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John Robinson (Character)
from Lost in Space (1998)

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Lost in Space (1998)
John Robinson: There's a lot of space out there to get lost in.

[Major West arms the Proteus' reactor to explode, to kill the Space Spiders]
John Robinson: What are you doing?
Major West: You never leave an enemy stronghold intact.
John Robinson: Major, stop.
Major West: One of your father's first rules of engagement.
John Robinson: That's a direct order.
Major West: I hate spiders.

[the Jupiter II is hurtling towards the Sun]
John Robinson: We're caught in the sun's gravitational pull. We're headed straight for it.
Major West: Oh, really? Is that what the big round ball is?

Major West: It's working.
John Robinson: What?
Major West: If we can't go around the Sun, then we go straight through it, using your hyperdrive.
John Robinson: If we engage the hyperdrive without a gate, we could be thrown anywhere in the galaxy.
Major West: Anywhere but here.

Major West: I'm going to try to break us out of the atmosphere.
John Robinson: No, we don't have enough core material for that.
Major West: Well, maybe if we catch one of the thermal...
John Robinson: No, it won't work. I *know*. We have to go... down. Through the planet as she's breaking up. We can use the planet's gravity...
Major West: What?
John Robinson: To throw us ut the other side and back into space!
Major West: That's insane!
John Robinson: I don't have time to argue.

John Robinson: Have you noticed, you take to opposite position to whatever I say?
Maureen Robinson: Of course I do, we're married.

Monster Smith: You should have killed me when you had the chance.
John Robinson: You know, you're right. I couldn't kill the man...
[takes out on of Will's science fair plaques as an improvised weapon]
John Robinson: But I can kill the monster!

Reporter #1: Professor Robinson, how do your children feel about traveling into space for the next ten years?
John Robinson: They couldn't be more excited.
[next scene]
Penny Robinson: This mission sucks!

[First night on an unknown unfriendly looking planet they crashed on]
Maureen Robinson: Good night, John.
John Robinson: Good night, Maureen.
Will Robinson: Good night, Judy.
Penny Robinson: Good night, Will.
Judy Robinson: Good night, Penny.
Major West: You guys have got to be kidding.

[last lines]
John Robinson: [before the Jupiter goes into hyperdrive] Initiate now.
Will Robinson: Cool!

"Lost in Space: Wild Adventure (#2.2)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: We trusted our eyes instead of our instruments. In space that can be a dangerous mistake.
Dr. Zachary Smith: TRY not to let it happen again, please.

Prof. John Robinson: If you've plotted our position, I want you to give it to me.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Only if you give me your word you'll use it to get us back to Earth.
Prof. John Robinson: Why, that's blackmail!
Dr. Zachary Smith: Call it what you will. I have really no interest in camping out again on some dreary cinder in space.

Prof. John Robinson: All right, Smith. You win.
Dr. Zachary Smith: We have a deal?
Prof. John Robinson: Provided your calculations are correct we have a deal.

Maj. Don West: John, the fuel gauge in this barge reads down a quarter, but there's no indication that any other ship docked here.
Prof. John Robinson: Well it's not possible!
Maj. Don West: Well, SOMETHING'S been at this fuel supply.
Will Robinson: Maybe it was a leak.
Prof. John Robinson: If it was, the fuel would still be moving past the barges.

Will Robinson: Dad, where are we going now?
Prof. John Robinson: We'll know when we get their, son. We'll know when we get there.

"Lost in Space: The Hungry Sea (#1.5)" (1965)
Dr. Zachary Smith: [radioing the chariot] Turn back at once before it's too late. You're in terrible danger. You've got to believe me.
Prof. John Robinson: Smith, this is Robinson. Now why on earth should we believe you?
Dr. Zachary Smith: May I remind you, my dear sir, that we are no longer "on Earth."
Prof. John Robinson: Oh, that's very clever.
Dr. Zachary Smith: And unless you turn around and come back right now, you won't survive another hour.

Maj. Don West: You know, I've got a feeling this stuff's got a message for us if we could only read it.
Judy Robinson: What is it?
Maj. Don West: Well, it's just a piece of vegetation.
Prof. John Robinson: We found lots of this frozen solid in the ground.
Maureen Robinson: Well, it looks as though it's been charred.
Prof. John Robinson: It has.
Maureen Robinson: Burned and then frozen?
Prof. John Robinson: Mm-hm.
Maureen Robinson: Well, that doesn't make sense, does it?
Prof. John Robinson: Darling, very little on this planet makes sense, by Earth standard.

