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Tom Lawrence (Character)
from The Falcon's Brother (1942)

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The Falcon Strikes Back (1943)
Tom Lawrence: [after Marcia declines to alibi for him] Well, Inspector, you've caught me.
Inspector Timothy Donovan: Then you're ready to confess?
Tom Lawrence: Yes, it wasn't Marcia Brooks. It was a Miss...
[Changing his mind]
Tom Lawrence: I'd rather not give her name. It would be violating a confidence.
Inspector Timothy Donovan: Yeah? She doesn't have a name because she doesn't exist.
Marcia Brooks: [Interrupting] Oh, but she does, Inspector. I met her in his... office. I didn't get her name, but she's an exotic little tomato... if you like the acid type.

Tom Lawrence: You're only a frightened minnow, beautiful. I want to catch the shark. Are you going to help me?
Gwynne Gregory: I can't. I can't tell you why, but you've got to believe in me.
Tom Lawrence: I may believe in you, but I certainly won't trust you.

Marcia Brooks: I don't know one good reason why I should trust you.
Tom Lawrence: I do.
[He kisses her]

Tom Lawrence: Lesson Number One in how to catch a murderer... never accept the obvious.

Goldie Locke: [after Mia has fired her gun and is lying on the bed] Now, Boss, you know what happens with dames.
Tom Lawrence: Yes, Goldie, isn't it wonderful?

The Falcon's Brother (1942)
Tom Lawrence: How delightful. How are you and who are you?
Marcia Brooks: Marcia Brooks, Morning Gazette
Tom Lawrence: Oh reporter. Hmm.
[clucks tongue]
Tom Lawrence: So charming, too. Well Miss Brooks, I think the buildings in New York are very beautiful and the women are very tall. There you are my dear. You have your interview. Now I trust you'll excuse me.

Tom Lawrence, Marcia Brooks: Well, small world, isn't it?
Marcia Brooks: Yeah, and there are some very small people in it!

Marcia Brooks: Can't we get loose?
Tom Lawrence: I'm afraid we're tied with typical German efficiency.

Tom Lawrence: Well, small world, isn't it?
Marcia Brooks: Yes; and there's some very small people in it.

The Falcon's Adventure (1946)
Goldie Locke: If she's in trouble, she'll scream.
Doris Blanding: Scream?
Tom Lawrence, aka 'The Falcon': Goldie, you're a genius!

Tom Lawrence, aka 'The Falcon': It's the unexpected things in life that give it spice.

Goldie Locke: Boss, if I might be so bold as to mention it... no dames!
Tom Lawrence, aka 'The Falcon': I was just window shopping.

Tom Lawrence, aka 'The Falcon': You've been skating on ice for a long time. I knew it would break under you some day.

The Falcon and the Co-eds (1943)
Eustace L. Harley, the undertaker: Can I help you?
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: Well, I...
[Noticing the funeral parlor]
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: No thanks... Not just yet...
[Walking away]
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: Thanks all the same.

Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: [Introducing himself] Tom Lawrence, and I hope you'll forgive my stupid mistake.
Vicky Gaines: I'm afraid I was rather rude.
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: It takes a very unusual woman to be rude and charming at the same time.
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: [Curtly] You use compliments to teach to me, Mr. Lawrence.
[She walks away]

Eustace L. Harley, the undertaker: [Referring to the false findings of the inquest] Dr. Greely wanted to cover this up - not me!
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: Why?
Eustace L. Harley, the undertaker: Well, he didn't think that suicide would sound good for a school like Bluecliff.
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: How do you think murder would sound?

Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: [Seeing Donovan and Marguerita struggling to get out of a compromising position in a chair] Timothy, I'm surprised at you!
Inspector Timothy Donovan: [Trying to find an excuse] She broke in here after something.
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: Did she get it?
Inspector Timothy Donovan: [Bewildered] Search me!
Tom Lawrence, the Falcon: Searching her would be more to the point.

The Falcon in Danger (1943)
Iris Fairchild: Why are you suddenly so interested in me?
Tom Lawrence: Beautiful and mysterious women always interest me.
Iris Fairchild: Mysterious... ?
Tom Lawrence: ...and unpredictable.

Kenneth Gibson: [Referring to his fiancee's missing industrialist father] Why, the old man and I are like thar.
[He puts his two fingers together]
Kenneth Gibson: I'm in his corner. We're pals!
Tom Lawrence: [Sarcastically] Handy things, rich fathers. All the best families have them.

The Falcon in Hollywood (1944)
Louie Buchanan: [with menace] You see too much - you think too much - and you breathe too much...
Tom Lawrence: [helpfully] Yeah, and bet too much on the wrong horses.

Tom Lawrence: You know, I can't make up my mind whether you're charmingly frank or if it's that Irish blarney again.

The Falcon Out West (1944)
Tom Lawrence, aka The Falcon: There are three things one can never be sure about - horses, the weather, and women.