Lt. Green
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Lt. Green (Character)
from Four Brothers (2005)

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Four Brothers (2005)
Lt. Green: You keep knocking on the devil's door long enough and sooner or later someone's gonna answer you.

Bobby: What about me, Green? You gonna arrest me too?
Lt. Green: That depends, Bobby. You keeping strait?
Bobby: Strait-ish.

Bobby: Thanks for coming, Green. Ma would've been happy you made it to the service.
Lt. Green: Shit, your mom would've been happy you made it back for her funeral!
Bobby: I didn't come back for no funeral.

Detective Fowler: If this woman's such a God-damned Saint, how did she end up raising four total fuck-ups?
Lt. Green: Miss Evelyn cycled hundreds of kids out of the foster program and into permanent homes. In 30 years she only came across four lost causes. Four delinquents so far gone she couldn't find anyone to take them in. So she did. Trust me, Fowler, these kids are congressmen compared to what they would've been

Lt. Green: [about Bobby Mercer] It's been a long time since anybody's seen that face around here.
Detective Fowler: Must've gotten off for good behavior.
Lt. Green: Not likely. That's Bobby Mercer. Heavyweight champion fuck-up of the family. And that's a well defended title. Would've made his daddy proud, if he'd ever had one. I used to know him a little. Played hockey with the boy. Got thrown outta 60 odd games before the league had finally had enough of him. They called him the Michigan Mauler.
Detective Fowler: Who's the kid?
Lt. Green: [chuckles] Oh, that's Jack. He's the youngest. First class fuck-up, third class rock star.
Detective Fowler: He doesn't look like trouble.
Lt. Green: He's a Mercer. Don't let him fool you.