Maj. Don West: I hope you're not gonna pay attention to anything from that robot.
Prof. John Robinson: We'd better. This is orbital data on this planet.
Maj. Don West: [laughs derisively] Who's data? Smith's!
Prof. John Robinson: It explains everything - the terrible cold and sudden rise in temperature. Here, look.
Prof. John Robinson: [sticks two pegs in the sand then draws around them] Here's this planet. This is its sun. Now the orbit of this planet is nothing like the Earth's orbit. It's a flat ellipse, and the sun isn't in the center. It's over here on this leg.
Will Robinson: Then we must have been at this end, away from the sun. That means we're heading in back in close to it now, is that what Dr. Smith tried to warn us about?
Prof. John Robinson: That's right, Will. In a matter of hours we're gonna be in danger of roasting alive. And there's no time to get back to the ship. We're gonna have to build a shelter right here!
Maj. Don West: Do you mean to say you're going to pay ANY attention to what Smith says after all he's done?
Prof. John Robinson: Who cares WHAT he's done? These are facts!
Maj. Don West: Are they? The man's a pathological liar. Now, what makes you think he's suddenly reformed? You think he'd lift a finger to save our lives? Now, we were headed south. I say we keep going that way.
Prof. John Robinson: And you're in no position to give orders.
Maj. Don West: Oh, and you are? It's too bad there isn't judgement to go along with that self-confidence.
Prof. John Robinson: Now that's enough out of you. Whether you like it or not I'm gonna try to save your life along with the others. We get that shelter rigged NOW!
[Don goes]
Will Robinson: Boy, Dad, you really read HIM out.

Maj. Don West: [at sea, while tossed about] What's wrong?
Prof. John Robinson: [clicking the controls of the chariot] It won't respond.
Maj. Don West: We're not getting any power. Must be a loose connection in the solar batteries. I'll go up and see if I can fix 'em.
Judy Robinson: Now?
Prof. John Robinson: We can't risk it.
Maj. Don West: Have to. Without power we'll capsize.
Prof. John Robinson: It's too late. We're right in the middle of it.
Maj. Don West: John, we can't wait.
Maureen Robinson: John, you know he's right.

"Lost in Space: The Challenge (#1.22)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: [at breakfast] Quano IS here.
Maureen Robinson: Where? I don't see him.
Prof. John Robinson: He's been hiding behind those rocks over there for the last thirty minutes.
Maureen Robinson: Oh, shame on you, John Robinson, letting that boy stand there and watch us eat. Now, why didn't you invite him to join us?
Prof. John Robinson: Well, darling, you don't ask that young man to do ANYTHING. HE has to make the first move.
Maureen Robinson: Well, if he won't, I will.

Prof. John Robinson: Is your father with you?
Quano: No. He is The Ruler. He is too busy.
Maj. Don West: What does that mean, Quano, "He's the ruler?"
Quano: In your world there are presidents, kings and dictators. In mine there is only one - The Ruler.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Are you telling us that... your father is the... the LEADER of your planet?
Quano: My command will be law.
Maj. Don West: Well, what do you know? We're entertaining royalty.

Penny Robinson: Oh, that horrid, little boy!
Prof. John Robinson: Well, I don't think Quano'd mind being called "horrid," but I think he'd object most strenuously to being called a little boy.

Quano: I bring you greetings from my father. As his spokesman I also have a message for you: My father wishes to inform you that he has prepared an area suitable for the challenge. The ground is good and firm and offers good footing. If acceptable, the contest will begin at the hour of ten tomorrow. Failure of your son or his substitute to appear will be considered an act of cowardice and a penalty enacted against you.
Maureen Robinson: What sort of a penalty?
Quano: That will be for my father to decide.
Maureen Robinson: John, there was nothing said about a penalty before.
Maj. Don West: And what does he mean by "substitute?"
Quano: These are the rules which govern the challenge.
Prof. John Robinson: You tell your father we'll be there.

"Lost in Space: The Keeper: Part 1 (#1.16)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: Tell us about the cage.
The Robot: Special thermo-genetic unit adjusts to the biological need of each imprisoned animal.
Maj. Don West: What's the range of temperature?
The Robot: From 300° above zero to 150° below zero.
Prof. John Robinson: What sort of animals live at those temperatures?
Dr. Zachary Smith: I hope we never have the misfortune to find out.

