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Penny Robinson (Character)
from "Lost in Space" (1965)

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Lost in Space (1998)
Penny Robinson: Never love anything, kiddo, you will just end up losing it.

[to her diary, about Major West]
Penny Robinson: Ouch. Could he be cuter? I don't *think* so.

Penny Robinson: [to her diary] On this eve before she is torn from all she knows, kidnapped, hurled into deep space against her will, what thoughts fill the mind of the young space captive?
Will Robinson: Will there be boys on Alpha Prime? Whatever will I wear?

Penny Robinson: Let's see, do I spend my last night on Earth watching Mom and Dad pretend not to be fighting, or blow ten years worth of allowance at the mall? You do the math.

Penny Robinson: Here we go again.

Penny Robinson: This mission sucks. I don't wanna leave early. I don't wanna go at all.
Maureen Robinson: We will discuss this at dinner.
Penny Robinson: For the last three years, I've missed everything. Training. So I can spend the next ten years missing everything else. I'm not staying home for dinner. I'm going out to see my friends.
Maureen Robinson: Penny.
Penny Robinson: I'm going out to... say good-bye to my entire life.
Maureen Robinson: Penny I need you here tonight.

Penny Robinson: We're lost, aren't we?

Reporter #1: Professor Robinson, how do your children feel about traveling into space for the next ten years?
John Robinson: They couldn't be more excited.
[next scene]
Penny Robinson: This mission sucks!

[First night on an unknown unfriendly looking planet they crashed on]
Maureen Robinson: Good night, John.
John Robinson: Good night, Maureen.
Will Robinson: Good night, Judy.
Penny Robinson: Good night, Will.
Judy Robinson: Good night, Penny.
Major West: You guys have got to be kidding.

Will Robinson: Can we cut back on her air supply so she's not so annoying when she wakes up?
Penny Robinson: Does he have to wake up at all?

"Lost in Space: The Magic Mirror (#1.21)" (1966)
Judy Robinson: A full-length mirror, just what we needed. Which reminds me, you promised to help me fix my hair.
Penny Robinson: Oh, no. Not again.
Judy Robinson: Thought I'd try it a little bit higher on top with perhaps a softer curl.
Penny Robinson: You and your hairdos. I'm gonna cut all my hair off, just like Will's.
Judy Robinson: Go ahead. Be ugly. Who cares?

Judy Robinson: I wish you'd fix yourself up once in awhile. I don't like to see you going around, well, acting like a boy. You know what I mean.
Penny Robinson: What's wrong with boys?
Judy Robinson: Well, nothing, but you could be so beautiful.

Penny Robinson: Oh, I'm sorry, Dr. Smith. Did I scare you?
Dr. Zachary Smith: No, my child. That's already been done.

Penny Robinson: Who are you?
The Boy: Who do you want me to be?

Penny Robinson: I thought you said you cleaned it up a little.
The Boy: Well, I DID! All except the dirt, and that doesn't hurt anybody.

Penny Robinson: Dr. Smith, there's an awful beast running around here.
Dr. Zachary Smith: A beast? Yes, of course. I WOULD think of something like that, wouldn't I?
Penny Robinson: Dr. Smith, do you feel all right?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Yes, I do, surprisingly enough. Ohhh. What a fascinating place I've created here for you.

"Lost in Space: The Challenge (#1.22)" (1966)
Quano: I do not speak to weak and worthless girls.
Penny Robinson: Why, you conceited, dirty-faced little boy! You're nothing but a bully, a half-pint bully!
Quano: Luckily you are a female or I would make you sorry for what you have said.

Will Robinson: If no one else needs me, I'm going hunting for rock specimens.
Quano: I, too, am going hunting. Shall we go together?
Will Robinson: Sure. Why not?
Penny Robinson: I'm coming along, too.
Quano: You will stay! You were not asked.
Quano: [to Will] Let us go.

Penny Robinson: Oh, that horrid, little boy!
Prof. John Robinson: Well, I don't think Quano'd mind being called "horrid," but I think he'd object most strenuously to being called a little boy.

Penny Robinson: Can you imagine Quano believing that girls are worthless?
Maj. Don West: Well, Penny, I have a strong feeling he'll change his opinion when he grows up.
Quano: [who's come upon them unnoticed] I like them now, but it is not manly to pay too much attention to them.

"Lost in Space: My Friend, Mr. Nobody (#1.7)" (1965)
Penny Robinson: [hearing a voice in a cave] Well, how do you do?
Mr. Nobody: Do.
Penny Robinson: I'm just an echo, that's all.
Mr. Nobody: Aaaaall?
Penny Robinson: Echo?
Mr. Nobody: E-cho?
Penny Robinson: Only... where does it come from? Where?
Mr. Nobody: Where! Where! Where. Echo. Echo!. Echo. Where. Echo. Hey! Hey! Where! Heyyyyyyyy!

