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Bart Maverick (Character)
from "Maverick" (1957)

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"Maverick: The Savage Hills (#1.20)" (1958)
Samantha Crawford: You, sir, are no gentleman.
Bart Maverick: Why, you're finding out about me already.

[Bart has caught Samantha in his hotel room searching the pockets of his jacket]
Bart Maverick: I'll just lock the evidence in, bring the Sheriff up and, uh, your husband, he can bail you out. How's that?
Samantha Crawford: Oh, uh, um, um. I-I did tell just one tiny fib.
Bart Maverick: Noooo.
Samantha Crawford: I'm-I'm not married.
Bart Maverick: Oh?
Samantha Crawford: Does that make a difference.
Bart Maverick: Yes. That means your husband can't bail you out.

[Samantha has been speaking in a very pronounced - and fake - southern accent]
Bart Maverick: By the way, that's a two-story drop out the window. You could crush quite a few magnolia petals if you try it.

Bart Maverick: There it is.
Samantha Crawford: Well, it isn't Delmonico's. What is it?
Bart Maverick: It's a Sioux death lodge, a new one. That red blanket covers a dead warrior.
Samantha Crawford: Please, do you mind if we skip the picturesque customs of the natives? Subject under discussion was food.

Bart Maverick: Leave it, Samantha. If they catch us robbing their death lodge, it won't be any picnic.
Samantha Crawford: What would they do?
Bart Maverick: Oh, stake us out in the sun, where the ants could eat us.
Samantha Crawford: Sounds a little bit like a picnic at that.

Samantha Crawford: What about you? How did you learn about Indians?
Bart Maverick: Oh, I had to. My brother and I were galvanized Yankees. We volunteered to be Indian fighters to get out of the Yankee prison. In two years, if you didn't learn about Indians, you were dead.

Samantha Crawford: Lately, I find myself wanting things I never really wanted before.
Bart Maverick: Like a rose-covered cottage, patter of tiny feet?
Samantha Crawford: Seems pretty foolish, doesn't it?
Bart Maverick: I don't know. It might be cheaper for the Mavericks if they had you in the family.

[during the night, Samantha has stolen the counterfeit plates from Bart and fled]
Bart Maverick: Brother Bret... shake hands with Brother Bart.

Gunnerson: You think she's still got the plates?
Bart Maverick: I don't know. But if I was a gambling man, and I am, I'd call her bluff.

Samantha Crawford: I'm so tired of getting wet.
Bart Maverick: I'm so tired of chasing after those plates, Sam.

Bart Maverick: Oh, uh... I understand you're moving up to 306, Mr Gunnerson. Something wrong with this one?
Gunnerson: Hot night. There's more air on the third floor.

"Maverick: The Third Rider (#1.15)" (1958)
Bart Maverick: The room clerk told me about the linen and the free bath, but he didn't mention the room service. Is that reserved for special customers?
Dolly: You get yourself a broken leg, mister, like that old galoot upstairs, and you'll get the same service.
Bart Maverick: [chuckles] Might be worth it.
Dolly: Mister, the food isn't that good.

Sheriff Edwards: Let's just say that, uh, you were let off... then maybe we could both go after Red, since you know what he looks like.
Bart Maverick: [chuckles] Once I get out of here, I'm forgetting I ever saw you or this town or Red.
Sheriff Edwards: Well, what happens to you tomorrow depends a lot on me. And then there is always that reward money. Divided in two, it means two thousand apiece.
Bart Maverick: All right, Light Fingers. If I get out of here, *we* look for Red and the money.
Sheriff Edwards: I knew you were too civic-minded not to.

Bart Maverick: You know, since the first time I ran into you, I've been locked up, threatened, slugged, and tied hand and foot... I've been charged with robbery and murder and a few other things. Right now, I'm getting pretty tired of the whole thing, so if you'll just go away, I'm willing to forget I ever saw you or even heard of the money.

Dolly: Tell him what he wants to know! Mister, he'll kill you next time.
Red Harrison: You know, she just might be right. I'm not a good enough shot to keep missing.
Bart Maverick: I'm not a good enough liar to keep lying.

Blanche: A minute ago, you were ready to shoot me.
Turk Mason: That was a minute ago.
Bart Maverick: He may get the urge again someday.

Sheriff Edwards: Well, given up already?
Bart Maverick: Pappy taught me never to play the second best hand. I'll wait for the next deal.

Bart Maverick: I was gonna take you to a place, point it out and tell you that's where the money was buried. And then Turk would've tried to gun us down and take it all himself, but I would have been ready for him, and I figured you would be, too. I know. I know it's just a waste of words. But as long as I went to the trouble to figure it all out, I thought someone ought to hear it.
Sheriff Edwards: Yeah. You ought to put it to music, Maverick. It made a mighty sad song.

Sheriff Edwards: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Bart Maverick: No. But why start now?

Red Harrison: My friend is hurt and we need your horse. Get off.
Bart Maverick: There's only one way you're gonna get this horse, mister. You're liable to be shot before I stop kicking. On the other hand, if you'd to ask me in a real friendly way, I might take your partner aboard double. My horse is fresh.
Red Harrison: Get up, Jose.
[when Jose goes to get on the horse, Bart pushes him away]
Red Harrison: I said in a nice, friendly way.
Red Harrison: All right, I'd like you to give my partner a lift.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: What are you gonna tell them in Elm City, Light Fingers, about how they had to cut you loose from the baggage car?
Sheriff Edwards: Won't have to tell them anything, now that you're not going to trial.

"Maverick: Diamond in the Rough (#1.18)" (1958)
Bart Maverick: The funny thing is, every now and again, I got the feeling they really were countesses.
Captain Steeger: They probably were. Ja. Every few years, the French people decide they want to be republic again. And what happens? Eighty-four of their dukes and duchesses got no place to go. Right now in New Orleans, there are eight or ten dukes, a dozen countesses, maybe, two field marshals, five generals. You fall over them in the street.

Bart Maverick: I'll tell you what I will get for you, though. A husband. I guarantee you at least three proposals from bachelors. Young, handsome... and a minimum of thirty-three million dollars apiece. All right?
Henriette: How dare you, Monsieur. I am French and the French do not think of money. They think only of love.
Madame De Chauvrier: Henriette, do not talk nonsense. My boy, I assure you, the French are not like that at all.

Bank Customer: Couldn't have struck diamonds, could they?
Bart Maverick: Why not? They've struck everything else around here except water.

Roland: Can't I buy you a drink, Bart?
Bart Maverick: No.
Roland: Shall we look in on the game upstairs?
Bart Maverick: Some other time.
Roland: I'm not keeping you from choir practice, am I?

Roland: You still think it's a con game, don't you? If anybody is stealing, it's us. We capitalize for twenty million and there's a hundred times that much lying there in the desert.
Bart Maverick: Well, I'm a little near-sighted where Mr. Kingley is concerned. I have trouble recognizing him with the red costume and the eight tiny reindeer.
Roland: I'd advise you to buy some of that reindeer stock while it's still going.

Bart Maverick: Madame, there isn't a grifter alive who puts real gold in his goldbrick. Not over a million dollars' worth.

Van Buren Kingsley: Oh, Mr. Maverick. Care to play? Still only takes a hundred thousand dollars.
Bart Maverick: Well, with you in the game, Mr. Kingsley, I think I'd need more than that.
Van Buren Kingsley: Well, what do you figure you'd need?
Bart Maverick: Oh, a strong stomach and a trusting heart.

Bart Maverick: Your diamonds are a swindle.
Man 1: Swindle?
Man 2: What does he mean?
Man 3: What swindle?
Van Buren Kingsley: That's a very irresponsible statement, Mr. Maverick. Would you care to explain it here or in court?
Bart Maverick: I'll explain it here, Mr. Kingsley. You can explain it in court. Your diamond field is salted.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: Well, good luck, Hank.
Henriette: Goodbye, Bart. Thank you.
Bart Maverick: And congratulations, Mr. Grayson.
Mr. Grayson: Thanks.
Bart Maverick: Uh, cattle?
Mr. Grayson: No, um, oil.
Bart Maverick: Well, as long as it isn't diamonds.

"Maverick: Plunder of Paradise (#1.24)" (1958)
[Bret and Mike are being followed by bandits]
Bart Maverick: Get an early start in the morning, might lose 'em.
Big Mike McComb: Sure... and while we're at it, maybe we'll lose our shadows along with 'em, huh?

Bart Maverick: Mike, you know the story they tell in these parts about buried Spanish gold? "El pillaje del paraíso" they call it. The Plunder of Paradise.
Big Mike McComb: Oh, no, you're not about to crack that old chestnut.
Bart Maverick: The story is true, Mike. When they found the wreck of the old Spanish rig about thirty years ago, they found her ship's log, too, still in good condition.
Big Mike McComb: I know. Every farmer and fisherman for miles around knows that story and tells it every chance they get. How a British privateer chases a Spanish rig up the Gulf of Mexico. How the Spaniards put ashore in a small boat and stowed the treasure in a cave along the beach. And how they were wrecked with all hands aboard before they could come back and get it. Ah, yes, and how it's been lying there still more than a hundred years waiting for someone to find it. Millions in gold, diamonds, doubloons, rubies as big as your eye. Ah, it's folderol.

[Bart enters his hotel room and discovers a beautiful woman taking a bath]
Dolly Muldoon: Well, howdy, neighbor. You coming or going?
Bart Maverick: Uh, right now I haven't the vaguest idea.

Dolly Muldoon: So, if you don't have any plans for dinner, I'd be proud to join you. You can put it on my bill.
Bart Maverick: You don't mind pot luck?
Dolly Muldoon: Oh, neighbor, I can just use some luck, pot or no pot.