Dr. Zachary Smith: All we need to do is to have the Keeper allow us to come aboard his spaceship. I said before, there are seven of us. It would be a simple matter.
Maureen Robinson: No! Absolutely no!
Dr. Zachary Smith: I understand your objections, Mrs. Robinson, but sometimes violence is a necessity.
Maureen Robinson: Well, Dr. Smith, no matter how much I want to get off this planet, I won't resort to violence to do so.
Dr. Zachary Smith: In this situation, the end more than amply justifies the means.
Prof. John Robinson: Well, not to me it doesn't, and unless I'm badly mistaken, not to anyone else at this table, and that concludes the matter.

Prof. John Robinson: [about to lock Smith in his cabin for the night] Hey, Dr. Smith, I think you'd better get inside. Don, you take the first watch.
Maj. Don West: All right.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Very well, I'll go, but I know I shan't sleep a wink. I'll need something to read.
Prof. John Robinson: [enthusiastically] Well, we'll get you a book.
Dr. Zachary Smith: I'm thirsty.
Prof. John Robinson: And a glass of water.
Dr. Zachary Smith: A little music might help to pass the time.
Prof. John Robinson: Oh. Well, you can have one of Penny's tapes.
Dr. Zachary Smith: And I'd like the robot to keep me company.
Prof. John Robinson: [shoving Smith in his cabin] Get inside!
Dr. Zachary Smith: [affronted] Really!

The Keeper: In all the galaxy no animals have given me as much trouble as yourselves. Is this thing you call freedom so precious?
Prof. John Robinson: In our world since the beginning of time, men and women have fought and died for it.
The Keeper: Foolish, foolish creatures.
Maj. Don West: Maybe so, but it's what sets us apart from all the others.
The Keeper: You are not worth further efforts on my part.

"Lost in Space: There Were Giants in the Earth (#1.4)" (1965)
[Don and John drive back to the Jupiter 2 but the trip is rocky]
Maj. Don West: Bad terrain. You better slow down.
Prof. John Robinson: Strange. I never noticed those rough spots before.
[Arial shot: the chariot is rolling over giant footprints]

Maj. Don West: The soil of this planet contains a parasite that requires another life form to reach maturity.
Prof. John Robinson: That's right. That or metamorphosis.

Prof. John Robinson: [checking their weather station] Look at this thing! By the day after tomorrow the temperature will drop 150 below zero.
Maj. Don West: What'll we do?
Prof. John Robinson: We're gonna have to head south but fast.

Prof. John Robinson: It's moving day Major West.

"Lost in Space: The Sky Pirate (#1.18)" (1966)
The Robot: Warning. Warning. Situation dangerous. Red alert. Red alert.
Will Robinson: Captain Tucker! What's that?
Captain Alonzo P. Tucker: That's the thing from Cygnet Four.
Maureen Robinson: John? I think I understand now why there was only darkness when Will thought of us. This is the end, tonight, here. Right now. There won't be any tomorrows.
Prof. John Robinson: Not yet. We've still got the Robot.
[to Smith]
Prof. John Robinson: Tell him to go out there and try to stop that thing.
Dr. Zachary Smith: It's no use. We're all doomed.
Prof. John Robinson: Do it!
Dr. Zachary Smith: Come here! That thing out there - what is it? What can you do about it? Can you stop it?
The Robot: In order of questions asked - One: It does not compute. Two: I can perform any function of an environmental control nature, as well as...
Dr. Zachary Smith: I know that. Get to the point.
The Robot: Three: Since alien life-form does not compute, this question can only be answered by trial-and-error method.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Well, don't just stand there. Go out and try!
Prof. John Robinson: Maybe the force field will hold it. It's coming through the force field!
[the Robot fires one blast of energy at the creature, which has no effect]

[Capt. Tucker gives the Robinsons a proposition to think over in exchange for Will's safe return]
Prof. John Robinson: How much time do I have?
Captain Alonzo P. Tucker: Eh... Well, now, Skipper, take all the time you want. Take an hour.

[Will is finally returned to camp but is nonchalant about his return]
Maureen Robinson: Well, did you see that? Why-why he couldn't care less about being home.
Prof. John Robinson: Well, now, take it easy, Maureen.
Maureen Robinson: Take it EASY? Look, that's not our son. That's not Will. That's a complete stranger.

