Bobby Mercer
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Bobby Mercer (Character)
from Four Brothers (2005)

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Four Brothers (2005)
Detective Fowler: Hey, Gretzky, you know what this is?
Bobby: A hair from your wife's tit?

Damian: Call me an ambulance.
Bobby: What? For my Dog bites? Nah, I'll be fine.

Camille Mercer: Bobby! You told me you weren't gonna let him get hurt!
Bobby: He breathin'.

Jack: Jack drinks Jack! Jack drink Jack!
[considering his name is Jack and he's Drinking Jack Daniels]
Jeremiah: Jackie is drunk!
Bobby: Jack likes ass crack and ballsack.
Jack: Jack doesn't like ass crack and ballsack! Jack likes boobs! Jack's got fans. Jack's got lots of fans.
Angel: Man, shut the hell up.

Angel: I gotta ask you a question. Me and Sofi did a lot of making up last night. It seems like a got a little rust on my tools down here
[opens his bathrobe]
Bobby: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ask the cockologist in the shower.
Jack: How the hell would I know?
Bobby: You're the expert.
Jack: [looks for a second] Rug burn.

Bobby: I wanna make a toast to Evelyn Mercer, the greatest mother four degenerate bastards ever had. Pour me and my brothers another round, and some nice warm milk for my little sister.
Jack: Man, I will drink you under the table.
Bobby: We're not talking about sperm, Jack, this is whiskey.

Jack: [meeting Jeremiah's daughters] Hey, you must be Daniela!
Bobby: [petting Amelia's costumed dog] and you must be Amelia! I like your dress...
Amelia Mercer: I'm Amelia!
Bobby: I know. You probably don't remember us, but I'm your Uncle Bobby, and this is Cracker Jack.
Jack: Man, don't teach them that.
Daniela Mercer: You can't be our uncles. You're white.
Amelia Mercer: Grandma Eva's white!
Bobby: That's right. You see, we're a different kind of uncle. Your grandma, she adopted me and your uncle Jack just like she adopted your daddy.

Bobby: [imitating a teenage girl] The popos is here! Ya'll better run, man, these white cops are crazy! They killed Cornbread! They killed him - he didn't do nothin'!

Bobby: She's so La Vida Loca.
Angel: Shut up Bobby, don't start with that! That's why you don't get a girlfriend.
Bobby: I get a girlfriend every fucking week. You know what I want a girlfriend like you.
Sofi: Callate!
Angel: Please don't go there. Can y'all please not go there.
Sofi: [in a whiny voice] Angel, you said this time was going to be different.
Bobby: Ai mami, you're breaking mi corazon, chica. She's getting real comfortable here. What are you doing? I thought you were a macho man, a tough guy. You know, it's a crying shame that Little Jack is the only one down to ride.

Bobby: [after Jack is shot] Jack! Jack, look at me! Jack, you all right? Hold on. We need an ambulance!
Angel: Somebody help! Call 911!
Bobby: Jack. Jack. Jack! Jack, please. Come on, man.
Sofi: I'm calling, I'm calling!
Bobby: Come on, Jack, you gotta breathe!
Sofi: [on the phone] We need an ambulance right now!
Bobby: Don't you die on me you little fairy. Come on, Jack. Please! You gotta fucking breathe! Come on!
Jack: [grunts and gasps, gives one last breath, and dies]
Bobby: [crying] Jack! Jack. Jack, come on, Jack, please! Please...
Angel: [whispers] Jack.

Bobby: Jack, it was a questionable kill.
Jack: What makes you think that?
Bobby: Boy, it's sad, you growing up without a father. Nobody taught you anything, did they? Maybe I should've stayed around longer and held your little hand, huh sweetheart? Sometimes pros will cover up their shots with another crime, like a burglary or something, then pay a witness to throw the cops onto the wrong suspect.
Jack: Why would anybody wanna kill the sweetest woman in the God-damn world?
Bobby: I dunno, Jackie. I dunno.

Bobby: He's your brother? Well, shit, these are my brothers.
Keenon: [looks around] No, no: he's my real brother
Bobby: Yeah, these are my real brothers. I'm Bobby, that's Angel, Jack and Jeremiah.

Jack: [crying after being shot] BOBBY!
Bobby: [pinned down on the porch] Jack!
Jack: [crying] BOBBY!
Jeremiah: Jack!

Jack: So, shit, Bobby, what've you been up to?
Bobby: I'm a freakin' college professor, Jack, what do you think I've been doing.
Jack: I doubt that.
Bobby: What about you? You still sucking a little cock left and right, or what?
Jack: Fucker.

Jeremiah: Do you remember when I built that tree house and you burnt that shit down? Boy, I wanted to kick your ass!
Bobby: Don't worry, your house is brick, I ain't gonna burn it down.

Bobby: What about me, Green? You gonna arrest me too?
Lt. Green: That depends, Bobby. You keeping strait?
Bobby: Strait-ish.

Bobby: Thanks for coming, Green. Ma would've been happy you made it to the service.
Lt. Green: Shit, your mom would've been happy you made it back for her funeral!
Bobby: I didn't come back for no funeral.