Bart Maverick: Look, amigo, this mechanical marvel I hold in my hand happens to be a gun. That knife won't be much competition.

Bart Maverick: Goodbyes are not good warmed over.
Dolly Muldoon: Well, uh, they're not much good to begin with, anyway.

Bart Maverick: You mean you let us find it just to take it away from us?
Ricardo: Why, of course. It's a serious crime to remove a national treasure, amigo... but, uh, since you have not removed it, uh, you may even be rewarded for finding it.
Big Mike McComb: Oh, now, that's different. Rewarded how?
Ricardo: Oh, with a medal.
Bart Maverick: But no gold.
Ricardo: Well, who knows? Perhaps it will be a gold medal.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Mike.
Big Mike McComb: Don't tell me. We got company again.
Bart Maverick: Yep.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: Ah, cheer up, Mike. We might be able to buy a boat from some fisherman and sail it back to the States.
Big Mike McComb: With what? We're practically down to our last dollar.
Bart Maverick: But we haven't even started on our doubloons.
Big Mike McComb: Doubloons?
Bart Maverick: Sure. Somehow, I seem to find myself with both pockets full of 'em.
Big Mike McComb: Oh.

"Maverick: The Burning Sky (#1.22)" (1958)
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: Hey, amigo, it looks like there's no place to go from here.
Bart Maverick: I'd say if we did go, we'd never get there.

[the travellers draw lots to see who will approach the bandits with a white flag]
Bart Maverick: Connors, why don't you go first?
Connors: All right.
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: After you, amigo.
[Maverick draws the losing lot]
Bart Maverick: Why don't we make it two out of three?

[on approaching the bandits with a white flag]
Bart Maverick: Well, if I'm not home before dark, don't wait up for me.

Bart Maverick: Amigo, you need a little help?
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: For half of my ten thousand?
Bart Maverick: If you insist.

Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: Amigo, a very unpleasant though occured to me.
Bart Maverick: Yeah, well, maybe you better not tell me about it, Johnny.
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: You're gonna be out there alone and they're gonna be shooting at you. Maybe I better go shoot at them so they cannot shoot too good at you. You know, you've got a long way to run before you throw the bomb.

Bart Maverick: Then you'll get half my sixty thousand.
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: If you insist.
Bart Maverick: I insist.

Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: Senorita, how about that money?
Letty French: I left it in a hotel in Mexico City. It's called the La Paloma.
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: Si.
Letty French: In the patio, is a well and I put the gold in a canvas bag, dropped it in the well.
Bart Maverick: You know the hotel, Johnny?
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: Amigo, I not only know the hotel, I know the well well.

[last lines]
Connors: Good luck.
Bart Maverick: Let's go, John.

"Maverick: The Naked Gallows (#1.13)" (1957)
[Virginia offers Bart a glass of whiskey]
Virginia Cory: Mr. Maverick?
Bart Maverick: Uh, no, thanks. I've got so many vices, I've decided to pass that one up.

Virginia Cory: You make it sound like you don't believe Clete Overton killed him. Is that your opinion?
Bart Maverick: I haven't got an opinion. I'm looking for one.

Tyler Brink: There's two hundred men in this town, they all own shirts. How'd you know that lantern smoke would be on mine?
Bart Maverick: [chuckles] Don't lose any sleep over it... When a man's dealing cards to me, I watch his hands pretty close... the way I watched your hands at the blackjack table. Last night, those hands stood out on that lantern like shoes on a snake.

Annie Haines: You have real nice shoulders.
Bart Maverick: I use 'em to hold up my shirts.

Joshua Haines: Is my daughter with you, sir?
Bart Maverick: Annie? What would she be doing in here?
Joshua Haines: You're a man, tall and well favored with an easy grace. Such are the tools of Satan to entice a wayward child into the path of sin.
Bart Maverick: I'm sorry, but the path of sin doesn't come through here. You'd better try next door.

Bart Maverick: I think you're right about the killer still being in Bent Spur. In fact, I'm sure of it. I've already been told to stop asking questions and move out of town.
Ruth: Who told you that?
Bart Maverick: Oh, a man with a gun and a careless boot. He didn't give me his name, although I can think of a few that would fit.

[last lines]
Sheriff Barney Fillmore: Maverick! Long as you're heading south, figured you might like some company. That is if you don't mind associating with an ex-sheriff.
Bart Maverick: An ex-sheriff?
Sheriff Barney Fillmore: When a town does something it's ashamed of it usually ends up blaming the authorities. Figured I'd leave before that had happened.
Bart Maverick: That's not the only reason, is it, Fillmore? I saw the way you looked at Clete when Ruth ran into his arms. Any chance you had with her ended when Haines confessed.
Sheriff Barney Fillmore: I gave you a reason, Maverick. It's the only reason you'll get.
Bart Maverick: Fair enough, sheriff. Let's ride.

"Maverick: Alias Bart Maverick (#2.3)" (1958)
[reading a wanted poster that lists Gentleman Jim's numerous aliases]
Gentleman Jack Darby: It's all a tragic mistake. But I don't intend to let it go uncorrected. If it takes the rest of my life I'm going to clear my good name.
Bart Maverick: Which one?

Cindy Lou Brown: Oh, what do you take me for, a fibber?
Bart Maverick: Oh no, ma'am. Your trouble is tripping over the truth.

Cindy Lou Brown: Now what are they up to?
Bart Maverick: I don't know. But I think they're talking about girls.
Cindy Lou Brown: Indians? I thought all they ever did was fight and hunt.
Bart Maverick: Well, some of them hunt for girls.

Bart Maverick: If there's one thing I learned about Jack, he won't cheat you out of anything he can hold ya.

Cindy Lou Brown: Well, I reckon there's just one Gentleman Jack Darby.
Bart Maverick: No, not exactly. There are two. The other one's named Dandy Jim Buckley.
Cindy Lou Brown: Who's he?
Bart Maverick: Never mind. We got enough trouble with just one of 'em.

Bart Maverick: Darby's here.
Cindy Lou Brown: Where?
Bart Maverick: That's my horse.
Cindy Lou Brown: Bart, you gonna kill him?
Bart Maverick: Why should I? I like that horse.

[last lines]
Gentleman Jack Darby: It's all spent.
Bart Maverick: So I see.
Gentleman Jack Darby: Don't you worry, I'll get it back again.
Bart Maverick: So will I.

"Maverick: Hostage (#1.8)" (1957)
Bart Maverick: So you are broke?
Bret Maverick: Only for the moment, Bart. Only for the moment.

Bart Maverick: [about the kidnappers] They're not the smartest boys in the world, Inspector. That's why they're so so dangerous.

Henri Devereaux: By the way, Yvette just told me something very shocking. You didn't tell me that she had agreed to be kidnapped.
Bart Maverick: Oh, well, I thought I'd let her tell you, sir. That is, if she wanted to.
Henri Devereaux: I've always considered Americans to be devoid of the qualities we Creoles value. You and your brother have shown me... how very wrong I was. You also taught me that I can be proud of being an American.

Bart Maverick: So, Pappy left us a thousand dollar bill apiece and some very profound words of wisdom.
Yvette Deveraux: Oh?
Bart Maverick: Never hold a kicker and never draw to an inside straight.

Bart Maverick: Look Inspector, I know this case is mighty important to you. You get that girl back and Devereaux's your friend for life. He might even make you Chief of Police. But I don't trust you as far as I could throw you. Which I'd truly enjoy doing.

[last lines]
[Sitting down at the poker table in the chair Bret had recently vacated]
Bart Maverick: Thank you for waiting, gentlemen.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Uh, pardon me, will you te...?
[busy dock worker ignores him]
Bart Maverick: Maybe you could ju...
[another busy dock worker ignores him]
Bart Maverick: Say, maybe you can help me. Can you tell me how to get to number 17 rue "Robidux"?
Bart Maverick: Here in New Orleans, we call it rue Robidoux. You take the first street to your left here, walk two blocks, turn right, and that's rue Robidoux.
Bart Maverick: Thanks kindly, friend.

"Maverick: The Jeweled Gun (#1.10)" (1957)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Well, here we are. And about time, too.
Bret Maverick: If we take the north trail, we ought to be in Clayton in about four days.
Bart Maverick: Ugh, Clayton? If we take the south trail, we'll be in Santa Fe tomorrow. They tell me th... Oh, I remember now. Adelaide. She lives in Clayton.
Bret Maverick: She does? That's quite a coincidence, isn't it?
Bart Maverick: Uh-huh. Well, you give her my best.
Bret Maverick: You sure you don't want to come to Clayton with me?
Bart Maverick: Not even if she has a sister.
Bret Maverick: Well, remember what Pappy told us: "Never hold a kicker..."
Bart Maverick: "... Never draw to an inside straight."

Daisy Harris: Are you a gambler, by chance?
Bart Maverick: No... on purpose.

[Bart turns down Daisy's lucrative job offer]
Henrique Fillipe: You do not like being employed by a woman?
Bart Maverick: I don't like being employed.

Young Book Salesman: Uh, according to our latest edition, the Indians hereabouts are peaceful.
Bart Maverick: Maybe they haven't read your latest edition

[Bart and his fellow stagecoach passengers fight off an Indian attack]
Daisy Harris: You see, I did pick the right man.
Bart Maverick: I'd have resigned but there didn't seem to be anywhere to go.

The Cattleman: Hey, Haskill. I didn't expect to find you still in town.
Bart Maverick: [pretending to be Haskill] I'm taking the stage tomorrow.
The Cattleman: Oh? Where's Mrs. Haskill.
Bart Maverick: We quarreled.