Maj. Don West: [examining Tucker's ship] I've never seen a drive like this, uh... What's the principle of it?
Captain Alonzo P. Tucker: Well, I wouldn't know that. I just push buttons to make 'er go. Well, now, course, I can, now, make simple repairs, but that's about all.
Prof. John Robinson: Well, what, uh... what happens when you push the buttons?
Captain Alonzo P. Tucker: When I push the buttons? Why, then, she begins a-shackin' and a-quiverin', and I begin a-shakin' and a-quiverin' - inside I mean, like I ate too many green apples - and then all of a sudden she goes ZOOM and the stars go out. They come back on when I get where I'm goin'.
Maj. Don West: A starship.
Prof. John Robinson: Hyper-spacedrive.
Maj. Don West: Faster than light.
Prof. John Robinson: Measures speed in parsecs.
Captain Alonzo P. Tucker: Eh, now you just hold on, buckos. I don't know what's on your mind, but we've got a bargain, remember.
Prof. John Robinson: With this ship we could get back to Earth in seconds.
Captain Alonzo P. Tucker: It ain't big enough.
Maj. Don West: We could shuttle back and forth. The best brains on Earth could dismantle it, find the secret of its drive. We'd have starships that could reach the further regions of the galaxy.
Prof. John Robinson: The UNIVERSE! HOW 'BOUT IT, TUCKER?
Captain Alonzo P. Tucker: Well, now... I'm just gonna have to THINK about that, heh-heh.

"Lost in Space: Attack of the Monster Plants (#1.14)" (1965)
Prof. John Robinson: He tricked you, Will. He gave you this fake and kept the real deutronium.
Will Robinson: But why?
Maj. Don West: Because he knows we can't go back to Earth unless we have enough deutronium, and he's trying to blackmail us into taking him, but what he doesn't know, Will, is that while you were gone we found our last little pocket in that vein and already have enough deutronium without his canister.

Dr. Zachary Smith: I've come prepared to strike a bargain.
Prof. John Robinson: A bargain? Well, that's very decent of you but, uh, why should I bargain with you, and over what?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Over deutronium, those precious little grains of fuel that will take us away from this beleaguered planet.
Prof. John Robinson: Well, we don't need your deutronium.
Dr. Zachary Smith: I'm aware of that, but surely an extra can will guarantee a safe departure.
Prof. John Robinson: Yes, I suppose it might.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Good. Now we come to the bargaining part.
Prof. John Robinson: Which is...
Dr. Zachary Smith: Will the extra can of deutronium also guarantee that I will be included in the ship's company when you depart?
Prof. John Robinson: Ah, I thought it would be that. The answer, Dr. Smith, is that we'll take you along if it's humanly possible. Now, considering your recent behavior, I'd say that's... more than fair.

Dr. Zachary Smith: Now then, as I see it there are two alternatives and the choice is yours: No. 1 - we leave for Earth as planned, with me taking Judy's place on the ship.
Maureen Robinson: Well, now, you know we can't do that.
Dr. Zachary Smith: I thought not. Uh, so you choose the other alternative.
Prof. John Robinson: Exactly what is the other alternative?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Major West pilots me back to Earth, and your charming little family can stay here bathed in togetherness. When I am safely away, I will radio where Judy is.

"Lost in Space: The Oasis (#1.9)" (1965)
Prof. John Robinson: [journal entry] Although we've survived the earthquake, and Maj. West's injuries have fortunately proved to be minor, the eccentric orbit of this hostile planet has now confirmed our fears that its sun would soon to be a pitiless enemy. The land shrivels under its blinding heat, and the conservation of water has become our gravest problem.

[John and Don discover Dr. Smith taking a shower with the last of their water supply]
Prof. John Robinson: I ought to kick you clear into orbit for taking a shower at a time like this.
Dr. Zachary Smith: I couldn't wait another day. I was losing precious body fluids besides feeling very icky.

Prof. John Robinson: Now, Smith, the doctor, probably knows more about the action of that fruit on the pituitary gland than any of us, but Smith, the victim, well, he's in a state of shock. He couldn't help himself even if he wanted to.

"Lost in Space: Welcome Stranger (#1.6)" (1965)
Prof. John Robinson: It's a missile, and it's headed straight for us!