Mr. Nobody: I remember rocks. Rocks bubbling.
Penny Robinson: These? But... but this is granite. It takes millions and millions of years to... You mean you're that old, already?

Penny Robinson: Oh Mother, I thought you were the only one. I thought you really believed me, at least just a little bit.
Maureen Robinson: Wha... Penny! Penny, of course I do! Now, I still do, and you know why? Well, I'll tell you a secret. When I was a little girl, I had a very special friend, too. His name was Mr. Noodles and he lived inside my teddy bear.
Penny Robinson: What?
Maureen Robinson: It's true. I know that you're the only one who'd understand how very very real Mr. Noodles was to me.
Penny Robinson: Oh, Mother, that's the silliest thing I ever heard of! How can ANYONE live inside a teddy bear?

[last lines]
Judy Robinson: [while everyone looks in awe at the transformation of Mr. Nobody into a stellar display] Don, what is pure cosmic force? What does it turn into?
Maj. Don West: I don't know. There are a lot of things iI don't know.
Prof. John Robinson: It's like a new Milky Way.
Penny Robinson: Well, caterpillars can turn into butterflies can't they?
Maureen Robinson: Oh John, look, Just look!
Mr. Nobody: Good bye, Pen-nee, good bye, Pen-nee.
Penny Robinson: Good bye, Mr. Nobody.
Mr. Nobody: Good bye, good bye...

"Lost in Space: Attack of the Monster Plants (#1.14)" (1965)
Penny Robinson: Well, if you do stay, could you tend to my garden for me?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Your garden will wither and die, I can promise you THAT!

Maj. Don West: You know, it's really a shame, Dr. Smith, but, uh, things don't look too good for you at all.
Dr. Zachary Smith: The condition you find most cheering.
Maj. Don West: [enjoying this greatly] Not at all. As a matter of fact, when I compute the fuel-to-weight ratio, which we already know is going to be very critical, I'll do my best to include us all.
Dr. Zachary Smith: [bitterly] I'm deeply touched.
Penny Robinson: Does that mean I can take the bloop?
Dr. Zachary Smith: How can you even think of taking that beast when I may have to remain?
Will Robinson: I think THE BLOOP should go!
Penny Robinson: So do I!
Maj. Don West: Well, we don't have a capsule for the bloop so, uh, that's out of the question.
Will Robinson: I'll BUILD her a capsule!
Maj. Don West: [heartily shaking hands with Will] That's a deal! You build a capsule for the bloop and she goes!
Maj. Don West: [sadly to Smith] Of course, that cuts the available weight still further. Oh, I'm sorry, Dr. Smith, but things don't look very good for you at all.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Bloop, indeed!

"Lost in Space: The Keeper: Part 1 (#1.16)" (1966)
The Keeper: I see you've changed your minds about leaving.
Will Robinson: [mesmerized] We're sorry, sir. We really want to stay with you.
Penny Robinson: [mesmerized] For always, Mr. Keeper. Always.
The Keeper: And so you shall, for always.

Will Robinson: How do you like it?
Penny Robinson: Before I answer, you better tell me what it is.
Will Robinson: Didn't you ever read Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn? It's a slingshot. Back in the eighteen and nineteenth century almost every boy made one of these.
Penny Robinson: What for?
Will Robinson: To carry with his penknife and marbles, I guess.

"Lost in Space: The Space Croppers (#1.25)" (1966)
[a lowly howl is heard]
Dr. Zachary Smith: What was that?
Will Robinson: Sounded like a wolf to me.
Penny Robinson: There can't be any wolves out here.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Oh, yes, there can. Look!
Will Robinson: All I see are the two moons, and we've seen them before.
Dr. Zachary Smith: But never so bursting with fullness.
Penny Robinson: Is that bad?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Bad, my dear child? It portends the very worst of evil happenings, the night the witches dance and the misbegotten creatures of doom walk the earth, when the dark and dismal voices...
[another lowly howl interrupts]

Dr. Zachary Smith: [tasting Judy's bean gravy] Mmm! Delicious.
Judy Robinson: I added some wolf's foot that I found.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Ugh!
Judy Robinson: What's wrong, Doctor?
Dr. Zachary Smith: "Wolf's foot?"
Judy Robinson: Oh, that's just the name of an herb that grows on this planet.
Maureen Robinson: It's sort of like, um, oh, club moss. It really gives the sauce a nice tang.
Dr. Zachary Smith: It gave me a very nice TURN.
Penny Robinson: That's because we saw a REAL werewolf tonight.