[last lines]
Bret Maverick: Hello, brother Bart.
Bart Maverick: Bret!
Bret Maverick: I thought you went south.
Bart Maverick: What happened to Adelaide?
Bret Maverick: Well, it's a long story.
Bart Maverick: Heh, so is mine. Uh, I think maybe you better tell me yours first.

"Maverick: A Technical Error (#5.5)" (1961)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] As my pappy used to say about money, "It's always there, only the pockets change." Well, so it was with Major Sims. His money was going so fast, it didn't even have time to say goodbye to him.

Major Holbrook Sims: What do professional gamblers do when they hit a losing streak?
Bart Maverick: Well, some cut their throats. If that doesn't work, they ask for a new deck and a change of scene.

Bart Maverick: Pappy always said I'd wind up owning a bank. Or, was it robbing a bank? I wish I could remember, because Pappy's predictions had an embarrassing way of coming true.

Doc Holliday: Well, stick around. I'm about to get married.
Bart Maverick: Hey, that's good... What di...? Did you say getting married? Legally?
Doc Holliday: Yeah. Legally, licensed, minister, church, bridesmaids, rice and old shoes. Did I leave anything out?
Bart Maverick: Yeah, just the one thing that I thought it would always take to get you to the altar... a shotgun.

Doc Holliday: Have you ever heard, "The Wedding March," Bart?
Bart Maverick: Oh, many times, but always from a safe distance.

Bart Maverick: [narrating] My idea was a natural, based on simple larceny. It gave the illusion that everyone could win and no one could lose. If you say, but any smart man knows he can't get something for nothing, my answer is, how many smart men do you meet in your life?

"Maverick: A Tale of Three Cities (#3.6)" (1959)
Stephanie Malone: Is this all?
Bart Maverick: You sound like you're the one who's being robbed.
Stephanie Malone: What kind of poker player are you?
Bart Maverick: I was considered quite good by the gentleman who used to own most of that $800.
Stephanie Malone: I expected a lot more.
Bart Maverick: If I'd have known you were waiting, I might've stayed in the game a little longer. But if you're disappointed, you could always return the money.
Stephanie Malone: I will eventually. I'm considering this a loan.
Bart Maverick: Then, I might warn you, my interest rates are high, six percent.

Sheriff Murray: We've got dozens of shapely, young ladies in Gold Flats. It'd take more than a week to search 'em all.
Bart Maverick: I can't think of a better way to spend the time.

Bart Maverick: Stephanie, I've got a brother named Bret, who can outdraw me anytime he wants to, and he's known as the "Second Slowest Gun in the West."

Stephanie Malone: Bart, I don't want you to get hurt!
Bart Maverick: That must be why I'm so fond of you. We have so much in common.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Eight hundred dollars. That's correct down to the last penny, sir. And thank you, gentlemen, for a most pleasant and, uh, profitable evening. Night.

[last lines]
[after Bart is put back in jail to finish his sentence]
Stephanie Malone: Goodbye, Bart. I'll be back in seven days.
Bart Maverick: Seven long days.
Stephanie Malone: That's a whole week. Think how the interest will pile up.

"Maverick: Destination Devil's Flat (#4.15)" (1960)
Bart Maverick: Well, my old Pappy used to say, "Son, it's fine to turn over a new leaf, but there's always somebody trying to snoop through the old pages."

Bart Maverick: You know sending that gold in a buckboard is a harebrained scheme... and Deacon Eaker doesn't even carry a gun.
Marybelle McCall: Well, you do. Don't you know how to use it?
Bart Maverick: Well, yes, but generally when I start shooting at something, it has a nasty habit of shooting back.

Bart Maverick: The dog drinks?
Oscar: Why shouldn't he? He's old enough.

Bart Maverick: Sheriff, I've met men that I've respected and liked, and men that I've liked but didn't respect, and men that I didn't like, but had respect for. There's one other combination that just about sums up my feelings for you.

Bart Maverick: My old Pappy mentioned the game of life once, but, uh, he said, "Most of us, by the time we're up on the rules are, generally, too old to play it."

[last lines]
[the Conductor, who threw Bart of a train earlier for not buying a ticket, sees Bart on the train and proceeds to throw him off again]
Bart Maverick: Hey, you can't do this to me. I've got a ticket.
Conductor: Oh, yeah?

"Maverick: Triple Indemnity (#4.27)" (1961)
Bart Maverick: Well, according to my Pappy, "The smart man suffers his guilt pangs in luxury."

Bill Parker: What he doesn't own outright, he holds a mortgage on, and people always do what he says.
Bart Maverick: I'm gonna spoil his record. Anybody tells me to get outta town, I get very hard of hearing.
Bill Parker: Help me to teach him a lesson. You can ask any price. Money is no object.
Bart Maverick: It may not be to you, but to me, money's the most beautiful object in the world, and I have no intention of leaving any of mine here.

Doc Holliday: Bart Maverick! How are ya? Will you have a drink?
Bart Maverick: How are you, Doc?
Doc Holliday: Not too drunk to protect my own interests. This is Ellen. Keep you hands off her. Ellen, this is Bart Maverick, but as far as you're concerned he doesn't exist.

Doc Holliday: Anybody but me ever tell you what a sneaky mind you've got? I often wonder if we're not related.
Bart Maverick: Doc, my pappy's not the kind to kiss and tell.

Doc Holliday: Say, Bart. For that kind of money, you don't think, uh, Bret would try to kill you himself, do ya?
Bart Maverick: That's ridiculous! He's my brother!
Doc Holliday: Oh.
Bart Maverick: Still, we haven't been too close lately.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: You were just gonna count to three, and... Oh, in the final analysis, you just couldn't pull that trigger, Doc... Could you?
Doc Holliday: I don't know. Guess that's one thing neither of us will every know, for sure.

"Maverick: The Witch of Hound Dog (#4.8)" (1960)
Nancy Sutliff: You must be a terrible, bad man to have so much money... if it's all yours.
Bart Maverick: Just a debt High Card Harris owed me.
Nancy Sutliff: Oh?
Bart Maverick: And I'm not such a bad man.
Nancy Sutliff: Then quit a lookin' at my leg thatta way.

[first lines]
Gil: Well, guess your the big winner, Maverick.
Bart Maverick: Lucky, Gil.
[Bart pauses as it starts to thunder]
Gil: What's the matter? You, uh, sensitive to lightning?
Bart Maverick: No, the last time I saw it, I was more than sensitive. About a month ago, back in Tennessee.
Gil: Oh, did you get hit by it?
Bart Maverick: Nope. By a girl.

Bart Maverick: You told me that trained bird was your Pappy.
Nancy Sutliff: Well, in a way, it was. My Pappy's dead, sort of.
Bart Maverick: Uh, sort of? Where I come from, a person's either dead or they ain't dead. It's as simple as that.
Nancy Sutliff: It ain't simple, at all. Fact, it's the most confusing thing in the world. My old Pappy used to say, "If a person could understand the difference between what is dead and what ain't dead, you could be a real first class witch."

Zack Sutliff: Mr. Maverick.
Bart Maverick: Hum?
Zack Sutliff: What do you aim to do with them... cards?
Bart Maverick: Oh. Well, Zack, my old Pappy used to say, uh, "A man can stay out of trouble, learns to do something with his hands."

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: And that is what happens to a man who lets ten thousand dollars lure him into the Great Smokies. Well, thank you, gentlemen, for a wonderful ga...
[stops and stares at a stuffed crow]
Bart Maverick: Pappy?

"Maverick: The Wrecker (#1.11)" (1957)
[the Maverick Brothers consider whether to bid on the salvage rights on a shipwreck]
Bret Maverick: What do you think, Bart?
Bart Maverick: Fifty-five hundred dollars is still a lot of money for rice and silk. Even if you're a hungry dressmaker.

Bart Maverick: Well, as Pappy used to say...
Bret Maverick: Faint heart never filled a flush.
Bart Maverick: That's right. Go ahead.
Bret Maverick: I'm gonna have to leave my head with a loan shark to get the money.
Bart Maverick: You'd rather be rich than ugly, wouldn't ya? Bid.

Carthew: That's it, then. One of the small boats. I expect you know we may never be picked up.
Bart Maverick: That's the case, there'll be something on my tombstone I never expected. Bart Maverick, Died at Sea.

[first lines]
Clerk: Good evening, sir
Bart Maverick: Good evening.
Clerk: May I help you?
Bart Maverick: I'm looking for a gentleman named Maverick. I hope you haven't lost him, he's an old friend.
Clerk: May I ask your name?
Bart Maverick: Maverick.
Clerk: Well, of course, Mr. Maverick. Mr. Maverick is expecting you. He's in room 119.
Bart Maverick: Thank you.

[last lines]
Carthew: How long have you known that boat was back there?
Bart Maverick: Just long enough.
[Paul gives Bart a Bank Draft for $25,000 and then Bart holds out his hand]
Bart Maverick: Paul.
[Paul gives Bart the First Mate's log and Bart throws it overboard]

"Maverick: Passage to Fort Doom (#2.23)" (1959)
Cindy Lou Brown: Think you'll ever amount to anything, Bart?
Bart Maverick: Course I will. My pappy once told me, "Son, you're self-centered, shifty, and you know the value of a dollar so you're gonna die honored and wealthy."

Fergus MacKenzie: Drink?
Bart Maverick: No, thanks.
Fergus MacKenzie: I wasn't offering, I was inquiring.
Bart Maverick: I never touch the stuff.
Fergus MacKenzie: Do you gamble?
Bart Maverick: I feel sorry for men that gamble, Mr. MacKenzie. Downright sorry.
Fergus MacKenzie: Be ya a God-fearing man?
Bart Maverick: Scared to death.
Fergus MacKenzie: Well, you're hired.

