Lindsey Willows
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Lindsey Willows (Character)
from "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000)

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"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Harvest (#5.3)" (2004)
Catherine Willows: [scolding Lindsey after she tried to get a ride off the highway] I don't know what I'm going to do with you. You've been talking back to your teachers, skipping school, and now hitch-hiking. What's next?
Lindsey Willows: [under her breath] Stripping.
Catherine Willows: Excuse me?

Catherine Willows: [to Lindsey] Mouthing off to teachers, slipping grades, and now hitchhiking. I mean what's next, Lindsey?
Lindsey Willows: Stripping.
Catherine Willows: What did you just say? Okay, no phone, no friends, no nothing.
Lindsey Willows: For how long?
Catherine Willows: A month.
Lindsey Willows: Whatever.
Catherine Willows: Hey, you want to make it two?
Lindsey Willows: Dad always said you were a drama queen.
Catherine Willows: Well, what do you expect, Lindsey, since he was always high.
Lindsey Willows: I'd take Dad high over you any day! Nana's coming to pick me up. I'll be out front.