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Hannah West (Character)
from "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000)

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"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Unusual Suspect (#6.18)" (2006)
Hannah West: When's the last time you had to sit down to be eye level with a murder suspect who is standing up?
Sara Sidle: Hannah, you are smart.
Hannah West: So I've been told.
Sara Sidle: But you are not smart enough to get away with murder.
Hannah West: I think I am. A lot of people are smart enough to get away with murder. You probably are too. But you have to be really smart to make people think things happened... that never did.
Sara Sidle: What do you mean... exactly?
Hannah West: Please don't worry about me. I'm going to be fine.
[leans in]
Hannah West: [whispering] I didn't kill Stacy. Marlon did.

Hannah West: Freaks are always good box office.

Hannah West: You don't think I could have done it. Either one of you.
Sara Sidle: That's a big job... for a little girl.
Hannah West: Not if you have the right tools.
Sara Sidle: Smart kid like you, knows your brother is suffering, you feel bad, you wanna help... so you fabricate some evidence.
Hannah West: Uh, if you thought the evidence was fake I wouldn't still be in jail.

Hannah West: Marlon didn't kill Stacy. I did.
[stands up and opens her sweater to reveal a dirty and bloody shirt]
Hannah West: I was wearing this when I did.

Sara Sidle: [to Hannah about Stacy's murder] You put sodium in the showerhead to get back at her?
Hannah West: A prank for a prank. I thought that there'd be a few sparks, that she'd freak out and that'd be it, but the nozzle exploded. Stacy ran... and fell down the stairs... and died. I tried to cover it up.
Sara Sidle: You miscalculated.
Hannah West: I guess I did.

Hannah West: Look, I don't need a lawyer, and I don't need my parents. I just want to do what's right.
Sara Sidle: Hannah, taking the blame for something you didn't do may be noble, but it doesn't make it right.
Hannah West: That's deep. Okay. It happened like this: Stacy humiliated me, I wanted revenge.
Sara Sidle: Yeah, and you knew that there was no way you were ever going to get it by yourself.

Sara Sidle: [to Hannah] Hey, there.
Hannah West: Did you come to say bye?
Sara Sidle: No. Actually, you and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other. If you thought the DA wouldn't prosecute a twelve-year-old for murder, you were wrong. He wants justice for Stacy and her family.
Hannah West: Of course. He's a totally linear thinker. Most of you guys are.

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Goodbye and Good Luck (#8.7)" (2007)
Hannah West: You don't expect me to confess to something I didn't do?
Sara Sidle: I am just putting you on notice. You are not fooling me anymore.
Hannah West: I think I know why you're so angry, Sara. I did some research. I read about what that serial killer did to you out in the desert, under that car...
Sara Sidle: We're talking about you, Hannah.
Hannah West: It must've been so terrible being trapped like that all alone. Did your life flash in front of your eyes?
Sara Sidle: That is none of your business.
Hannah West: You must've been so sad knowing that you were gonna lose everyone who mattered to you.
Sara Sidle: Stop it, Hannah.
Hannah West: Look, I know how it feels. One moment my parents were alive, and the next they were gone.
Sara Sidle: Answer the question!
Hannah West: My life changed in that moment. All that I have left is Marlon. Why would I do anything to hurt him?
Sara Sidle: [stands and hits the table] Stop playing games with me!
[leaves the room]
Hannah West: You're the one who's playing games.

Hannah West: [to Sara] He didn't kill Kira. He cared about her.
Sara Sidle: Hannah, what makes you think that I would believe anything that you tell me?
Hannah West: [sweetly smiles] I suppose I'm an optimist. College has been a difficult adjustment for Marlon, especially after we lost our parents.
Sara Sidle: I'm sorry about that.
Hannah West: You're not really, though. When will Marlon be able to leave?
Sara Sidle: Well, we're going to keep him here as long as we possibly can.
Hannah West: At least that's honest. It also seems a little vindictive.
Sara Sidle: Given your brother's history, I think it's pretty sensible.
Hannah West: What's wrong, Sara? You're different than you used to be. You're angry. And a little sad, too. Why?
Sara Sidle: If you want to spend more time with your brother, I recommend you invest in a good lawyer, Hannah.

Marlon West: Hannah, they're going to put me away for the rest of my life.
Hannah West: The evidence is against you, particularly given your history of violence.
Marlon West: Please... after everything I've done for you, after everything we've done for each other, at least tell me why.
Hannah West: Because I love you.
Marlon West: And I love you, too.
Hannah West: No, you don't. But you will. I promise, I'll visit you every week.

Hannah West: [to Sara] You need to talk to me again?
Sara Sidle: I do. I know that you killed Kira Dellinger. I just can't prove it.
Hannah West: That must be frustrating for you.
Sara Sidle: Hannah, Marlon's dead.
Hannah West: Wow. That's a really sad and desperate ploy, Sara. It's beneath you.
[Sara shows Hannah the photo of Marlon hanging at the windowsill]
Hannah West: .
Sara Sidle: He was doing well here, wasn't he? Making friends, joining a band, falling in love. But you're still a freak, just like high school.
Hannah West: You're lying. No. This is a lie.
Sara Sidle: His world got bigger, and yours stayed the same, and you killed Kira so you could keep him all to yourself, didn't you?
Hannah West: [screams] It's a lie! No... it's a lie! It's a lie! This is a... lie!
[She drops her backpack and grabs Sara's hands. Sara struggles with her and kneels as Hannah cries]
Hannah West: Stop it! Marlon... he-he-he can't leave me all alone.
[Sara puts her arm around Hannah]