[commentating as Jerry and Angel wrestle]
Bobby: Yeah, get him Jerry! The gorgeous black ladies of wrestling! Nitro and Midnight! Nitro's got Midnight in a headlock! Get him, Jerry! Midnight's trying to be up, but Nitro's on him!

Gang Leader: That shit was counterfit as a mother-fucker, man! Ain't nobody playing no basketball when that shit went down! Why you think the cops ain't arrest nobody?
Bobby: How do you know nobody was playing basketball if you weren't there?
Gang Leader: Because, bitch, the police said those people wasn't kill till 11 o'clock!
Bobby: So what?
Gang Leader: So they turn the court lights out at ten!

Jack: Bobby, take it easy.
Bobby: Shut up Jack.

Bobby: I don't know how you did it for so many years, man. It must've driven you crazy, Angel. On a ship for, what, six months at a time with nothing but dudes
Angel: It wasn't a ship. And the marine's went co-ed, they got girls now.
Bobby: Yeah, I bet'cha those girls look like dudes too, though.
Angel: Not after six months they don't.

Angel: Jerry ain't been strait up with us about that redevelopment project. I found out his dream's dead. Jerry got involved with some bad people. The city got on him about fraud and what not, cut his loans off like a month ago. Technically, Jerry's really broke.
Bobby: You think this had something to do with what happened to Ma?
Angel: No, I'm saying it's something we should look into.

Jack: What do you think he found?
Bobby: I don't know, but it's something big.
Jack: How can you tell?
Bobby: By the sound of his voice. I know my brother.

Jack: You guys are coming up with this pretty quick.
Bobby: Yeah, we should've been cops.

Bobby: I ain't playing no more. I'm gonna go in there and bust that melon...
Jack: Hey! His family's in there!
Angel: Bobby, you're gonna have to calm down.
Bobby: Oh, I'm calm. He think's I'm an idiot! He thinks I don't know what the fuck is going on!

Bobby: I don't know what to do anymore. I already lost one brother. You guys are all I got.

Bobby: You been crying in here, you little fairy?
Jack: Leave it alone, man.
Bobby: [about Jack's guitar] Still making a lot of racket on the freakin' thing?
Jack: Yeah, still making a lot of racket. Too weird in mom's room?
Bobby: Oh, man, way too weird.

Bobby: Now I gotta light your ass on fire! All I wanted was a name, but you're gonna make me turn your ass into the black gingerbread man now! It's alright, I'll have my little brother here suck your burning dick!

Sofi: Do I recall something about having dinner together? Because I seem to remember spending *two hours* in the kitchen...
Angel: Sofi, baby...
Sofi: Angel! You promised that this time, things would be different.
Bobby: Ay, mami. You're breaking mi corazon.

Angel: It's a little heavy in here, I'm just gonna go outside and get a little air.
Bobby: You're full of shit, man. You can smell that ass from down the street, huh?
Angel: What are you talking about?
Bobby: What do you mean, what? You know exactly what we talking about with La Vida Loca.
Angel: Ain't nobody going to go get no La Vida Loca nothing!
Jeremiah: She's got a boyfriend.
Bobby: She's got a boyfriend, she's got hard dick in her right now. She screaming somebody else's name and the last thing she's doing is thinking about is your black ass.

Sofi: Angel, why you let him talk to me like that?
Bobby: Because I speak-a Spanish!

Bobby: It's a real shame that little Jackie's the only down to ride. Say goodbye to your big sister, Jackie, let's go!
Jack: [sing-song] She's addicted to what Angel's dick did...

Angel: It's kinda hot in there, I'm just gonna go outside and get some air.
Bobby: [laughing] You can smell that ass from down the street, huh?
Angel: What are you talking about?
Bobby: What do you mean "what" man, you know "what", man.
Jeremiah: She's got a boyfriend.
Bobby: She's got a boyfriend, she's got hard dick in her right now and she's screaming someone else's name and the last thing she's thinking about is your black ass.
[All Laugh]
Angel: Why are you guys comin' at me with this. I told you I'm not going to go see that girl, and I'm NOT!

Bobby: Oh look - a little Jackie puppy.

Bobby: [after Jack is shot] Oh, come on - don't die on me, you little fairy.

Bobby: [as Jeremiah exits the car] Want to take Cracker Jack with you?... He's flexible.
Jack: Bobby, you're the one who took ballet.

Bobby: I'll know they found my hair on a dead body when I hear the prison doors slam behind me.

Bobby: Why don't you just tell me what you know, Angel?
Angel: I know you need to stay your ass on that porcelain. This is gonna require a little finesse. And given your prior reputation as a hothead, you'll be the first one to fuck it up.
Bobby: I wrote the fucking book on finesse! You just wait for me to wipe my ass, Angel. I'm coming with you. Angel!... Get me some fucking toilet paper, Jack!

Bobby: Thank *God*? You killed my mother and my little brother you mother fucker! Thank Victor Sweet!

