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Quotes for
Daisy (Character)
from Bowfinger (1999)

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Bowfinger (1999)
Robert K. Bowfinger: Yes! We'll be just like Bogey and Bacall!
Daisy: Who?

Robert K. Bowfinger: We're finished! It's over between us!
Daisy: But why?
Robert K. Bowfinger: You slept with Jiff.
Daisy: So?
Robert K. Bowfinger: You know, I never thought about it that way.
Daisy: So I'll see you tonight?
Robert K. Bowfinger: What time?

Daisy: I know what's going on. I may be from Ohio, but I'm not from Ohio.

Robert K. Bowfinger: ...but what are some of your favorite TV shows?
Daisy: I love the Flintstones.
Robert K. Bowfinger: Oh I love the Flintstones too, that's so good, do you like that? Now, okay, do you like walks in the park?
Daisy: In the rain!
Robert K. Bowfinger: Oh God, you know what, I want you to see the Music Man, because...
Daisy: I've seen that! I love the Music Man!
Robert K. Bowfinger: Isn't Robert Preston good?
Daisy: He's so good! Do you LOVE Smashing Pumpkins?
Robert K. Bowfinger: Are you kid - I LOVE to do that!

Daisy: [Delivering her lines] Keith! Get in! We have to get to the alien antenna!
Kit: [Finally convinced it's real] Yes, but we must hurry!
Kit: [Turns to his assistant] I am Kieth!