Dr. Zachary Smith: [invited to join the scouting party] Me? Out there? Defenseless?
Prof. John Robinson: Oh, we all have our guns.
Dr. Zachary Smith: What use are they going to be against a monster who eats electrons for breakfast?

Jimmy Hapgood: Say, if you fellas are still mad at me, just say so and I'll leave.
Prof. John Robinson: We're not angry. Least I'm not.
Jimmy Hapgood: [to Don] You still mad?
Maj. Don West: No. I'm just sorry I didn't hit you any harder.
Jimmy Hapgood: Was a pretty good fight, wasn't it?
Maj. Don West: [grinning] Yeah. That it was.

"Lost in Space: My Friend, Mr. Nobody (#1.7)" (1965)
Maj. Don West: John, the laser guns. It's our only hope.
Prof. John Robinson: We can't! If we let it get that close to the ship, we'll be blown apart.
Will Robinson: The robot, dad. He has laser circuits.
Prof. John Robinson: You hear that, Smith?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Maximum firing level, circular range. Fire all directions on command.
The Robot: Circuits armed and ready.
Judy Robinson: Hurry up! It's getting closer!
Maj. Don West: I just hope he can break that force apart.
Prof. John Robinson: All right. Get him moving!
Dr. Zachary Smith: March, my metallic hero. March!
[Robot begins moving toward cosmic creature]
Dr. Zachary Smith: Tell me when, sir. Tell me when.
Prof. John Robinson: Not yet. Wait until he's close to its center.
[Robot continues his advance]
Prof. John Robinson: All right. Start firing and continue his marching.
Dr. Zachary Smith: [Speaking on two way radio] Fire! March! Fire!
[Robot unleashes devastating array of energy bolts on cosmic creature, but with no apparent effect]

Prof. John Robinson: What're you doing? Making yourself a necklace?
Will Robinson: No. Maybe something for Penny. Girls get so gloopy sometimes. Can you imagine bawling because you imagine your imaginary friend is mad or scared or something? Only trouble is, some of these rocks are hard as diamonds.

[last lines]
Judy Robinson: [while everyone looks in awe at the transformation of Mr. Nobody into a stellar display] Don, what is pure cosmic force? What does it turn into?
Maj. Don West: I don't know. There are a lot of things iI don't know.
Prof. John Robinson: It's like a new Milky Way.
Penny Robinson: Well, caterpillars can turn into butterflies can't they?
Maureen Robinson: Oh John, look, Just look!
Mr. Nobody: Good bye, Pen-nee, good bye, Pen-nee.
Penny Robinson: Good bye, Mr. Nobody.
Mr. Nobody: Good bye, good bye...

"Lost in Space: War of the Robots (#1.20)" (1966)
Dr. Zachary Smith: Spare the punishment and spoil the robot? Is that what you want, sir?
Prof. John Robinson: We're dealing with a machine, not a child.
Will Robinson: The way HE'S been acting lately, I'm not so sure.

Maj. Don West: Why would you want to destroy the robotoid?
The Robot: I do not like it.
Prof. John Robinson: Hate is not an emotion you possess.
The Robot: I do not LIKE it.
Maj. Don West: The robotoid doesn't represent any danger to you.
The Robot: I repeat, I... do... not... like it!

The Robot: I am only the end result of those who programmed me.
Prof. John Robinson: Well, that may be true, but there's something more, too. Something that doesn't make sense. You're more than a machine.

"Lost in Space: Follow the Leader (#1.29)" (1966)
Canto of Quasti: Once I was a great warrior and leader of my race, but that was many centuries ago.
Prof. John Robinson: What is it you want with me?
Canto of Quasti: My body has long ago been used up. I want... yours as a replacement.

Canto of Quasti: Go, but remember - I am now a part of you.
Prof. John Robinson: No. I won't let you.
Canto of Quasti: There is nothing you can do, and every time you sleep I will gain further control of your mind. You are not to remember anything that has happened here. Now, go, and take good care of our body.

Canto of Quasti: The mechanical man has told them what is happening. That could be very unfortunate.
Prof. John Robinson: There's nothing they can do to stop us now.
Canto of Quasti: Perhaps. Still, they could be a hindrance.
Prof. John Robinson: Then we must remove them.
Canto of Quasti: [laughs] We are beginning to think more and more alike.

