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Angel Mercer (Character)
from Four Brothers (2005)

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Four Brothers (2005)
Jack: Jack drinks Jack! Jack drink Jack!
[considering his name is Jack and he's Drinking Jack Daniels]
Jeremiah: Jackie is drunk!
Bobby: Jack likes ass crack and ballsack.
Jack: Jack doesn't like ass crack and ballsack! Jack likes boobs! Jack's got fans. Jack's got lots of fans.
Angel: Man, shut the hell up.

Angel: I gotta ask you a question. Me and Sofi did a lot of making up last night. It seems like a got a little rust on my tools down here
[opens his bathrobe]
Bobby: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ask the cockologist in the shower.
Jack: How the hell would I know?
Bobby: You're the expert.
Jack: [looks for a second] Rug burn.

Bobby: She's so La Vida Loca.
Angel: Shut up Bobby, don't start with that! That's why you don't get a girlfriend.
Bobby: I get a girlfriend every fucking week. You know what I want a girlfriend like you.
Sofi: Callate!
Angel: Please don't go there. Can y'all please not go there.
Sofi: [in a whiny voice] Angel, you said this time was going to be different.
Bobby: Ai mami, you're breaking mi corazon, chica. She's getting real comfortable here. What are you doing? I thought you were a macho man, a tough guy. You know, it's a crying shame that Little Jack is the only one down to ride.

Bobby: [after Jack is shot] Jack! Jack, look at me! Jack, you all right? Hold on. We need an ambulance!
Angel: Somebody help! Call 911!
Bobby: Jack. Jack. Jack! Jack, please. Come on, man.
Sofi: I'm calling, I'm calling!
Bobby: Come on, Jack, you gotta breathe!
Sofi: [on the phone] We need an ambulance right now!
Bobby: Don't you die on me you little fairy. Come on, Jack. Please! You gotta fucking breathe! Come on!
Jack: [grunts and gasps, gives one last breath, and dies]
Bobby: [crying] Jack! Jack. Jack, come on, Jack, please! Please...
Angel: [whispers] Jack.

Jack: Haven't seen you in forever!
Angel: Yeah, I know.
Jack: Hey, did you get your teeth whitened?
Angel: Man, shut up Jackie-poo

Bobby: I don't know how you did it for so many years, man. It must've driven you crazy, Angel. On a ship for, what, six months at a time with nothing but dudes
Angel: It wasn't a ship. And the marine's went co-ed, they got girls now.
Bobby: Yeah, I bet'cha those girls look like dudes too, though.
Angel: Not after six months they don't.

Angel: Cops are always welcome at the Mercer's. It makes us feel safe and cozy. Just the way we like it.

Angel: Green, how do you go from petty thug to contract killer? And if they were professional shooters like you say, they'd have never told us who they were working with anyway.

Sofi: Angel, can I ask you a question? What the hell is this?
[holds up some condoms]
Angel: Those are breathmints, baby!
Sofi: You know I'm allergic to latex! Who did you buy them for?
Angel: Put the coo coo back in the clock, baby, I bought them in Vegas way before I even knew I was coming here!

Angel: Jerry ain't been strait up with us about that redevelopment project. I found out his dream's dead. Jerry got involved with some bad people. The city got on him about fraud and what not, cut his loans off like a month ago. Technically, Jerry's really broke.
Bobby: You think this had something to do with what happened to Ma?
Angel: No, I'm saying it's something we should look into.

Bobby: I ain't playing no more. I'm gonna go in there and bust that melon...
Jack: Hey! His family's in there!
Angel: Bobby, you're gonna have to calm down.
Bobby: Oh, I'm calm. He think's I'm an idiot! He thinks I don't know what the fuck is going on!

[about Jack]
Angel: I miss him too. We won't be able to bring him back, but we're going to send him some company.

Detective Fowler: It's not looking good for you, homeboy.
Angel: We'll see if they're still your boys after they find out you killed your partner Green, homeboy.
Detective Fowler: That's your angle, huh? You're gonna walk out there and tell them I killed Green? That's your story?
Angel: It has the advantage of being true.
Detective Fowler: So what? I killed my partner. I could kill the whole damn police department if you were the only witness. They'd probably just promote me to chief. You're one of the Mercer brothers. No cop in the world is going to believe your word over mine.
Angel: You know what, you're probably right. Other than the ones I got outside right now in a van, listening to every bit of our conversation.

Sofi: Do I recall something about having dinner together? Because I seem to remember spending *two hours* in the kitchen...
Angel: Sofi, baby...
Sofi: Angel! You promised that this time, things would be different.
Bobby: Ay, mami. You're breaking mi corazon.