Bart Maverick: You in love with him?
Charlotte Stanton: That sort of thing is storybook nonsense.
Bart Maverick: Your mother says?
Charlotte Stanton: I agree with her.
Bart Maverick: My Pappy had a different slant on it. He once told me, "Son, love is the only thing in life you've got to earn. Everything else you can steal."

Bart Maverick: Another thing my Pappy said when I left home, "Make a lot of mistakes, son, but always be sure they're your own."

[last lines]
Ben Chapman: You could share my wagon, Fergus.
Fergus MacKenzie: Then we should be getting her ready.
Cindy Lou Brown: Like to share my wagon?
Bart Maverick: Better than a kick in the shins.

"Maverick: Maverick Springs (#3.13)" (1959)
Bart Maverick: Lovely country you have here, Colonel.
Bret Maverick: Uh, this is the first time I've seen the Professor since he was run outta Abilene for running a shell game.
Bart Maverick: And he hasn't changed. He was almost thrown off the train for dealing marked cards.
Bret Maverick: Well, as our dear old Pappy used to say, "If at first you don't succeed, try something else."

Bret Maverick: She's poison, Mr. Vandergriff.
Bart Maverick: I'll do my own sampling, Col. Maverick.

Bret Maverick: You think he's overdoing it?
Bart Maverick: Trust me, Brother Bret. When I hire a crook, I hire the best.

Bart Maverick: I hear Texas calling.

[last lines]
Bret Maverick: Just poison, Mr. Vandergriff, Just poison.
Bart Maverick: You are so right, Colonel, sir.

"Maverick: Last Stop: Oblivion (#4.22)" (1961)
Bart Maverick: My old Pappy always taught me that, "There's only two times in a man's life when he should be noble: when he's caught dealing seconds, and when somebody slaps a lady."

Bart Maverick: As my old Pappy used to say, "What good's yellow streak if you can't depend on it?"

Tate McKenna: Looks like you're gettin' a little big for your britches, tin-horn.
Bart Maverick: Not at all, Mr. McKenna. They've just shrunk since the last time I had 'em washed.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Call. Cards? Two. And three for the dealer.
[Bart looks at his cards and finds he now has four aces, but so does the Sheriff]
Sheriff Miller: Your under arrest.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: Sheriff, do you mind if I ride back with you?
Sheriff Miller: What fer? You ain't figurin' on no reward, are ya?
Bart Maverick: No, nothing like that. If it's all the same to you, I like to get back to the four aces you took away from me.

"Maverick: Poker Face (#5.6)" (1962)
Bart Maverick: They believed that story you told them about the attendant dying with a heart attack, they're even dumber than I thought.
Stallion: Well, didn't he? If a knife in a man's chest don't cause a heart attack, I don't know what will.

Bart Maverick: My old Pappy used to tell me that, uh, "Sulfur and molasses will cure just about anything."
Dr. Robespierre Jones: Except a sickness of the soul.
Bart Maverick: You know, I don't think my old Pappy ever thought of that.

Bart Maverick: My old Pappy used to tell me that, uh, "There's imperfection in all of us. It just shows more on some, that's all."

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: You know, I got an idea that money will never get back to Yuma.
Stallion: Don't matter. I got a Letter of Credits from the Yuma Bank for Bolanes, in case it didn't work.
Bart Maverick: Well, you mean there isn't seventy-thousand dollars in that bag?
Stallion: Oh, it's in there, alright. But it's all Confederate money.

"Maverick: The Judas Mask (#2.7)" (1958)
Bart Maverick: Now, gentlemen, as my pappy used to say, "He who plays and runs away lives to, uh, run another day."

Walter Delourne: Maverick. If you're not back in three days, I'll lose ten thousand dollars and the Bella Union. Do you have any idea what owning that place means to me?
Bart Maverick: I do now, Walter.
Walter Delourne: Good. I've never learned to lose gracefully.
Bart Maverick: You're young yet.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] Silver City, New Mexico, is a quite little town devoted to the arts. For example, there's the art of the dance, as practiced nightly in the concert hall of the Bella Union. Large numbers of citizens less interested in the arts devote long hours to self-improvement. Altogether, Silver City is a fine little town. If you have the strength.

[last lines]
Elliott Larkin: Maverick. I got Osbourne down here. I'm sorry.
Bart Maverick: I know. You made up for it just fine.

"Maverick: Burial Ground of the Gods (#1.26)" (1958)
[first lines]
Paisley Briggs: Oh, help. Oh, help, somebody.
[Bart looks into a dark alley and sees a man lying on the ground calling for help]
Paisley Briggs: Somebody, help. Help.
[Bart looks around and doesn't see anyone else to help and enters the alley]
Paisley Briggs: What's the matter?
[Paisley stops acting and points his pistol at Bart]
Paisley Briggs: I'm sorry. I really am. I never done a thing like this before.
Bart Maverick: Still time to change your mind.

Lettie: Oh, honest, I'm beginning to think you just got me here to ask me a lot of questions.
Bart Maverick: Well, no, that's not the only reason.
Lettie: What other reason?
Bart Maverick: Get some answers.
Lettie: That's not very flattering.
Bart Maverick: My pappy always told me flattery is like perfume, Lettie. Smell it, but don't swallow it.

Bart Maverick: Paisley, just when I think I got you figured out, you have to go and do something decent.
Paisley Briggs: I could kick myself.

[last lines]
Paisley Briggs: Well, Mr. Maverick, only 10 more miles to Denver. Every mile's worth a thousand dollars to me. Yes, sir. Tomorrow morning, I'm on my way to Ellie May with ten thousand dollars in my jeans.
Bart Maverick: Correction, Paisley. Eight thousand, eight hundred. Remember me?
Paisley Briggs: Oh, Maverick.

"Maverick: Last Wire from Stop Gap (#4.5)" (1960)
Bart Maverick: I'd like to send a telegram... to my Pappy. "About to get married. Settling down. Getting a job. Giving up poker forever. Your loving son, Bart."
[after some time has passed]
Bart Maverick: You're reply sir.
Bart Maverick: Oh, good. "Delighted you have seen error of your ways. Congratulations. All my love to you and bride. Your proud Pappy."
Deevers: My, isn't that a lovely sentiment?
Bart Maverick: Yes, it's a beautiful sentiment. It's a charming sentiment.
[softly as he is leaving]
Bart Maverick: And that's no Pappy of mine.

[last lines]
Beauregarde Maverick: Well, good, I was hoping there was some of their own cash in the kitty.
Sheriff: Why?
Beauregarde Maverick: Well, you see, my cousin, Bart and I engaged in a $15,000 transaction with your, uh, customers in there. And we would hate to think it came from the honest folk in this town. You see the, uh, temptation might've been to much for us.
Phyllis: You mean you'd actually be tempted to keep money that wasn't rightfully yours?
Beauregarde Maverick: Oh, no. We might have been tempted to give it back.
Bart Maverick: And if we did, we'd, uh, never be able to forgive ourselves. Miss Hulett.

[first lines]
[Bart and Beau getting dropping into beds in camp after riding all day]
Beauregarde Maverick: Now, this is more like it.
Bart Maverick: Yeah.
Beauregarde Maverick: How far do you suppose we are from town?
Bart Maverick: I don't care if it was ten feet. I still couldn't make it.
Beauregarde Maverick: [yawning] I know what you mean. Pleasant dreams, Cousin Bart.
Bart Maverick: Ditto.

Bart Maverick: My old Pappy used to say, "Son, hard work never hurt anybody, who didn't do it."

"Maverick: Seed of Deception (#1.27)" (1958)
[Jim Mundy and his outlaw gang menacingly approach the Mavericks]
Bart Maverick: What'll we do?
Bret Maverick: Talk our way out.
Bart Maverick: Talk? That bunch doesn't look like they're hunting for conversation.
Bret Maverick: You want to shoot our way out?
Bart Maverick: Uh, let's talk.

[Bret enters the room where Bart is recovering from Aiken's gunshot]
Bret Maverick: What would you do if that was Russ Aikens instead of me at the door?
Bart Maverick: Oh, the doctor left me a prescription.
[Bart draws a gun from beneath his blanket]

Grady Lester: I still say Mavericks is cattle.
Bart Maverick: [laughs] I'll tell ya something, son. I once knew a drummer from Kansas City. His name was Holstein.

Bart Maverick: Bret, you're not planning anything old-fashioned, are you? You know, like, uh, getting revenge for an only brother?
Bret Maverick: I'm not mad at anybody. They didn't shoot me.
Bart Maverick: That's right. I certainly wouldn't do anything about it if it was the other way around.

"Maverick: Trooper Maverick (#3.12)" (1959)
Benedict: Maverick, it's been said you love money more than anything else.
Bart Maverick: It's been said right.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] Mostly, you don't catch me hanging around army posts. I don't have a hankering for the military life. But, this fort was different. There was always a big poker game going on in the Sutler's store. Trappers in from the wilds would take a hand, and some of those Calvary boys in blue were pretty sharp card players. You know the kind. When payday came around, they'd wind up with most of the money in the barracks. So, whenever I was in the neighborhood, I'd drop in and try to even things up a little.

Trooper O'Dell: My old Pappy always used to say, "Once you get the call, don't be a back slider."
Bart Maverick: Your what?
Trooper O'Dell: My Pappy.
Bart Maverick: That's what I thought you said.

