher: [reading about himself in the paper] "Sentimental favorite and playboy politico, Assemblyman Chris Marshall"... guess you missed a few words there, Jer.

Christopher: Where are you going?
Jerry Siegel: That depends. Where are you going?
Christopher: Bathroom. Alone.
Jerry Siegel: Yeah. Fine. Go. Great. Yeah. Sure.
Christopher: Thank you.
Jerry Siegel: Call me if you need anything.

Christopher: He's friendly. His name's Rufas. So what are you listening to?
Ty: "The Best Of Bread".
Christopher: "Best Of Bread"? Interesting. What's your name?
Ty: Ty.
Christopher: Nice to meet you, Ty.

Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Hi, honey.
[to Marisa]
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: It's Ty! What are you doing up here?
Ty: Where's Mom?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: [seeing Chris walking in] It's for you, ma'am.
Marisa: What are you talking about? Ty, don't you...?
Ty: Hey, Ma, this is Chris. He's got a giant, grey dog named Rufas. And if you say okay, I'm gonna walk with him, okay?
Christopher: Hello.
Marisa: Hi.
Ty: Let's not forget. I'm a kid and I need fresh air. Please, can I go, Mom? Please? Please?
Christopher: I'm Chris Marshall.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Caroline... you want your coat?
Marisa: What?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: The weather can be so tricky here. Weren't you just saying, what a beautiful day it was?
Christopher: Oh, you're going out?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Weren't you saying how you wanted to stretch your legs?
Christopher: Well, if your husband wouldn't mind...
Ty: She doesn't have a husband.
Marisa: I don't have a husband.
Christopher: Well, I insist, then. Come with us, if you're free.
Ty: Yeah. Come on, Mom.

Christopher: How long are you in town for?
Marisa: I'm not sure.
Christopher: You always stay at the Beresford?
Marisa: Sometimes I feel like I live there.

Marisa: Monday? I'm busy, sorry.
Christopher: You're busy you can't? What? Can you change it?
Marisa: It's complicated. Which reminds me, I gotta get out of here. Come on, Ty. We gotta go.

Chris: She's about five-six, dark hair, really beautiful, has a kid named Ty. What the hell happened?
Lionel: I'm sorry, Sir.
Chris: Don't be sorry. Just find her.
Caroline: Oh, Chris, I loved your quote in "The Times".
Chris: Please!

Caroline: At least let me buy you lunch. After all, we've only got each other to get through this humiliation.
Christopher: Caroline, the first lunch was a mistake. A second would be complete torture.
Caroline: Drinks, then?

Christopher: Look, can we start over? Second chance, second date? You as you, me as me. No secrets. What do you think?