Dr. Judy Robinson
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Dr. Judy Robinson (Character)
from "Lost in Space" (1965)

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Lost in Space (1998)
Judy Robinson: Who was it that said, "Those who can't think, fight"? I think it was me.
[walks away]
Major West: [to Prof. Robinson] That's one cold fish I'd like to thaw.
[Judy returns]
Major West: [to Prof. Robinson]
Judy Robinson: Oh, I won't be home for dinner tonight, *Dad*.
[Judy walks away. West stares at John, who also walks away]
Major West: It's gonna be a *long* flight.

Major West: You know, I'm thinking this is your "kiss for luck" situation.
Judy Robinson: Thinking. Not your strong point, is it?

Major West: What about you, Doc? Is there some lucky little nerd you left behind?
Judy Robinson: I've spent the last three years training for this mission. I'm trying to save the planet. I haven't had time for fun.
Major West: If there's no time for fun, Doc, then what are we saving the planet for?

[First night on an unknown unfriendly looking planet they crashed on]
Maureen Robinson: Good night, John.
John Robinson: Good night, Maureen.
Will Robinson: Good night, Judy.
Penny Robinson: Good night, Will.
Judy Robinson: Good night, Penny.
Major West: You guys have got to be kidding.

"Lost in Space: The Magic Mirror (#1.21)" (1966)
Judy Robinson: A full-length mirror, just what we needed. Which reminds me, you promised to help me fix my hair.
Penny Robinson: Oh, no. Not again.
Judy Robinson: Thought I'd try it a little bit higher on top with perhaps a softer curl.
Penny Robinson: You and your hairdos. I'm gonna cut all my hair off, just like Will's.
Judy Robinson: Go ahead. Be ugly. Who cares?

Judy Robinson: I wish you'd fix yourself up once in awhile. I don't like to see you going around, well, acting like a boy. You know what I mean.
Penny Robinson: What's wrong with boys?
Judy Robinson: Well, nothing, but you could be so beautiful.

Maj. Don West: Judy? What's the matter with Penny?
Judy Robinson: She's not crying, is she?
Maj. Don West: No, she's just lost to the world. I asked her what time it was and she said "Maybe I left it in the control room."

"Lost in Space: One of Our Dogs Is Missing (#1.13)" (1965)
Dr. Zachary Smith: If you wish to spare the tender feelings of your little brood, go right ahead. I at least am willing to face the truth.
Judy Robinson: Suppose you tell us what the truth is, Dr. Smith.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Gladly. We have been through a barrage.
Judy Robinson: A barrage?
Maureen Robinson: What's going on in that devious mind of yours?
Dr. Zachary Smith: My dear madam, I can hardly expect you as a non-military female to comprehend, but it is painfully clear to me.
Judy Robinson: I'll tell you what's clear to me, Dr. Smith.
Maureen Robinson: Suppose you explain it to us.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Very well. It's a universal military tactic to lay down a barrage before launching... an invasion.

Maureen Robinson: [examining a crater] Well, Judy, what does that look like to you?
Judy Robinson: A meteor crater.
Maureen Robinson: Penny.
Penny Robinson: What else could it be?
Maureen Robinson: Dr. Smith?
Dr. Zachary Smith: A shell hole!

Dr. Zachary Smith: My dear child, your mind is too young to accept all the harsh realities of life, yet I believe you should know the truth!
Judy Robinson: What truth?
Dr. Zachary Smith: That was not a dog - at least not in the sense of which we think of a dog. It was an alien spy!

"Lost in Space: The Hungry Sea (#1.5)" (1965)
Maj. Don West: You know, I've got a feeling this stuff's got a message for us if we could only read it.
Judy Robinson: What is it?
Maj. Don West: Well, it's just a piece of vegetation.
Prof. John Robinson: We found lots of this frozen solid in the ground.
Maureen Robinson: Well, it looks as though it's been charred.
Prof. John Robinson: It has.
Maureen Robinson: Burned and then frozen?
Prof. John Robinson: Mm-hm.
Maureen Robinson: Well, that doesn't make sense, does it?
Prof. John Robinson: Darling, very little on this planet makes sense, by Earth standard.

Maj. Don West: [at sea, while tossed about] What's wrong?
Prof. John Robinson: [clicking the controls of the chariot] It won't respond.
Maj. Don West: We're not getting any power. Must be a loose connection in the solar batteries. I'll go up and see if I can fix 'em.
Judy Robinson: Now?
Prof. John Robinson: We can't risk it.
Maj. Don West: Have to. Without power we'll capsize.
Prof. John Robinson: It's too late. We're right in the middle of it.
Maj. Don West: John, we can't wait.
Maureen Robinson: John, you know he's right.

"Lost in Space: Attack of the Monster Plants (#1.14)" (1965)
Maj. Don West: [seeing Smith spying on them] Judy, uh, I didn't want to scare Will but actually our fuel-to-weight ratio's going to be very critical.
Judy Robinson: What does that mean?
Maj. Don West: Well, it means that, uh, Smith will probably have to be left behind.
Dr. Zachary Smith: [to himself, observing from behind a rock] We shall see.
Judy Robinson: I thought Daddy said he was taking Dr. Smith.
Maj. Don West: [in an undertone] Shhhhh. I'm just teasing. Smith's up there behind the rock, listening.
Judy Robinson: I think that's nasty of you.
Maj. Don West: He deserved it.

Duplicate Judy: I'm sure you are aware, as Dr. Smith is, that we, the plants, are capable of reproducing an image of... anything. I am simply such an image.