[last lines]
Sgt. Schumacher: Corporal Heaven... he's assigned to your detail.
Bart Maverick: [laughing] Corporal.
Albert Heaven: Alright, Maverick! Fall in next to O'Dell!
Bart Maverick: Ah, Albert, leave me...
Albert Heaven: I said, fall in, and keep your mouth shut till I tell you to speak or I'll have you standing here for the next twenty-four hours. 'Ten-shun! 'Bout face! Forward march!
Bart Maverick: Somebody, oughta change that boy's name.

"Maverick: Betrayal (#2.25)" (1959)
Dr. Dillon: Hey, how long you gonna be with us, Mr. Maverick?
Bart Maverick: There are two opinions on that, Doctor. I figure to be here for quite a spell, and the Sheriff figures to shoo me out tomorrow unless I get a job.
Buck Wilkerson: Well, if that's all you need, you've got no problem, Maverick. I can always use an extra hand at the ranch.
Bart Maverick: That's very kind of you, Mr. Wilkerson. And if I grow an extra hand, I'll send it out to you.

Laura Dillon: So you're a gambler, Mr. Maverick.
Bart Maverick: No, I'm a poker player. I do my best to avoid gambling.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] The distance from Placerville to Virginia City is a little over a hundred miles. And as a general rule, it's a two-day trip. But as a general rule on this stage line, it's not a good idea to make bets on the general rule.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] As I said, the trip to Virginia City takes two days, as a general rule.

"Maverick: Dade City Dodge (#5.1)" (1961)
Bart Maverick: Marla, I hope you fully realize that, uh, Pearly Gates got that nickname from the phony tiepin he wears, not from his chances of ever meeting Saint Peter.

Bart Maverick: [narrating] Happy Honeymoon didn't just finish last. He was so far behind he wouldn't even have won the next race.

Bart Maverick: Well, it's been a real education losing to you. Four kings and each one of 'em marked with this. Here, see for yourself. You can feel the impression.
Luke Harper: That ring is an heirloom. It's been in the family three generations.
Bart Maverick: That only proves, Mr. Harper, that your grandfather was as crooked as you.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] My old Pappy used to say, "A man should stick to what he knows." Well, if I had remembered his advice that day in New Orleans, I'd have a smile on my face instead of looking like a pallbearer at my own funeral.

"Maverick: One of Our Trains Is Missing (#5.13)" (1962)
Bart Maverick: My pappy always told me, "Any man who needs to make out a will just isn't spending his money properly."

Bart Maverick: Doc, help me!
Doc Holliday: Alright, I'll help you. I could be a character witness for you.
Bart Maverick: Oh, fine! That'll just get me tarred and feathered!

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] Lots of people lose things like wallets or watches, maybe. I'd even lost a few poker games. But these two chaps have lost something a bit larger and they're pretty upset about it. The big fellow is Tim Hardesty. He's a Wells Fargo agent for Cut Bank, Kansas. The well-dressed gentleman is Amos Skinner. And if he looks like a railroad president, it's because he is one. Yeah, Skinner and Hardesty had lost something. They've lost a... train. Engine, tender, express car, coach and diner vanished... without a trace. Ridiculous, you say? I'd have said so, too. Except for one thing. When that train left Whipsaw at noon, heading west, I was on it.

[last lines]
Doc Holliday: We just couldn't bear thinking of you walking all that way by yourself.
Modesty Blaine: No. After all, it just wouldn't be right. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for us.
Doc Holliday: Well, 'twas all our fault.
Bart Maverick: Uh, the ten-thousand dollars that Brady just gave me would have nothing to do with your friendship.
Doc Holliday: Well, it just might have helped hasten the decision.
Modesty Blaine: Yes, it did.
Doc Holliday: Shall we?

"Maverick: Trail West to Fury (#1.21)" (1958)
Bart Maverick: We can't ever go back to Texas.
Dandy Jim Buckley: Why not?
Bret Maverick: We're wanted there.
Dandy Jim Buckley: For what?
Bret Maverick: Murdering two men.

Bret Maverick: High card keeps the date. Draw.
Bart Maverick: Queen for a queen.
Bret Maverick: A King for a queen.

Laura Miller: Well, gentlemen, what can I get you?
Bret Maverick: Another girl.
Bart Maverick: Uh, for him.

[last lines]
Dandy Jim Buckley: What, um...? What happens if you find this tall man, you... go back to Texas and settle down?
Bret Maverick: Well, that worries us quite a bit, too.
Bart Maverick: Course, it would be nice if we were *able* to go home, so we do look for him.
Dandy Jim Buckley: Well, if I happen to run into him, I'll, um... I'll try not to notice.

"Maverick: Easy Mark (#3.10)" (1959)
Cornelius Van Rennselaer Jr.: Hey, wait a minute, Bart, we made a deal.
Bart Maverick: You didn't tell me it was gonna be so dangerous.
Cornelius Van Rennselaer Jr.: You a coward?
Bart Maverick: Isn't everybody?

Bart Maverick: My old Pappy used to say, "Son, love, and love alone will send a man soaring into the depths."

[first lines]
[Bart is attack by a man and overcomes him]
Bart Maverick: Wanna try again?
Cornelius Van Rennselaer Jr.: I merely hoped to prevent you from stabbing my pachycereus.
Bart Maverick: Your what?
Cornelius Van Rennselaer Jr.: The cactus. She's female and very delicate.
Bart Maverick: I'm sorry, I was so thirsty, I, uh, I didn't even notice the sex.

[last lines]
[Bart, who the conductor thinks is Van Renneselaer, is kissing Abigail]
Conductor: Uh, excuse me, Mr. Van Renneselaer, it's noon. You're free to go.
Bart Maverick: I'm in no hurry.
Conductor: Well, then, if you don't mind, I'll run along and pick up my bonus money. Uh, remember me to your father.
Bart Maverick: I will.
Conductor: I just want to say, that you've been very cooperative and thank ya.
Bart Maverick: You're most welcome.

"Maverick: The Thirty-Ninth Star (#2.9)" (1958)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] I enjoy a good Forth of July as much as any other fun-loving American boy. But when you're three days late for an appointment in Denver, Colorado...

Judge Somervell: Well, you see, Mr. Maverick, the territory is the land of opportunity. When you decide to settle down with the rest of us, this is the place for it.
Bart Maverick: I try not to think of that, sir. My old pappy used to say, work is all right for killing time, but it's a shaky way to make a living.

Janet Kilmer: Tell me, who did you blame all your troubles on before I came along?
Bart Maverick: Miss Kilmer, before you came along, I didn't know what trouble was.

[last lines]
Janet Kilmer: I'm disappointed in you. You're the last person I'd ever expect to show such a shameless streak of decency.
Bart Maverick: You don't have enough faith in me. I had it all figured out. If I'd sold the papers to those people, they would have burned the papers. And then burned me.
Janet Kilmer: Well, just so the whole thing won't be a total loss, I'll let you buy my dinner.

"Maverick: Two Beggars on Horseback (#2.17)" (1959)
Bret Maverick: I've still got $30. I was thinkin' I might split it with ya, and then again I might get back in that poker game and run it up to a thousand.
Bart Maverick: But, what if you lose the thirty?
Bret Maverick: You don't get the fifteen.
Bart Maverick: But, if ya win the thousand?
Bret Maverick: You do get the fifteen.
Bart Maverick: Bret, sometimes your heart runs away with your head.

Bart Maverick: What are you thinking now?
Bret Maverick: I'm thinking you're awful lucky not to be an only child.

[first lines]
Poker Player: Well, Mr. Maverick's in. How about you, Mr. Maverick?
Bret Maverick: [narrating] My pappy used to say, "When you're playing poker, don't trust anybody, not even your brother."
Bart Maverick: [narrating] What he really said was "especially your brother."

[last lines]
Bret Maverick: [narrating] So Brother Bart and I goth got our money back after all.
Bart Maverick: [narrating] Just what we started with, 10,000 apiece.
Jessamy Longacre: [narrating] Nine thousand apiece, and 2000 for me. After all, business is business.

"Maverick: Brasada Spur (#2.22)" (1959)
Belle Morgan: You're not proposing to me, are you?
Bart Maverick: Oh, no. I promised Pappy I wouldn't wed till I was 38.
Belle Morgan: That's good. Because I promised myself I wouldn't marry again at all.

[first lines]
Terry McKenna: Mr. Elgree. Mre. Rufus Elgree.
Barnes: Welcome to King City, Colonel Maverick and the Bella Union Hotel, where every guest is a king.
Bart Maverick: Well, it's fine.
Barnes: Something in a suite or a bedroom convenient to a bath?
Bart Maverick: Bedroom will be all right. The barber shop?
Barnes: Just across the lobby, Colonel Maverick.
Bart Maverick: Thank you. You can just have my bags sent up to the room.
Barnes: Yes, indeedy. Boy. Boy.

Belle Morgan: But I'm not offering you charity, Bart. What I'm offering you is a job. A real man-sized job for a real man.
Bart Maverick: Before I left home, my old Pappy said, "Always remember, son. The two greatest evils are hard liquor and hard work."

[last lines]
Belle Morgan: Why, Colonel Maverick, what a surprise. Are we both going to New Orleans?
Bart Maverick: We certainly are.

"Maverick: Dodge City or Bust (#4.13)" (1960)
Beauregarde Maverick: An Apache Nightmare beats a Texas Tornado, right?
Bart Maverick: Right, as long as the queen is black. You're catching on very fast cousin.
Beauregarde Maverick: You know if Uncle Beau knew you were playing a game called Eight-Toed Sloth, he would turn your picture to the wall.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: I've never played wild games like this before. Now, gentlemen, let me get this straight. Uh, five's and one-eye jacks are wild and the low hand splits the pot with whoever gets the...
George: No, no, no. Oh, no. That's Jack and the Beanstalk. Milton dealt that. This is Pass the Buck. Aces, black threes, eight of hearts and your lowest card are wild. And you pass your worst three cards on to the man on your left.
McKey: Don't let it throw you, son. You're doing just fine. You can't expect to learn poker over night.

