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Marisa Ventura (Character)
from Maid in Manhattan (2002)

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Maid in Manhattan (2002)
Marisa: I let him think I'm staying in the suite, not cleaning it. I'm the maid, Ty.
Ty: Ma, I hate to break it to you, but I don't think he's after your money.
Marisa: I can't believe you just said that!

Marisa: He's not part of our lives, but we wish him luck with his.

Marisa: Can you keep a secret?
Caroline: Yes of course.
Marisa: Good. So can I.

Marisa: Look, you have to listen to me, I know you're used to getting your way.
Christopher: Yeah, until I met you.
Marisa: There's millions of women who are just dying for you to look their way.
Christopher: [Laughing] Yeah? Then why are you making me work so hard?

Christopher: You're beautiful.
Marisa: So are you.
Christopher: Thank you for being here.
Marisa: I only came to tell you that this, you and me, can't go anywhere beyond this evening. It just can't.
Christopher: Well, then, you should've worn a different dress.

Marisa: Marisa Ventura. Housekeeping.
Christopher: Chris Marshall. Candidate for Senate. I'd appreciate your vote.
Marisa: We'll see.

[Running after Marisa when she leaves a benefit early]
Christopher: Caroline. Caroline. Caroline. Do you have somewhere else you have to be?
Marisa: No, I just have to leave.
Christopher: Well, I don't think you're leaving. I think you're running. And what I can't figure out is, are you running towards something you want? Or are you running away from something you're afraid to want?
Marisa: Look, I've made so many mistakes already. I just don't want to make it worse.
Christopher: You won't. I promise.
Marisa: There's something you don't know, ok? Oh, God. How do I tell you this? Look, the first time that you saw me I was...
Christopher: You were mesmerizing.

Marisa: The first time you saw me, I was cleaning your bathroom floor! Only you didn't see me.
Chris: What was I supposed to do, introduce myself while I'm taking a leak?

Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: You know what I just heard? Christina? History after the first!
Marisa: Christina, kitchen? Or Christina, assistant manager?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Assistant manager. And you know what that means?
Marisa: Yeah, it means somebody else is gonna be bustin' my ass on the second.

Marisa: Come on, who's kidding who here? Do you think you would have taken a second look at me if you knew I was the maid? With all due respect.

Marisa: There was a part of me that wanted to know what it felt like, to have someone like you look at me the way you did just once. And I'm sorry. Truly. If I could rewind the past week, I would.
Christopher: Was any of it real?
Marisa: Yeah, it was real. It was so real I wondered how I was ever gunna give you up. But I had to give you up. That was the plan. And then, last night, I couldn't.

[first lines]
Marisa: Come on. Get your coat. We gotta go. You have everything?
Ty: Yeah.
Marisa: Hurry up, sweetie. We're late. Ty. Today papí. You're killing me, Ty. Right now you're killing mommy.

Marisa: Hey, look at me.
Ty: What?
Marisa: You got something on your face there.
Ty: Where?
Marisa: Ooh, right there!
[Marisa starts kissing his cheeks]
Ty: Ma! Mom! Mom, no! Stop!
Marisa: There it is. I got it.

Marisa: Anything good on?
Keef Townsend: [changes channel on the surveillance monitor showing a naked man outside his hotel room] He opened the door for the paper. The wife just pushed him out.
Marisa: Ooh, that nasty butt first thing in the morning, I'd kick him out too.
[Keef laughs]
Marisa: Oh, my God. Wait a minute. He's one of mine, the lactose intolerant.
Keef Townsend: I like how you name the people. What do you call me behind my back, I wonder?

Paula Burns: Onto new business. Mr. Radcliff is checking out of seven oh nine. Mr. Greenwald is checking in. He's back on the wagon, so let's clear out the minibar. Kanga CFO, Mr. Fukimoro is checking into eight fourteen. Stock Evian, shampoo the rugs and extra slippers for his guests. Marisa heads up on the Madison Suite.
Marisa: Housekeeping.
Paula Burns: Mrs. Sage is arriving with the children, preferably after Mr. Sage's girlfriend departs.
Mr. Sage's Girlfriend: You son of a bitch!
Paula Burns: Let's make sure it's a smooth transition. The Guedj sisters are back. Let's track them on surveillance, but do keep an eye on all bathrobes, cutlery and light fixtures. Sotheby's director, Caroline Lane has switched from the Four Seasons. She requested a park view and favors purple orchids and lavender scenes. Assemblyman Chris Marshall arrives today. He's gearing up his campaign, so his suite will be doubling as a conference centre, with the liquor and coffee bars turning over every four hours. And he's bringing his large dog, so we'll need proper accouterments. And finally, Mr. Newman is back in the Sherman Suite. Careful, ladies, he's a Full Monty.
Full Monty: Oh... I had no idea anyone was here.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Don't worry about it, Mr. Monty. It's no big deal. And I do mean...
Marisa, Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: ...No big deal.