"Lost in Space: Wish Upon a Star (#1.11)" (1965)
Prof. John Robinson: We don't have a farm anymore.
Will Robinson: What happened to it?
Prof. John Robinson: It died of neglect!

Maureen Robinson: [to John] She was listening to her tapes.
Penny Robinson: Oh, you should hear them, Dad. They're absolutely wonderful. Bach, and Mozart, and Beethoven...
Prof. John Robinson: Well, I won't argue with your choice but, uh, do you have anything there by Deceit?
Penny Robinson: Deceit? Don't think I've ever heard of THAT composer.
Prof. John Robinson: Oh, perhaps you don't recognize the name. Uh, maybe these names will help - Cheat? Lie? Trick? D'you recognize the composer or do I have to go on?

Will Robinson: But why work when the machine can do it FOR you?
Prof. John Robinson: Will, up to now, this family's been getting along very well. We have respect and love for one another - and you can not wish for those things with THAT. Now we get this, a machine that makes dreams come true, and instead of making us happier, it sows the seeds of discontent, mistrust and indolence. I said "a machine that makes dreams come true..." Nightmares can also be dreams.

"Lost in Space: The Ghost Planet (#2.3)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: That's right, Dr. Smith. In space, I doubt everything but the evidence of my own eyes, sense and instruments, and as of now I believe this place to be both alien and hostile to us.

Maj. Don West: That must be their reception committee.
Prof. John Robinson: Looks more like an honor guard at a funeral.

Maureen Robinson: That boy's gone off AGAIN without permission.
Prof. John Robinson: It won't be the first time he's done that, especially with Smith to encourage him.

"Lost in Space: The Reluctant Stowaway (#1.1)" (1965)
Maureen Robinson: Dr. Smith, is it possible that certain parts of the body don't reanimate as quickly as others? The heart, for instance?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Mrs. Robinson, I'm afraid the decision no longer rests in your hands or the computer's.
Prof. John Robinson: What do you mean?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Your son...
Maureen Robinson: What about him?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Oh, there's no cause for alarm. Not yet at any rate.
Will Robinson: [Downstairs, addressing Robot] Stop it! Stop it! I order you to stop!
The Robot: [pauses] Negative.
[Robot smashes arm against console, causing damage and wild gyration of ship, then takes elevator upstairs]
The Robot: Destroy!
[Begins slowly lumbering forward]
The Robot: Destroy!
Dr. Zachary Smith: No, no! Abort! Can you hear me? Abort! Abort! Abort!
[Robot blasts Dr. Smith with bolts of electricity, hurling him to the floor]

Prof. John Robinson: [gazing at the star field out the ship's window] It's incredible! Not one constellation you can recognize!

"Lost in Space: The Sky Is Falling (#1.10)" (1965)
[Maurine's cake vanishes before everyone's eyes]
Dr. Zachary Smith: You see? I told you we were dealing with a cruel adversary.
Prof. John Robinson: "Cruel," Dr. Smith? We have no proof of that.
Maj. Don West: They probably just wanted the cake for a specimen.
Dr. Zachary Smith: What happens where they decide they need a HUMAN for a specimen?

Prof. John Robinson: I said "No shooting."
Dr. Zachary Smith: I just saved your life.
Prof. John Robinson: You just lost your nerve.

"Lost in Space: The Space Croppers (#1.25)" (1966)
Maj. Don West: Well, where is this fascinating family located, Smith. I think we'd all like to meet 'em.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Oh, you will, you will. They need a little more time to settle in. They're not quite ready to receive visitors.
Prof. John Robinson: Oh, is THAT what they said?
Will Robinson: Yeah, with a shotgun.

[Loud drumming and chanting attracts the Robinsons to their new neighbors midnight planting]
Effra: You shouldn't outta come. Earthly folks got no business here!
Maureen Robinson: We heard the chanting and we thought you wouldn't mind if we dropped in.
Sybilla: [sternly] We wouldn't mind if you DROPPED OUT the same way you dropped in.
Dr. Zachary Smith: May I compliment you on your singing, madam? Glorious! Glorious!
Sybilla: [obviously affected by Smith's remark, but nonetheless... to the Robinsons] What do you want?
Prof. John Robinson: We're interested in your planting methods, curious about your crop.
Sybilla: Your curiosity has no business here.
Effra: You'll find out soon enough, I reckon.
Maj. Don West: What does that mean?
Effra: Uh, how bad do you wanna know?
Sybilla: [low and threatening] I'll burn your tongue out. What we do - on our land - is exclusively OUR affair.
Prof. John Robinson: Agreed, but...
Sybilla: No "buts." "Buts" invariably lead to explanations, which I do not choose to give. Now we'll have no more talk, and no more VISITING.

