Jeremiah Mercer
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Jeremiah Mercer (Character)
from Four Brothers (2005)

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Four Brothers (2005)
Jeremiah: [lifts kids silver necklace] What is this? Aluminum?
Jack: Shit doesn't even spin.

Jack: Jack drinks Jack! Jack drink Jack!
[considering his name is Jack and he's Drinking Jack Daniels]
Jeremiah: Jackie is drunk!
Bobby: Jack likes ass crack and ballsack.
Jack: Jack doesn't like ass crack and ballsack! Jack likes boobs! Jack's got fans. Jack's got lots of fans.
Angel: Man, shut the hell up.

Jack: [crying after being shot] BOBBY!
Bobby: [pinned down on the porch] Jack!
Jack: [crying] BOBBY!
Jeremiah: Jack!

Jeremiah: Evelyn was in this city for a long time. She saw a lot that was terrible, but she stayed hopeful. She still believed that things were getting better, sometimes despite all evidence. And that's a hard thing to do, stay hopeful. Even when you can't find a reason.

Jeremiah: Do you remember when I built that tree house and you burnt that shit down? Boy, I wanted to kick your ass!
Bobby: Don't worry, your house is brick, I ain't gonna burn it down.

Jeremiah: Mom always said, as bright as Bobby is, he just doesn't like to think.

[at Thanksgiving dinner, the brothers reminisce about Evelyn]
Evelyn Mercer: [to Jeremiah] Zip up your mouth Jeremiah. Did you grow up in a barn?
Jeremiah: [to Angel] Close your mouth, Angel. You think you a cow or somethin'?
Evelyn Mercer: [to Angel] More tattoos Angel?
[Angel pulls his sleeve down]
Evelyn Mercer: It's okay, you don't have to hide them. Look at mine!
Evelyn Mercer: [pulls sleeve back to reveal a rose, winks] But get your elbows off of the table.
Evelyn Mercer: [to Jack] Jackie. I know bad things happened to you before you came here Jackie, hey look at me!
[Jack looks at her]
Evelyn Mercer: But you're safe now.

Angel: It's a little heavy in here, I'm just gonna go outside and get a little air.
Bobby: You're full of shit, man. You can smell that ass from down the street, huh?
Angel: What are you talking about?
Bobby: What do you mean, what? You know exactly what we talking about with La Vida Loca.
Angel: Ain't nobody going to go get no La Vida Loca nothing!
Jeremiah: She's got a boyfriend.
Bobby: She's got a boyfriend, she's got hard dick in her right now. She screaming somebody else's name and the last thing she's doing is thinking about is your black ass.

Angel: It's kinda hot in there, I'm just gonna go outside and get some air.
Bobby: [laughing] You can smell that ass from down the street, huh?
Angel: What are you talking about?
Bobby: What do you mean "what" man, you know "what", man.
Jeremiah: She's got a boyfriend.
Bobby: She's got a boyfriend, she's got hard dick in her right now and she's screaming someone else's name and the last thing she's thinking about is your black ass.
[All Laugh]
Angel: Why are you guys comin' at me with this. I told you I'm not going to go see that girl, and I'm NOT!

Angel: She's the only woman that ever gave a damn. The least we can do is go bang on a few doors and see what happens. We owe her that much.
Jeremiah: So you're gonna shoot up the whole town cause y'all mad?
Angel: Why not?
Jeremiah: C'mon, man, the people who did this are probably from the same shitty-ass streets we're from. Mom would've been the first to forgive them, and y'all know that.

Jeremiah: What's the plan, Bobby?
Bobby: We're wingin' it, Jerry.
Jeremiah: We're always wingin' it.
Jack: We're gonna get killed.
Angel: What'cha mean WE, white boy?

Bobby: [to a booing crowd at a basketball game] You tell me where I can find this guy and you can finish your game.
Jeremiah: [pointing to Jack who's trying to get their attention] Cracker Jack.
Bobby: I appreciate your help very much. You've all been outstanding citizens.

Bobby: If I find out you had something to do with what happened to Ma, I swear to God, Jerry, I'm gonna kill you here and now!
Sofi: No, Bobby, no!
Bobby: Now Angel's gonna ask you some questions, and brother, I shit you not, the time for lying is over!
Angel: We know you lied about your business! And we know you got mixed up with some gangsters!
Jeremiah: You all think I had something to do with mom getting killed?
Angel: You got a check for four hundred thousand that you just so happened to forget to mention, for mom's life insurance!
Jeremiah: She took out the policy for the girls, man, I ain't had nothing to do with that! Come on!
Sofi: You made the payments!
Bobby: Good timing, Jerry, just when it seems like all is lost for you, Ma gets shot by some gangsters and now you hit the fucking lottery?
Jeremiah: So you're all tripping because I made insurance payments? I paid all her bills! And where the fuck were y'all? How many years did I have to take care of her my God-damned self? And you're going to tell me I killed her?

Jeremiah: Where's Bobby?
Bobby: Right here, Jerry!
[Bobby punches him]

Angel: You said something, didn't you, Jerry?
Jeremiah: I did not say nothing, man.
Angel: Why you always - ?
Bobby: I did.
Jeremiah: What you say?
Bobby: I told him I was banging his wife. Come on, man!
Angel: I did too.
Jeremiah: Me too.

Bobby: [seeing Jack pissing on the floor] Look, look at your little brother.
Jeremiah: Jack!
Jack: Oh I'm sorry, is this the master suite?
[Angel, Bobby, and Jerimiah laugh]
Jack: Am I making the property value go down?

Camille Mercer: [after Jeremiah is thrown out of the interrogation room] Don't push him like that!
[next shot]
Camille Mercer: Come here...
Jeremiah: It's alright.
Camille Mercer: Let me see...
Jeremiah: It's just a boo-boo.
Camille Mercer: It's not a just a boo-boo, somebody put their fist in your eye! Let me see...
Jeremiah: C'mon now!