"Lost in Space: All That Glitters (#1.26)" (1966)
Dr. Zachary Smith: Now I've heard everything. This cannot be true. A criminal is sleeping in my bed, wearing my clothes. He'll probably murder us all!
Penny Robinson: Oh, Dr. Smith, you always exaggerate so. Ohan isn't THAT kind of a criminal. He's... well I... guess you call him like sort of, um... an international galactic burglar.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Oh, this is too much. I feel faint.

Dr. Zachary Smith: Oh, death, where's thy sting?
Disk: Foolish, foolish man. You had everything necessary for happiness, and you gave it all up for what? A cold, unfeeling metal.
Dr. Zachary Smith: I know I deserve to be punished, but not Penny. The child is innocent. She shouldn't have to suffer because of my folly.
Disk: You should have thought of that earlier.
Dr. Zachary Smith: I know, and now it's too late. What a miserable wretch I am.
Disk: Perhaps you have learned a lesson, Dr. Smith?
Dr. Zachary Smith: Oh, I have. I have.
Disk: Then, for once, I will make an exception. I will spare you.
Dr. Zachary Smith: I don't care about myself. It's only Penny I want saved. Where are you? Where are you? Don't leave. You've got to make Penny normal again! Oh.
Penny Robinson: I'm fine, Dr. Smith.

"Lost in Space: The Galaxy Gift (#2.30)" (1967)
Penny Robinson: [On her knees] Oh, please, sir. Do not throw us out into the raging storm.
The Robot: Because, baby it's cold out there.
Dr. Zachary Smith: Ohh! That does it. I resign. How can we put on a serious play when this metallic ham will not follow the script?
Will Robinson: This play doesn't need a director. It needs a referee. Now, when you're all ready to take this seriously, call me!
The Robot: Do not leave, Will Robinson. We need you.
Dr. Zachary Smith: We don't need the writer or the director. All we need is the star - me. Penny, let's try it from my entrance. I will knock, and you will answer.
The Robot: What was my line again?
Dr. Zachary Smith: "Just on moment!"
The Robot: Oh, yes, now I remember.
Penny Robinson: Waiting for the knock at the door, Dr. Smith.

"Lost in Space: One of Our Dogs Is Missing (#1.13)" (1965)
Maureen Robinson: [examining a crater] Well, Judy, what does that look like to you?
Judy Robinson: A meteor crater.
Maureen Robinson: Penny.
Penny Robinson: What else could it be?
Maureen Robinson: Dr. Smith?
Dr. Zachary Smith: A shell hole!

"Lost in Space: The Ghost Planet (#2.3)" (1966)
The Robot: Warning! Extreme danger!
Penny Robinson: What is it?
The Robot: Object pursuing us is a hyper-atomic missile.
Dr. Zachary Smith: A hyper-atomic missile? Where did it come from?
The Robot: It has been launched by the automated planet in protest to our leaving. Advise a change of course immediately. If not, we will be destroyed.

"Lost in Space: Island in the Sky (#1.3)" (1965)
Maj. Don West: [Bring out the Alien Gloop]
Will Robinson: For Pete's sake, what's that?
Maj. Don West: This is what we picked up on the scanner. I'm sorry, Maureen.
Penny Robinson: Oh, he's darling. May I have him?
Maureen Robinson: No, you may not.
Maj. Don West: Come on. Come on, fellow. Beat it.
[the Gloop walks away]
Maureen Robinson: Penny, you may have it if you wish.
Penny Robinson: No, Mom. I don't want him. Really, I don't.
Maureen Robinson: Get it for her, will you, Don? It's all right dear. You may have it.
Maj. Don West: [Picking up the Alien Gloop] Come on, Charlie. Looks like you found yourself a home.
Penny Robinson: [Holding the Alien Gloop] I'm gonna call you Debbie.
Maj. Don West: Come on, kids. Let's go. Come on.

"Lost in Space: Wish Upon a Star (#1.11)" (1965)
Maureen Robinson: [to John] She was listening to her tapes.
Penny Robinson: Oh, you should hear them, Dad. They're absolutely wonderful. Bach, and Mozart, and Beethoven...
Prof. John Robinson: Well, I won't argue with your choice but, uh, do you have anything there by Deceit?
Penny Robinson: Deceit? Don't think I've ever heard of THAT composer.
Prof. John Robinson: Oh, perhaps you don't recognize the name. Uh, maybe these names will help - Cheat? Lie? Trick? D'you recognize the composer or do I have to go on?

"Lost in Space: The Space Trader (#1.23)" (1966)
Penny Robinson: That's the spirit, Dr. Smith!
Dr. Zachary Smith: Oh, please spare me your youthful optimism.

"Lost in Space: The Promised Planet (#3.19)" (1968)
Penny Robinson: We just don't groove to the same vibrations.

"Lost in Space: The Keeper: Part 2 (#1.17)" (1966)
Will Robinson: The forcefield is still on.
Penny Robinson: That only stops people coming in, not going out.