Bart Maverick: So far, so good, but they'll be back.
Diana Dangerfield: You're not worried?
Bart Maverick: Of course not. Well, we still have half a week's trip ahead of us with no money and no food, a sheriff's deputy and and bounty hunter after our hides for murder, and a posse wanting us for horse thieves. So, what's to worry.

[last lines]
[a couple of loud bangs are heard]
Beauregarde Maverick: Oh, what now?
George: It's from Miss Dangerfield's restaurant. Excellent food, in the main, but, uh, has trouble with her biscuits. You, uh, you know Miss Dangerfield, don't you, Bart?
Bart Maverick: Oh, I most certainly have had the pleasure. Well, gentlemen, ante fifty each. And we'll, uh, play a little hand of Reverse Pinwheel.

"Maverick: The Art Lovers (#5.2)" (1961)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Pardon me. Do you have any mail for Maverick?
Roger Cushman: Mr. Maverick...? Bart Maverick, isn't it?
Bart Maverick: Yes.
Roger Cushman: I'm Roger Cushman, we met in Denver, last year. Do you remember?
Bart Maverick: Oh, yes, of course. You introduced me to that poker game at the Banker's Convention.

Bart Maverick: You know, my old Pappy taught us Mavericks that there were a lot worse things in life than being broke... 'Course, I must admit that he didn't know of any.

[last lines]
Houseman: Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Have you heard? It's too exciting for words. Th-The Mona Lisa... it's been recovered. They've got it back in the Louvre.
Bart Maverick: Now, that should make art lovers all over the world very happy.

"Maverick: Mr. Muldoon's Partner (#5.7)" (1962)
Bart Maverick: My old Pappy always told me to, "Beware of regular employment, it just leads to clean living."

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Gentlemen, this one is going to cost you.
Hatfield: Are you bluffing, Maverick?

[last lines]
Terrance Rafferty: You know, an odd thing happened, just now.
Bart Maverick: It certainly did.
Terrance Rafferty: I was referring to the way that, that Maureen took such a sudden liking to the boy.
Mr. Muldoon: Sure, she's always loved children. What's so odd about that?
Terrance Rafferty: Eh, no. It was the way that it happened. A moment before you arrived, Mr. Maverick expressed a wish that he'd like to see the boy have a family of his own. And, whoosh, just like that, it's an accomplished fact.
Mr. Muldoon: Well, just like I've always said, 'tis the unselfish wish that always works out for the best.

"Maverick: Epitaph for a Gambler (#5.8)" (1962)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] Most tourists are attracted by the local sights, monuments, and public buildings. But my Pappy used to say, "You can tell more about a town by looking at its gambling emporium than any other edifice."

Bart Maverick: [narrating] My Pappy always said that someday, a lady like Linda would make me forget all about Lady Luck. And as usual, Pappy was right.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] Dan was right. There's a payoff for every gambler. For him, it was his life. For me, well, I was minus a considerable sum of money and Linda. But then, I still had my own skin intact, and a slightly worn deck of cards. I wonder if any gambler had a right to expect more.

"Maverick: The Spanish Dancer (#2.13)" (1958)
Bart Maverick: Careful, Senorita. I understand just enough Spanish to know when I'm being insulted.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] These are the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico. Not too many years ago, they were in Old Mexico. No, we didn't move 'em. We just bought 'em.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: You see? You didn't flinch. And what's more, you didn't want to.
Elena Grande: Tell me, my very good friend. What is a gringo?

"Maverick: The Golden Fleecing (#5.3)" (1961)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] My old Pappy used to say, "There's nothing like a boat trip, if you're going some place by water." And as usual, Pappy was right. I was hoping the voyage from Sacramento to San Francisco would never end. Not only was I holding all the aces and kings, but the queen of San Francisco social and financial circles, as well.

Bart Maverick: Believe me, sir, if anyone was gonna be sent in answer to a prayer, it would never be a Maverick.

[last lines]
Henry Albright: Well, Seth, we're finally gonna get our schools, churches and hospitals.
Bart Maverick: As a poet once said, "Faith can move mountains."

"Maverick: You Can't Beat the Percentage (#3.4)" (1959)
Dave Lindell: This cowboy you were telling me about last night, the one who wants to kill me. What'd he look like?
Bart Maverick: Like he meant it.

[first lines]
[Bart rides up to a man digging graves]
Bart Maverick: Morning.
Pop: Morning.
Bart Maverick: Well, who are these for?
Pop: Don't rightly know. It's early in the day, yet.
Bart Maverick: You mean you're just digging 'em in case?
Pop: I like to get a couple ahead. Can't every tell.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: Find it?
Sheriff Bill Satchel: Yes, I did. Carving his own marker. Like Pop always said, you can't beat the percentage.
Bart Maverick: He didn't have to die to prove it to me.
[Bart mounts his horse and tips his hat in goodbye]
Bart Maverick: Sheriff.

"Maverick: Bundle from Britain (#4.1)" (1960)
Freddie Bognor: I regret the need to say it, but you're most adept with your hands, Mr...?
Bart Maverick: Maverick. Bart Maverick. You're sort of adept yourself.
Freddie Bognor: Oh?
Bart Maverick: Like with four card draw.
Freddie Bognor: Oh. You mean three card draw.
Bart Maverick: No, four card. Three from the deck and one from your sleeve.

Beauregarde Maverick: Yes, well that poor luck is going to cost you an extra $1,000, Mr. Bogner. Added to which, there will be an additional $1,000 posted as bond, bringing the total you owe for this impersonation to $4,000.
Freddie Bognor: $4,000! Why that's robbery!
Bart Maverick: Oh, nonsense. That's enterprise.

[last lines]
[Bart and Beau bump into the former Captain of a boat in workman's clothes and burdened with a large piece of cargo]
Bart Maverick: Wolf! Wolf Kratkovitch. What have they done to you?
[Wolf nods in the direction of the boat where Freddie is wearing a Captain's uniform]
Freddie Bognor: Ahoy, there. Kratkovitch. Tote that bale. Lift that barge.

"Maverick: The Devil's Necklace: Part 1 (#4.31)" (1961)
[last lines]
Bart Maverick: You know, Lieutenant, if I had a dollar for every life this necklace has cost, I'd never have to deal another card as long as I live.

Luther Cannonbaugh: Would you hit a weak old man, now?
Bart Maverick: It's way safer than hitting a strong young one.

Bart Maverick: That's right. They're called cards. My old Pappy used to say, "You can tell fortunes or make fortunes with them."

"Maverick: The Goose-Drownder (#3.14)" (1959)
Bart Maverick: Since when did you turn honest?
Gentleman Jack Darby: Oh, well, I, um, I have these sudden lapses.

Stella Legendre: He's a real man.
Bart Maverick: But a dead one. He's been dead a long time. My old Pappy used to say, "Those who try to live by the gun, die by the neck."

[last lines]
Boone Gillis: You should've left sooner.
Bart Maverick: Well, if we leave now, we still might get across that creek.
Boone Gillis: Oh, I wouldn't, if I were you. Most of the mountains back of here empty into that creek and they sure empty fast. Creek wasn't too low to start with. And it's going to get a lot higher fast.
Gentleman Jack Darby: High card?
Bart Maverick: High card.
Gentleman Jack Darby: You deal.

"Maverick: Prey of the Cat (#2.12)" (1958)
Bart Maverick: I broke the leg when my horse was spooked by a mountain lion.
Kitty Stillman: Which one?
Bart Maverick: I don't know one mountain lion from another.

Bart Maverick: Now, I promised Pappy I'd never take a drink or a steady job.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: Who's horse am I sitting on? Well? Doesn't belong to anybody, huh? I thought maybe it didn't.

"Maverick: Substitute Gun (#4.29)" (1961)
Bart Maverick: My old pappy once said, "Never make friends with a man who has no enemies."

[first lines]
Wilbur Smiley Drake: Well, I'll be fried for bacon. Mr. Maverick. Small world, hey?
Bart Maverick: That's my complaint, exactly, Smiley. How are things in St. Louis?
Wilbur Smiley Drake: Warm. Very warm.
Bart Maverick: You talking about the weather?

[last lines]
Tom Blauvelt: Well, Bart, like I said before, you're a handy man to have around. Are you sure you won't change your mind?
Bart Maverick: I'm afraid not. I'd just be a reminder of something you wanna forget. Tom, thanks for everything. Sheriff.
Sheriff Coleman: Maverick.

"Maverick: The White Widow (#3.19)" (1960)
Bart Maverick: Well, as my old pappy used to say, "Son, so long as you stay away from women and temptation, you're no son of mine."

Wilma White: Pilar will be on the other side of you. She and I can chaperone each other, Mr. Maverick. Or, uh, hadn't the thought crossed your mind?
Bart Maverick: Oh, it crossed it ma'am, but it didn't stay.

[last lines]
Mayor Cosgrove: I wish you'd change your mind and stay around for a while, see what happens.
Bart Maverick: I wouldn't dare.
Mayor Cosgrove: We could use some new blood around here.
Bart Maverick: I'm, uh, not bleeding.

"Maverick: The Lass with the Poisonous Air (#3.8)" (1959)
Deevers: You're taking this all mighty cool for a man accused of murder.
Bart Maverick: That's understandable. 'Cause I didn't do it.