Angel: It's a little heavy in here, I'm just gonna go outside and get a little air.
Bobby: You're full of shit, man. You can smell that ass from down the street, huh?
Angel: What are you talking about?
Bobby: What do you mean, what? You know exactly what we talking about with La Vida Loca.
Angel: Ain't nobody going to go get no La Vida Loca nothing!
Jeremiah: She's got a boyfriend.
Bobby: She's got a boyfriend, she's got hard dick in her right now. She screaming somebody else's name and the last thing she's doing is thinking about is your black ass.

Angel: It's kinda hot in there, I'm just gonna go outside and get some air.
Bobby: [laughing] You can smell that ass from down the street, huh?
Angel: What are you talking about?
Bobby: What do you mean "what" man, you know "what", man.
Jeremiah: She's got a boyfriend.
Bobby: She's got a boyfriend, she's got hard dick in her right now and she's screaming someone else's name and the last thing she's thinking about is your black ass.
[All Laugh]
Angel: Why are you guys comin' at me with this. I told you I'm not going to go see that girl, and I'm NOT!

Angel: Heh Heh. They look like nipples!

Angel: She's the only woman that ever gave a damn. The least we can do is go bang on a few doors and see what happens. We owe her that much.
Jeremiah: So you're gonna shoot up the whole town cause y'all mad?
Angel: Why not?
Jeremiah: C'mon, man, the people who did this are probably from the same shitty-ass streets we're from. Mom would've been the first to forgive them, and y'all know that.

Bobby: Why don't you just tell me what you know, Angel?
Angel: I know you need to stay your ass on that porcelain. This is gonna require a little finesse. And given your prior reputation as a hothead, you'll be the first one to fuck it up.
Bobby: I wrote the fucking book on finesse! You just wait for me to wipe my ass, Angel. I'm coming with you. Angel!... Get me some fucking toilet paper, Jack!

Jeremiah: What's the plan, Bobby?
Bobby: We're wingin' it, Jerry.
Jeremiah: We're always wingin' it.
Jack: We're gonna get killed.
Angel: What'cha mean WE, white boy?

Bobby: If I find out you had something to do with what happened to Ma, I swear to God, Jerry, I'm gonna kill you here and now!
Sofi: No, Bobby, no!
Bobby: Now Angel's gonna ask you some questions, and brother, I shit you not, the time for lying is over!
Angel: We know you lied about your business! And we know you got mixed up with some gangsters!
Jeremiah: You all think I had something to do with mom getting killed?
Angel: You got a check for four hundred thousand that you just so happened to forget to mention, for mom's life insurance!
Jeremiah: She took out the policy for the girls, man, I ain't had nothing to do with that! Come on!
Sofi: You made the payments!
Bobby: Good timing, Jerry, just when it seems like all is lost for you, Ma gets shot by some gangsters and now you hit the fucking lottery?
Jeremiah: So you're all tripping because I made insurance payments? I paid all her bills! And where the fuck were y'all? How many years did I have to take care of her my God-damned self? And you're going to tell me I killed her?

Angel: [entering the casino, looking for the killers] Goatee. Goatee. Look for the one with the goatee.

Angel: You said something, didn't you, Jerry?
Jeremiah: I did not say nothing, man.
Angel: Why you always - ?
Bobby: I did.
Jeremiah: What you say?
Bobby: I told him I was banging his wife. Come on, man!
Angel: I did too.
Jeremiah: Me too.

Angel: [about Damien] Think he dead?
Bobby: No, he ain't dead. He's just fucked up. Let's go talk to him now.

Angel: [after interrogation officer punches Angel] I did it, okay! Is that what you want to hear? I did it!
Interrogation Officer: You did it, I wanna hear you say it! What did you do!
Angel: I was bumpin' uglies with your wife!
[Interrogation officer hits him again]

Bobby: You got a gun?
Angel: I flew in.
Bobby: [hands him a gun] Be careful with my baby.
Angel: Ooh...
Bobby: You like that?
Angel: You got ammo?
Bobby: Yeah, it's loaded, little brother. Be careful.
[to Jack]
Bobby: Here, you carry the gas can.
Jack: We're gonna do that gas thing?
Bobby: [mocking him] Yeah, we're gonna do the gas thing. The only thing that scares people more than getting burnt to death is getting eaten alive. Let's go.
Bobby: [starts to close the trunk]
Jack: Wait, what do I get?
Bobby: you coming with us? oh
[Bobby hands him a crowbar]
Bobby: Here you go, sweetheart, poke 'em with that.
Jack: [insulted] Thanks.