"Lost in Space: My Friend, Mr. Nobody (#1.7)" (1965)
Maj. Don West: John, the laser guns. It's our only hope.
Prof. John Robinson: We can't! If we let it get that close to the ship, we'll be blown apart.
Will Robinson: The robot, dad. He has laser circuits.
Prof. John Robinson: You hear that, Smith?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Maximum firing level, circular range. Fire all directions on command.
The Robot: Circuits armed and ready.
Judy Robinson: Hurry up! It's getting closer!
Maj. Don West: I just hope he can break that force apart.
Prof. John Robinson: All right. Get him moving!
Dr. Zachary Smith: March, my metallic hero. March!
[Robot begins moving toward cosmic creature]
Dr. Zachary Smith: Tell me when, sir. Tell me when.
Prof. John Robinson: Not yet. Wait until he's close to its center.
[Robot continues his advance]
Prof. John Robinson: All right. Start firing and continue his marching.
Dr. Zachary Smith: [Speaking on two way radio] Fire! March! Fire!
[Robot unleashes devastating array of energy bolts on cosmic creature, but with no apparent effect]

[last lines]
Judy Robinson: [while everyone looks in awe at the transformation of Mr. Nobody into a stellar display] Don, what is pure cosmic force? What does it turn into?
Maj. Don West: I don't know. There are a lot of things iI don't know.
Prof. John Robinson: It's like a new Milky Way.
Penny Robinson: Well, caterpillars can turn into butterflies can't they?
Maureen Robinson: Oh John, look, Just look!
Mr. Nobody: Good bye, Pen-nee, good bye, Pen-nee.
Penny Robinson: Good bye, Mr. Nobody.
Mr. Nobody: Good bye, good bye...

"Lost in Space: The Sky Is Falling (#1.10)" (1965)
Dr. Zachary Smith: You know, Mrs. Robinson, you're an admirable woman. A unique spirit. A pioneer spirit from days of old.
Maureen Robinson: Well, now, why do you say that?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Why? Because it's true. Who knows what terrible misfortune has befallen your young son. Why, at this very moment, he may be in the clutches of some sinister being, suffering indescribable torture...
Judy Robinson: Stop it!
Dr. Zachary Smith: ...but do you weep, do you bewail the fate of your only male offspring? Oh, no. Like the true Spartan woman, you face adversity undaunted, unflinching.

"Lost in Space: The Space Croppers (#1.25)" (1966)
Dr. Zachary Smith: [tasting Judy's bean gravy] Mmm! Delicious.
Judy Robinson: I added some wolf's foot that I found.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Ugh!
Judy Robinson: What's wrong, Doctor?
Dr. Zachary Smith: "Wolf's foot?"
Judy Robinson: Oh, that's just the name of an herb that grows on this planet.
Maureen Robinson: It's sort of like, um, oh, club moss. It really gives the sauce a nice tang.
Dr. Zachary Smith: It gave me a very nice TURN.
Penny Robinson: That's because we saw a REAL werewolf tonight.

"Lost in Space: Welcome Stranger (#1.6)" (1965)
[Hapgood is injured]
Maureen Robinson: [to Judy] Get Dr. Smith.
Judy Robinson: Mother, I wish now I hadn't hit him.
Maureen Robinson: Well, just get Dr. Smith.
Judy Robinson: D'you think he'll be able to leave today?
Maureen Robinson: Well, we'll know as soon as Dr. Smith examines him.

"Lost in Space: Invaders from the Fifth Dimension (#1.8)" (1965)
Maureen Robinson: [checking the scanner] Well, that's odd. I've never seen a blip shaped like THAT on the screen before, have you?
Judy Robinson: No. What do you suppose it could be?
Maureen Robinson: Oh, it's probably a malfunction in the scanner. Don?
Maj. Don West: [digging near the garden] Yeah?
Maureen Robinson: Can you come here a minute?
Maj. Don West: Just a second.
Maureen Robinson: No, right now!
Maj. Don West: What is it?
Maureen Robinson: W-well, look at this scanner.
Maj. Don West: What's wrong with it?
Maureen Robinson: Well, I think it's acting up again.
Maj. Don West: Oh, no. I just checked it out this morning.
Maj. Don West: [coming to their side] What's wrong with it?
Judy Robinson: It's gone, just now!
Maj. Don West: What's gone?
Judy Robinson: The strange spot.
Maj. Don West: Uh... you sure you haven't been seeing spots in front of your eyes?
Maureen Robinson: No. No, really, it was right... right there. We both saw it. Well, for a minute, anyway.
Maj. Don West: Well, there's nothing there now and, besides, if it were a blip it couldn't just disappear. It would have to fly off somewhere, right?
[Don goes]
Maureen Robinson: [to Judy] Well, I-I guess maybe our eyes WERE playing tricks on us.

"Lost in Space: There Were Giants in the Earth (#1.4)" (1965)
Judy Robinson: Don said it wasn't safe to use any of the native soil.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Ridiculous. However, I will take a little sample of this to the lab for a soil analysis. Meanwhile, my dear, you carry on with your planting. Uh, by the way, what are you setting out.
Judy Robinson: Potatoes, peas, carrots, tomatoes, squash and corn.
Dr. Zachary Smith: And little green onions, my dear?
[Judy nods]
Dr. Zachary Smith: Oh, yes, indeed, PLENTY of little green onions. Yes. Carry on.

"Lost in Space: All That Glitters (#1.26)" (1966)
Judy Robinson: I wonder what's wrong with Dr. Smith. He's certainly lost his appetite in a hurry.
Maureen Robinson: Well, speaking from past experience, I'd say he's up to some sort of mischief. He had that look of, uh... "Who? Me? I'm innocent," and that ALWAYS spells trouble.