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Moose Malloy (Character)
from Murder, My Sweet (1944)

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The Falcon Takes Over (1942)
Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke: [Obviously frightened of the brutish Moose, who has commandeered his car] I guess I better drop you now. I got a date.
Moose Malloy: [Ominously] You wouldn't want it with an angel, would you?
Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke: [Meekly nervous] No, sir.
Moose Malloy: Then keep on drivin'.
Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke: [Meekly resigned] Yes, sir.

Moose Malloy: Velma, why did you do it, Baby? Why did you do it?

Farewell, My Lovely (1975)
Philip Marlowe: What was she like... this Velma?
Moose Malloy: Cute... cute as lace pants.

Moose Malloy: You a private Dick?
Philip Marlowe: No. I'm your fairy godmother.

Murder, My Sweet (1944)
[Moose has taken Marlowe to Florian's to look for Velma]
Philip Marlowe: I tried to picture him in love with somebody, but it didn't work.
Moose Malloy: They changed it a lot. There was a stage where she worked... and some booths... pink flowers was in the slatwork. She was cute as lace pants.