"Lost in Space: The Lost Civilization (#1.27)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: Look at that. Something fell there, and pretty hard.
Maj. Don West: Only the robot could have made a mark like that in the ground.
Prof. John Robinson: Now, a fall like that would have broken his circuits. Now he's not here. Somebody had to fix him.
Maj. Don West: Will.
Prof. John Robinson: I'm counting on him.

Major Domo: Centuries ago, my people began the most daring, most magnificent plan ever conceived - no less than the conquest of the entire universe.
Maj. Don West: Picked yourself quite a job.
Major Domo: Yes, it's an impossible job for any one race, no matter HOW advanced their technology, but time and planning solve all problems. Here in our underground world, we have been collecting what we have needed most - manpower. We have stored more than a thousand generations of soldiers, waiting for the day when their vast numbers would be needed.
Prof. John Robinson: And that day is...
Major Domo: Now.

"Lost in Space: Invaders from the Fifth Dimension (#1.8)" (1965)
Prof. John Robinson: Get down!
Maj. Don West: So that's the monster.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Now that doesn't look very monstrous, does it?
Maj. Don West: Neither do you... Do you suppose we could blast them out?
[Alien spacecraft begins powering up for departure]
The Robot: The craft is surrounded by a force field in the fifth dimension, which is... mathematically... impossible.
Prof. John Robinson: I guess it takes a human being to accept the impossible.
Maureen Robinson: Stop them! Can't you stop them?
The Robot: Negative.
Prof. John Robinson: [Holds Maureen back] Maureen!
Maureen Robinson: Will!
Prof. John Robinson: I order you to try!
The Robot: They will disable me.
Prof. John Robinson: [Sternly] I order you to try and stop them!
[Places hand on laser pistol for emphasis]
Prof. John Robinson: [Robot slowly advances and fires a volley of energy projectiles, which bounce off the spacecraft. The last bolt ricochets back on the Robot, disabling him]
Prof. John Robinson: Again! I order you to try!
Dr. Zachary Smith: It's no use. It's just like throwing good money after bad, if you don't mind the comparison.
Prof. John Robinson: I DO mind.

Prof. John Robinson: Don, uh, is the extra rocket-belt refueled?
Maj. Don West: Uh, no, I didn't check it out.
Prof. John Robinson: Oh, that's great! Why not?
Maj. Don West: Now, wait a minute, Professor! I don't mind taking orders, but I draw the line at being bossed around like some kind of a field hand.

"Lost in Space: Ghost in Space (#1.19)" (1966)
The Robot: Warning! Warning!
Prof. John Robinson: I want an immediate reading on the object.
The Robot: Composition of object: does not compute. Genetic code: indecipherable.
Prof. John Robinson: Can you locate its position?
The Robot: Due north by horizontal bearing. Distance by velocity of light:...
Maj. Don West: Velocity of light?
The Robot: ...Sixty-five meters.

Prof. John Robinson: Is Will with you?
Dr. Zachary Smith: [believing Will drowned] He will always be with me.
Prof. John Robinson: Never mind that! Where is he now?
Dr. Zachary Smith: It was a fateful journey, one of which I was prepared to sacrifice myself if need be to save you all.
Prof. John Robinson: Where... is... he?
Dr. Zachary Smith: The bog. The... bog.

"Lost in Space: His Majesty Smith (#1.24)" (1966)
Nexus: Professor John Robinson?
Prof. John Robinson: I'm Professor Robinson.
Nexus: You and your entire company are commanded under peril of royal displeasure to present yourselves for judgement tomorrow at the final audience of his majesty Zachary the First before he leaves this place to assume his royal duties as King of Andronica.
Prof. John Robinson: You may tell your, um... your royal master that we'll be there.

Prof. John Robinson: Do you have any idea what they'll do to you?
Daddy Zach: Perhaps I can make an arrangement with them, and if not, at least I shall be a king for a little while. I might even learn to drink gloog and make sleemoth.