[first lines]
Linda: Help...! Help...! Help...!
[a woman on a runaway horse rides by Bart and he catches and stops it]
Linda: He shied at a rattlesnake and grabbed the bit. So, luck you came along.
Bart Maverick: he feelings mutual, ma'am.

[last lines]
Stage Driver: All Aboard.
Bart Maverick: Well, it looks like it's time to go. You two look just fine. Goodbye Cathy.
Cathy Talmadge: Goodbye.

"Maverick: Hadley's Hunters (#4.2)" (1960)
Bart Maverick: As my old Pappy used to say, "If you can't fight 'em, and they won't let you join 'em, you'd best get out of the county."

Bart Maverick: My old Pappy used to say, "Man is the only animal that can get skinned twice."

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Warm.
McCabe: I reckon, for sidewinders.

"Maverick: The Money Machine (#5.12)" (1962)
Jacqueline Sutton: You can use that $10,000 your pappy sent you as a stake.
Bart Maverick: But I can't use that. Pappy's sending me that money with the complete trust and faith and understanding that a man can only have for his kin.
Jacqueline Sutton: That reminds me. He told me to be sure and get a signed receipt from you for the $10,000.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Well, as I said, it's been five years. She was fourteen. Kinda looked like a pencil. If you got her to talk at all she had a real Texas twang.
Hotel Clerk: She checked in, alright, sir, this afternoon. But if she's not in her room, I'm afraid that I can't help you. I just came on duty and I haven't seen anyone answering the description.
Bart Maverick: Well, you'd recognize her if you saw her. A shrinking violet. I'll need a room. Will you please have a bellboy take my bag up to the room and, if you happen to see Miss Sutton arrive, tell her I'm in the salon.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: Oh, sweet Mortimer's mustache, they were real.

"Maverick: The Deadly Image (#4.26)" (1961)
Bart Maverick: You're lucky. If that slug had creased your skull just a quarter of an inch deeper, you wouldn't be talking right now.
Gus Tellson: Pays to have a hard head.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [to his horse] That waterhole must be around here somewhere.
[the horse neighs]
Bart Maverick: Well anybody could make a mistake in this country. I just picked the wrong bunch of rocks, that's all.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: I know what it meant, Caprice. He promised you a lot of things.
Caprice Rambeau: Pretty clothes, places like New Orleans and San Francisco. He promised to take me away from these lonely mountains.
Bart Maverick: I understand.
Caprice Rambeau: How could you. I didn't understand myself, until today.
Bart Maverick: You're a brave girl.
Caprice Rambeau: Do you know when I first began to understand? When you kissed me. It was so different... so gentle. I never felt that way with Rod before. Would you kiss me again?

"Maverick: The Rivals (#2.18)" (1959)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Denver.
Bret Maverick: Hope Springs.
Bart Maverick: Awful big money in that Denver game.
Bret Maverick: Bart, all the really big money is in Hope Springs this season.
Bart Maverick: You wanna be a drifter all your life?
Bret Maverick: Mm-mm. Remember what Pappy used to say. "Early to bed and early to rise is the curse of the working classes." At the Great Western Hotel even the maids don't get up until noon.

[last lines]
Hotel Manager: I see you're visiting our casino. Tell me, have you run across a vicious rumor that you can't get into our casino unless your name is Vanderbilt, Vandergelt, Stuyvesant or Aster?
Bret Maverick: I never listen to rumor.
Hotel Manager: You should, Mr. Maverick. Because that one happens to be quite true.
[a bellhop whispers to the hotel manager]
Hotel Manager: Who?
Bellhop: An English Lord. The Earl of Bertley.
Bart Maverick: Not Bertley, young fellow. Bartley. The Earl of Bartley.

"Maverick: The Devil's Necklace: Part 2 (#4.32)" (1961)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: If I had a dollar for every life this necklace has cost, Lieutenant, I'd never have to deal another card as long as I live.
Enlisted Man: Just about finished burying our own men, sir. What do you wanna do about the Indians?
Lt. William Torrance: Bury them, too, Sargent.
Enlisted Man: Yes, sir. You know, the one thing I can't figure out is, how they got inside these walls in the first place. This fort was supposed to be Injun proof.
Lt. William Torrance: Perhaps, Mr. Maverick can explain.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: Tawny... Tawny.
Tawney: Me friend.

"Maverick: Marshal Maverick (#5.10)" (1962)
Bart Maverick: But, I don't like the job. The present is nervous and the future's doubtful and the pay's atrocious. You do me a favor and I'll do one for you in return. You stay out of Abilene for the next six weeks.
Billy Coe: Why six weeks?
Bart Maverick: 'Cause after six weeks, you'll be somebody else's problem. Now, if you come in here again, I'm gonna try to take you and you'll probably try to stop me. One of us is liable to get dead. Could be me and I think that's too big an investment to put into a six week job.

Bart Maverick: My old Pappy once told me, "Son, if you don't git while the gitin's good, you're gonna get got."

"Maverick: Pappy (#3.1)" (1959)
Bart Maverick: As my Pappy used to say, "Son, the best time to get lucky is when the other man's dealing."

[last lines]
Beau 'Pappy' Maverick: I wonder which one of us that ambusher is after?
Uncle Bentley Maverick: I'm afraid he's looking for me. Sorry boys, but one of you fellas seems to look like me.
Beau 'Pappy' Maverick: Well, Bentley, bless my soul.
Bret Maverick: Hello, Uncle Bent.
Bart Maverick: Hello, Uncle Bent.
Uncle Bentley Maverick: Hello, boys. Hello, brother dear. Small world.

"Maverick: Royal Four Flush (#3.2)" (1959)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] A big noisy boom-town is no place for a man who, like myself, enjoys a more peaceful and less complicated surrounding. But, when a man suddenly finds himself in alarming need of immediate opportunity, then the bigger the boom-town the better. And Virginia City was the biggest boomer of them all.

Liz Bancroft: Bart, can't you stay for the wedding?
Bart Maverick: As my old Pappy used to tell me, "Son, stay clear of weddings, 'casue one of them's liable to be your own."

"Maverick: Yellow River (#2.20)" (1959)
[first lines]
[Alice enters Bart's hotel room to hide]
Alice Appleton: Please, don't say anything.
[Alice goes to window to watch the men leaving]
Alice Appleton: Thank you, you've been very kind.
[Alice starts to leave the room then stops to talk to Bart]
Alice Appleton: I do owe you an explanation, don't I?
Bart Maverick: No. Uh, but it's nice to know you have one.

[last lines]
2nd Hotel Clerk: What's the hurry, Mr. Maverick? New Mexico will still be there.
Bart Maverick: I'm not going to New Mexico, I'm going to Montana.

"Maverick: Duel at Sundown (#2.19)" (1959)
Bret Maverick: Now that's not worthy of you, Bart. Your own brother's life was hanging in the balance, and all you're thinking about is $500.
Bart Maverick: No, Bret, that's not all I'm thinking about.
Bret Maverick: No, you're thinking about my five hundred, too.

[last lines]
John Wesley Hardin: Is that the town where John Wesley Hardin was shot?
Bart Maverick: News travels fast.
John Wesley Hardin: Who done it?
Bret Maverick: A fella by the name of Bret Maverick.
John Wesley Hardin: Must be fast on the draw.
Bart Maverick: [chuckles] Like lightning.
John Wesley Hardin: I'm hankering to meet up with him.
Bret Maverick: You are?
John Wesley Hardin: Yeah. To prove that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. I am John Wesley Hardin.
Bret Maverick: That's the way to Sundown, all right. Right down there.
John Wesley Hardin: Yeah.

"Maverick: The Maverick Line (#4.10)" (1960)
Bart Maverick: A manure wagon behind three cow buffalo could do a better job than that spine wrecker.

Bart Maverick: You know, if Paul Revere rode any one of those bangtails, we'd be walking around today in red coats.

"Maverick: Three Queens Full (#5.4)" (1961)
Bart Maverick: Well, that return stage doesn't leave until tomorrow, so what I'd better do is ask Ma Potter if she'll put you girls up for the night.
Emma Watt: Oh, that won't be necessary, Mr. Maverick. We've decided to stay after all.
Bart Maverick: What?
Emma Watt: You can drive us out to the Wheelwright Ranch anytime you're ready.
Bart Maverick: What?
Emma Watt: You know, you really should do something about that hearing, Mr. Maverick.

Bart Maverick: Must you wiggle that way when you walk?
Cissie Anderson: Nobody never complained before.
Bart Maverick: Cissie, I've told you that's a double negative. Nobody ever complained before. You see?
Cissie Anderson: That's what I've been trying to tell you. Honestly, Bart, sometimes you just ain't quite bright.

"Maverick: The Forbidden City (#4.28)" (1961)
Brent Maverick: I'm digging your grave, friend, with five little spades.
Sheriff Sam Shadley: It's your grave you've dug, Mister. Gambling's forbidden here in Sunburst. It's the law.
Brent Maverick: But Sheriff, legally we're not in Sunburst. The stagecoach is a public area and my friends and I are just passing through.
Sheriff Sam Shadley: Is that right, gents?
Bart Maverick: Uh, yes Sheriff.
Sheriff Sam Shadley: Who owns them cards?
Bart Maverick: Uh, this gentleman.
Brent Maverick: You snake!

Bart Maverick: Poor boy. But as my old Pappy once said, "In the midst of life, we are in jail."

The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (1991) (TV)
Brady Hawkes: Mr. President, I'm surprised to see that you play poker in public.
President Theodore Roosevelt: Well, I wouldn't miss a chance to compete against the finest.
Sir Colin: We welcome your money, sir.
Bart Maverick: As long as it is yours and not the tax payers'.