Marisa: Keef, do me a favor. These go to the Goddess in the Park Suite, okay?

Marisa: What?
Veronica Ventura: I'm not saying a word.
Marisa: Can you not say a word somewhere else?

Marisa: What are you doing?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Ooh... Dolce, nice.
Marisa: No, no, no, come on, out of there.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: I'm just taking a little peek. They're going back anyway.
Marisa: Oh... You know you're gonna get us in trouble.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: [touching the Dolce dress] Hello, ladies.
Marisa: Leave that stuff alone. Come on. You know, you're supposed to be helping me out in here.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Oh, feel this material. I mean, it's like butter. Huh?
Marisa: Oh, my God. This stuff is five thousand dollars.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: For one white outfit? How do you keep it clean?
Marisa: Scotchguard.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Oh, yeah. They're a six, you're a six.
Marisa: What are you doing? What are you doing?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: And shoes too. Shoes. Size nine. Perfect.
Marisa: I'm a seven and a half.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Which means you're an eight. Just put on some gym socks, you're good to go.
Marisa: That's it! Put this stuff back. What are you doing?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Not until you try it on.
Marisa: I can't try on her clothes!
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: They're not hers. They're not Dolce's. Technically, they've been abandoned. Oh, let's not let them hear us.
Marisa: Who, the clothes?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Marisa Ave Maria Ventura... When are you and I ever get to try on a five thousand dollar anything? Come on, feel how the other half feels, huh?

Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Hi, honey.
[to Marisa]
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: It's Ty! What are you doing up here?
Ty: Where's Mom?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: [seeing Chris walking in] It's for you, ma'am.
Marisa: What are you talking about? Ty, don't you...?
Ty: Hey, Ma, this is Chris. He's got a giant, grey dog named Rufas. And if you say okay, I'm gonna walk with him, okay?
Christopher: Hello.
Marisa: Hi.
Ty: Let's not forget. I'm a kid and I need fresh air. Please, can I go, Mom? Please? Please?
Christopher: I'm Chris Marshall.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Caroline... you want your coat?
Marisa: What?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: The weather can be so tricky here. Weren't you just saying, what a beautiful day it was?
Christopher: Oh, you're going out?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Weren't you saying how you wanted to stretch your legs?
Christopher: Well, if your husband wouldn't mind...
Ty: She doesn't have a husband.
Marisa: I don't have a husband.
Christopher: Well, I insist, then. Come with us, if you're free.
Ty: Yeah. Come on, Mom.

Christopher: How long are you in town for?
Marisa: I'm not sure.
Christopher: You always stay at the Beresford?
Marisa: Sometimes I feel like I live there.

Marisa: Monday? I'm busy, sorry.
Christopher: You're busy you can't? What? Can you change it?
Marisa: It's complicated. Which reminds me, I gotta get out of here. Come on, Ty. We gotta go.

Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: "It's complicated"? What kind of answer is that?
Marisa: Honest.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: The only thing complicated between me and him would be unhooking my bra strap.
Marisa: Look, what am I supposed to do? Make his bed with me in it? Get real! He thinks I'm a guest, here.

Marisa: [seeing a picture of her in the paper] Do you understand this could be bad?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Don't be such a Catholic. Please?

Caroline: What do you think? Dolce coat, Gucci pants or Ralph Lauren skirt, Manolo pumps?
Rachel Hoffberg: Ooh, they're both divine! Let's see. How about the pants, open sandals, see-through blouse, colored-bra and I'd carry the Dolce coat for effect.
Caroline: Maria?
Rachel Hoffberg: She barely speaks English.
[Marisa mutters something in Spanish under her breath]
Rachel Hoffberg: What?
Marisa: Excuse me?
Caroline: Maria, what do you think?
Marisa: What about the beaded skirt with that beige crocheted halter you have hanging in the closet? You know, casual sexy. No stockings. Definately eighty six the coat. It sends the wrong message. Looks like you're going someplace.
[looking at Rachel who is wearing a see-through blouse and colored-bra]
Marisa: Besides, that whole see-through blouse, colored-bra thing... reads a little, you know, desperate, older gal, trying to hard. Don't you think? Yeah, you want to make him work for it.
Rachel Hoffberg: Who does she think she is, to talk to me like that?
Caroline: Thank you, Maria. I have two words for you Rachel Hoffberh: Eric who?
Marisa: [accidentally deliberately whips Rachel with the bed spread] Excuse me. Sorry.

Marisa: I mean, I don't know what I'm doing here, Steph. What am I doing? This is all a lie.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: No, honey. It's more like a dream, you know? And for one night, you're living it for all of us. Don't think about tomorrow. Don't think about anything but tonight. Tonight, the maid is a lie. And this, this is who you really are.

Ty: Why'd they break up?
Marisa: Who?
Ty: Simon and Garfunkel.
Marisa: You got me. You can Google it at school.