"Lost in Space: Blast Off Into Space (#2.1)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: Begin report on seismic disturbance.
The Robot: Mio-seismic area of shock: increasing. Region of seismic focus: now distributed over entire planet. Subterranean displacement of geologic structure: total and continuous. Core of planet in condition of molten ferment.
Prof. John Robinson: Worse than I thought.
Maureen Robinson: How bad?
Prof. John Robinson: I'm afraid we're on a merry-go-round of chain reaction. In a matter of hours this planet will cease to exist. It'll disintegrate into cosmic dust.

Prof. John Robinson: Oh, yes, there's something I forgot to tell you: You've been the most uncomplaining, patient partner a man could wish for while we've been here. Thank you, darling.

"Lost in Space: The Raft (#1.12)" (1965)
Prof. John Robinson: Maureen, what do you know about the fourth state of matter?
Maureen Robinson: The fourth state. I know there's gas, solid, liquid, and, uhm...
Prof. John Robinson: Plasma.
Maureen Robinson: Plasma. Like blood plasma.
Prof. John Robinson: Well, in a way, except that it can be extracted from ionized nuclei in electrons.

"Lost in Space: The Magic Mirror (#1.21)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: [as the cosmic storm subsides] That frame... it looks like metal. Lucky it wasn't hit. You see, we have no idea of knowing what cosmic bolts do to strange metals.
Dr. Zachary Smith: But it's only, uh, worthless tin and lead, mighty poor conductors.
Prof. John Robinson: With alien materials, all sorts of strange changes can occur, mysterious forces released.

"Lost in Space: The Derelict (#1.2)" (1965)
[the Jupiter 2 comes upon a gigantic alien spacecraft]
Prof. John Robinson: [his curiosity piqued] Let's get around to the other side then.
Maj. Don West: [not keen on the idea] All right, if you insist.
Prof. John Robinson: Well, LOOK at that thing! Where's your scientific curiosity?
Maj. Don West: All in one basket - Alpha Centauri

"Lost in Space: Hunter's Moon (#3.4)" (1967)
Megazor: The rules of the hunt shall be strictly enforced. The time limit will be exactly 60 Earth minutes. The hunted will be given a choice of weapons... and a five-minute head start. It is to be solely a contest of skill and cunning. Any deviation of these killing procedures by either the hunted or the hunter... will result in severe disciplinary penalty. Any questions?
Prof. John Robinson: Yes. I, uh - I know what happens if you win. What happens if I win?
Megazor: Pursuant to regulations covered by such an impossible contingency, you and your fellow Earthlings will be released.
Prof. John Robinson: What assurance have have I of that?
Megazor: The computer will serve as an impartial judge.
The Robot: Objection! Then I shall go along to be impartial judge of the computer.
Megazor: Objection denied! Choose your weapon.

"Lost in Space: One of Our Dogs Is Missing (#1.13)" (1965)
[Maureen and Judy read John's speculative notes on the planet's inhabitants]
Prof. John Robinson: [voiceover] My greatest concern for our safety is the possibility of encountering mutants - creatures with no exact counterpart in nature. The giants are probably one form of mutant. I fear there may be others. They seem to grow and evolve through a process of metamorphosis, taking on new forms by absorbing all types of organic matter. Now, if this wild theory is true, any mutant we encounter may try to absorb one of us.

"Lost in Space: The Keeper: Part 2 (#1.17)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: I was hoping you'd show up.
The Keeper: Were you?
Prof. John Robinson: If you hadn't come to see us, I'd have come to see you.
The Keeper: You're either a good lier, Prof. Robinson, or you are innocent. I intend to find out which.
Maj. Don West: Now, wait a minute...
The Keeper: Silence! You try my patience. I should destroy all of you now, reduce you to pitiful grains of dust which the winds would blow away across the wasteland of this planet.
Dr. Zachary Smith: I'm sure the young man meant no harm. Uh, let us all try to keep our tempers and act like intelligent beings.
The Keeper: "Intelligent beings" - you flatter yourself. You are less than the insects which I crush beneath my heal as I walk.

"Lost in Space: A Change of Space (#1.28)" (1966)
Prof. John Robinson: Will? Your mother asked you a question.
Will Robinson: Not really, Dad. She was just expressing her momentary emotional anxiety in rhetorical terms. Certainly the state of my physical well-being should be apparent to all.