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Quotes for
Jerrod Cooper (Character)
from "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000)

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"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Cool Change (#1.2)" (2000)
[Beeper goes off; Catherine calls in]
Jerrod Cooper: Hello?
Catherine Willows: Oh, hey.
Jerrod Cooper: Who's this? I just dialed my own damn beeper.
Catherine Willows: It's my beeper now. I found it.
Jerrod Cooper: It ain't your beeper, girl. That's my beeper. I do a lot of business on that beeper.
Catherine Willows: What kinda business?
Jerrod Cooper: Oh, you know. Slangin' a little somethin' somethin'.
Catherine Willows: Oh, a little somethin' something'. Maybe a little bling-bling?
Jerrod Cooper: What do you know about some bling-bling?
Catherine Willows: Invite me over to your crib, baby, and you might find out.
Jerrod Cooper: It's on. Three Aces Motel. Room 202.
Catherine Willows: Three Aces Motel, room 202. See you soon.
[she hangs up, and looks at Sara who was listening]
Catherine Willows: Did I just do that?
Sara Sidle: What's a "bling bling"?
Catherine Willows: Got me.