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Quotes for
Deebo (Character)
from Friday (1995)

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Friday (1995)
Deebo: Come on Smoke, Stanley left his window open.
Smokey: I can't I'm on probation.
Deebo: Stop being a bitch and come on.

Deebo: What's up, Stanley?
[No response]
Deebo: Well, fuck you, then, punk.

Smokey: [after breaking into Stanley's house] We got about two hundred dollars.
Deebo: *I* got about two hundred dollars.

Smokey: I won, gimme my money.
Deebo: What money!
Smokey: I lost.

Craig Jones: [Pushes Deebo] Deebo man you trippin!
Deebo: [Evil Look] Whatchu say little nigga
Craig Jones: Man thats a female!
Deebo: Shut the fuck up you little punk before I drop you like I did this bitch!
[Takes out long knife]
Craig Jones: I ain't even tryin to fight you Deebo.
Deebo: [Deebo presumes to give evil look then smiles] Ezal!
[Gives knife to Ezal]
Deebo: you ain't gonna fight me because your nothing but a BITCH TOO!
[Pushes Craig]
Craig Jones: [Craig pulls out gun]

Next Friday (2000)
Deebo: I guess I'm gonna have to kill that old dad of his.
Deebo: ...after I kill you and Craig.

Deebo: Here come that dog truck. Shut your mouth! We about to fade to black.
Craig Jones: [as Craig notices Deebo standing in front of the truck] Daddy, Stop!
[Mr. Jones Screams]
Deebo: Get your punk-ass out of the car Craig, this is the re-match!
Deebo: Get out of the car!
Craig Jones: Punch It!
Tyrone: [as Mr. Jones drives away] Deebo! Help!
Craig Jones: Fake-Ass Suge Knight!
Deebo: [yelling out before kicking his brother in the stomach] You know I gonna find you and when I do, I'm gonna put my foot up in your ass!
[Looking down at his brother]
Deebo: Man get up!
Tyrone: Damn! Man, I'm tired. I'm goin to mommy's house.
Deebo: [pulling him by the chain on his leg] Come on!
Tyrone: [Yelling at Deebo] No!, No!
Mr. Jones: [on the way to Rancho Cucamonga] Did you see That! Those two niggas were acting like pit bull dogs!