[last lines]
Evelyn Mercer: Always so good to have you back home, son. You gonna stick around a little while this time?
Bobby: I'm thinkin' about it, Ma. I'm thinkin' about it.
Evelyn Mercer: [chuckling] Oh, Bobby.

Jeremiah: What's the plan, Bobby?
Bobby: We're wingin' it, Jerry.
Jeremiah: We're always wingin' it.
Jack: We're gonna get killed.
Angel: What'cha mean WE, white boy?

Bobby: That wasn't no gang shooting. That was an execution. They set Mom up. They set her up.

Bobby: [to a booing crowd at a basketball game] You tell me where I can find this guy and you can finish your game.
Jeremiah: [pointing to Jack who's trying to get their attention] Cracker Jack.
Bobby: I appreciate your help very much. You've all been outstanding citizens.

Bobby: [to Damian as Damian is climbing out the window using a rope] I just wanted to talk!

Bobby: If I find out you had something to do with what happened to Ma, I swear to God, Jerry, I'm gonna kill you here and now!
Sofi: No, Bobby, no!
Bobby: Now Angel's gonna ask you some questions, and brother, I shit you not, the time for lying is over!
Angel: We know you lied about your business! And we know you got mixed up with some gangsters!
Jeremiah: You all think I had something to do with mom getting killed?
Angel: You got a check for four hundred thousand that you just so happened to forget to mention, for mom's life insurance!
Jeremiah: She took out the policy for the girls, man, I ain't had nothing to do with that! Come on!
Sofi: You made the payments!
Bobby: Good timing, Jerry, just when it seems like all is lost for you, Ma gets shot by some gangsters and now you hit the fucking lottery?
Jeremiah: So you're all tripping because I made insurance payments? I paid all her bills! And where the fuck were y'all? How many years did I have to take care of her my God-damned self? And you're going to tell me I killed her?

Jeremiah: Where's Bobby?
Bobby: Right here, Jerry!
[Bobby punches him]

Bobby: Are you gonna bury Sweet or are we?

Jack: [pointing to the killer] There he is.
Bobby: Where?
Jack: [pointing] Right there! The guy with the goatee!
Bobby: [pulling Jack's hand down] I see him Jack. Put your hand down!

Bobby: Get him, Jackie-O!
Jack: [shoots at the car twice and misses]
Bobby: You go, girl!

Bobby: [after crashing into a parked car while chasing the killers] Aw! Wrecked the whole side of my fucking car!
Jack: You gonna get these guys before you kill us?
Bobby: Sit back and put your fucking seatbelt on, Jack.

Bobby: Jack, you got your seatbelt on? Watch this. Hold on.
[crashes into the killers' car]

Bobby: We got a blowout.
Jack: Bobby, let's just stop the car. Okay, Bobby, let's just stop.
Bobby: Shut up, Jack. Gonna ride this out on the rim.

Angel: You said something, didn't you, Jerry?
Jeremiah: I did not say nothing, man.
Angel: Why you always - ?
Bobby: I did.
Jeremiah: What you say?
Bobby: I told him I was banging his wife. Come on, man!
Angel: I did too.
Jeremiah: Me too.

Bobby: [to Evander] Angel tells me you're one of Victor Sweet's boys now. Hear he's running shit like his uncle, treating you like a house nigger.

Angel: [about Damien] Think he dead?
Bobby: No, he ain't dead. He's just fucked up. Let's go talk to him now.

Bobby: Forget that, Green. I used to make a good living around here because cops like you couldn't find tits in a strip joint.

Bobby: Lemme catch you on the street without that badge! I'll smack that smirk right off your face, you punk!

Bobby: [seeing Jack pissing on the floor] Look, look at your little brother.
Jeremiah: Jack!
Jack: Oh I'm sorry, is this the master suite?
[Angel, Bobby, and Jerimiah laugh]
Jack: Am I making the property value go down?

Bobby: [puts his arm around Jack's shoulder] You okay, man?
Jack: [puts his head down and nods]
Bobby: You sure?
Jack: [nods again, keeping his head down]
Bobby: I love you, man.
Jack: [looks up]
Jack: Come on let's go see, Jerry.

Bobby: [to Jack] Turn around, dick lips! What the fuck are you looking at?

Bobby: They say dead men tell no tales, but they sure leave important shit lying around.

Bobby: You got a gun?
Angel: I flew in.
Bobby: [hands him a gun] Be careful with my baby.
Angel: Ooh...
Bobby: You like that?
Angel: You got ammo?
Bobby: Yeah, it's loaded, little brother. Be careful.
[to Jack]
Bobby: Here, you carry the gas can.
Jack: We're gonna do that gas thing?
Bobby: [mocking him] Yeah, we're gonna do the gas thing. The only thing that scares people more than getting burnt to death is getting eaten alive. Let's go.
Bobby: [starts to close the trunk]
Jack: Wait, what do I get?
Bobby: you coming with us? oh
[Bobby hands him a crowbar]
Bobby: Here you go, sweetheart, poke 'em with that.
Jack: [insulted] Thanks.