Bart Maverick: I'm definitely not the best poker player in the Maverick family.

"Maverick: High Card Hangs (#2.5)" (1958)
[last lines]
Bart Maverick: You unhappy, Jim, about leaving all that stuff behind?
Dandy Jim Buckley: Not at all, Bart. Somebody once said money isn't everything. Can't imagine who it could have been.

[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] These are the Black Hills. Ceded in 1868 to the noble Sioux Nation in perpetuity. If the Sioux were not entirely clear on how long perpetuity was, they soon learned. It was exactly seven years. 1875, being the year the news got out. There was gold in those hills. And those half-naked savages were doing absolutely nothing about it. We moved in to show them how. There are only two things wrong with those Black Hills mining camps. They weren't in United States territory, so they had to... well, meet the crime problem in their own simple, forthright way. And the second thing. They didn't like what they called card sharks. Unless an enterprising young poker player was willing to spend his days shoveling rock and otherwise disguising his honorable profession, he was better off where there was less free gold and more law.

"Maverick: Arizona Black Maria (#4.4)" (1960)
Captain Jim Pattishall: Maverick, you're a brave man. At least you'll know you didn't die in vain.
Bart Maverick: I'd rather live in vain than die anyway there is.

[last lines]
Bart Maverick: The Chief said the wagon's in, uh, that direction, didn't he?
Daphne Tolliver: Yeah, I guess that would be about right.
Bart Maverick: Well, why don't you and I, uh, go this way.
Daphne Tolliver: Bart, did it occur to you you're aiding and abetting an escaped criminal.
Bart Maverick: I am? Well, I thought I was aiding and abetting the girl that saved my life. Come on.

"Maverick: The Ice Man (#4.20)" (1961)
Bart Maverick: But, as my old Pappy used to tell me, uh, "Don't impose too long on a man's hospitality, he's liable to put you to work."

[last lines]
Nancy Powers: Will we ever see you again?
Bart Maverick: When the governor is up for re-election. I like to bet on a sure thing. Goodbye.
Calvin Powers: Goodbye.
Nancy Powers: Bye.

"Maverick: The Maverick Report (#5.9)" (1962)
Bart Maverick: Now you leave that bottle ashore.
Doc Holliday: What if I swallow some of that water? I'm gonna need an antidote.

[last lines]
Doc Holliday: What do you suppose the moral is to all this?
Bart Maverick: Doc, I wouldn't know a moral if I fell over it. But I do have a caption for this picture.
Doc Holliday: Um, what's that?
Bart Maverick: Having lots of laughs in the Ivy League wing of the Porterville Prison.

"Maverick: Black Fire (#1.25)" (1958)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [to the audience] Hello. Glad to see you with us again. This week's intriguing story takes us to an isolated ranch deep in the Wyoming territory for a tale of mystery and violence. It's called Black Fire.

Bart Maverick: [narrating] It was a warm day in early spring when brother Bret first set eyes on Black Fire Ranch. And it was a day he'd long remember.
Bret Maverick: Afternoon.
Ranch Hand: Yes, sir. Which one are you?
Bret Maverick: Eakins. Homer Eakins.
Ranch Hand: All right, Mr. Eakins, looks like you're the last of the lot. Rest of 'em's up at the ranch house.
Bret Maverick: Thank you.
Bart Maverick: [narrating] I'd swear he said his name was Homer Eakins.

"Maverick: Iron Hand (#3.23)" (1960)
[first lines]
Nobby Ned Wingate: I'll make it five dollars, gentleman.
Bart Maverick: Well, I'll call.
Slim: Well, I ain't risking my last five bucks. I'm folding.
Red: Me, too.
Bart Maverick: You know, Wingate, you came in here to, um, escape the storm. Out of the goodness of my heart, I invited you to sit in with the boys here into our poker game. And you won nearly all our money.
Nobby Ned Wingate: Maverick, you're breaking my heart, but proceed.
Bart Maverick: Well, I'd be willing to bet all the cash we have left in the game on this one hand. Showdown.

[last lines]
Marshal of Abilene: Nobody's going to get the best of her.
Bart Maverick: You forget the old Maverick touch.
[Bart examines the coin Connie has been using for her bets]
Bart Maverick: Marshall, you're right. Nobody's going to get the best of that gal.

"Maverick: Maverick and Juliet (#3.18)" (1960)
[last lines]
Bret Maverick: I just can't get over the way you came storming to the rescue. Imagine you showing such brotherly concern.
Bart Maverick: Me? That was you started double-dealing way back at that poker table. I always thought three queens beat two pair. I wonder what old Pappy's going to say when he finds out you deliberately dumped that game to save my life. Disown you, most likely.
Bret Maverick: I imagine I can explain it to his satisfaction. After all, Brother Bart, you had to win. You were the one who was being paid.
Bart Maverick: True. You got a point there.
Bret Maverick: That, Pappy would be the first to appreciate. Especially, when I point it out that I had every intention of insisting on collecting my share for saving your hide.
Bart Maverick: Well, that's fair enough, under the circumstances, I guess you have half coming to you.
Bret Maverick: What do you mean, half? I won, didn't I?

"Maverick: The Marquesa (#3.16)" (1960)
[first lines]
Miguel Ruiz: What do you say, Senor?
Bart Maverick: It's your bet. You open.
Miguel Ruiz: I would like to, what is the expression, to tap you.
Bart Maverick: Tap me? I have over five thousand here.
Miguel Ruiz: Most of it mine, Senor.
Bart Maverick: I'm not ungrateful. But how can you tap me? You only have fifty over there.
Miguel Ruiz: You're a gambling man, no?
Bart Maverick: I'm a gambling man, yes. That's how I know you can't tap me unless you have at least as much as I have.

"Maverick: Shady Deal at Sunny Acres (#2.10)" (1958)
John Bates: Well, the story sounds good, but there's a flaw in it somewhere. It's too good to be true. Well, I'd stay away from it just on principle.
Bart Maverick: Well, as my old Pap... Father used to say, there are times when a man must rise above principle.

"Maverick: A Fellow's Brother (#3.11)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Burgess brings Bart into the Sheriff's office to claim a bounty]
Bret Maverick: Well, hello there, Brother Bart.
Bart Maverick: Bret, what's going on around here, anyway?
Burgess: Here he is, sheriff, Bart Maverick, wanted for robbery and murder.
Burgess: [to Bret] I bet you thought I'd fall for that yarn about your brother being in Canyon City. You know, once bitten. Well, finally I got around to asking a few questions about where he really was. Here he is.
Bret Maverick: Yeah, he sure is. You know, Mr. Burgess, I think you're just too smart for me. Yeah. Well, so long, Mr. Burgess. Come on, Smoky. See you, Brother Bart.
Bart Maverick: Hey now, Bret, wait a minute.

"Maverick: The Troubled Heir (#5.11)" (1962)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] There are two things that make a strange town seem less lonely. The sound of a friendly voice or word of a friendly game. Since the friendly voice had told me of the friendly game, I felt an irresistible urge to pull up a friendly chair and partake of the hospitality.

"Maverick: The People's Friend (#3.21)" (1960)
Bart Maverick: Now, I've been told that the difference between a statesman and a politician is that the statesman keeps his eye on the next generation and a politician has his eye on the next election.

"Maverick: Maverick at Law (#4.24)" (1961)
Bart Maverick: Now, as my old Pappy always taught me, "Don't play with strangers. The, uh, friends you have are dangerous enough."

"Maverick: The Sheriff of Duck 'n' Shoot (#3.3)" (1959)
Bart Maverick: Oh, I believe you. But my Pappy always used to say, uh, "Son, the next best thing to money is a... a man's name on the dotted line."
Bret Maverick: And you forget he was also my Pappy and he said, "Sign nothing."

"Maverick: The Cactus Switch (#4.18)" (1961)
[last lines]
Bart Maverick: Well, Cousin Beau, bless you. You figured there was trouble, didn't you?
[Beau shakes his head no]
Bart Maverick: You knew when I asked for that money back that I also needed help?
[Beau shakes his head no]
Bart Maverick: Now, Beau, you came running to help you cousin, to save his life, didn't you?
[Beau shakes his head no]
Bart Maverick: Oh?
[Beau takes the money from Bart's vest]
Beauregarde Maverick: Seven, eight, nine... ten.
Bart Maverick: Nah, uh.
[Bart takes back one of the hundred dollar bills from Beau]
Beauregarde Maverick: That makes ten. The first two stuck to your fingers.

"Maverick: Cruise of the Cynthia B. (#3.17)" (1960)
[last lines]
Bart Maverick: We're going to split the money three ways, huh?
Bret Maverick: Five ways.
Bart Maverick: Five ways. Who are the other two? Friends of yours?
Bret Maverick: No. You might call 'em shipmates. Welcome aboard, Brother Bart.

"Maverick: Game of Chance (#2.15)" (1959)
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: [narrating] The odds against filling an inside straight are 12-to-1, so a poker player isn't very wise to make the draw... unless, of course, he's feeling light-headed and the pot is at least 12 times the size of his bet. Which is exactly the way it happened. A thousand dollar bet had brought back 12,000. And I was doing the only thing that should ever be done with money... spending it.

"Maverick: A State of Siege (#4.16)" (1961)
[last lines]
Don Felipe Archuleta: Senor Maverick, for someone who professes to be a coward, you are a very brave man. I'll pack my things. We will go together.
Soledad Lozaro: Thank you for doing this, Senor. I know it's for the best.
Bart Maverick: It was nothing.