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Delatombe (Character)
from The Brothers Grimm (2005)

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The Brothers Grimm (2005)
Will Grimm: You killed my friends!
Delatombe: I only wish you had more!

[re: the meal on his plate]
Delatombe: Exactly what am I enduring here? Can someone please tell me who gave birth to this?
Serving Wench: It's Bavarian blood sausage, with sauerkraut! I gutted the pig myself.
Delatombe: I bet you did.

Cavaldi: Grimmy. You are to have to stand trial for subterfuge, theft... and buggery!
Will Grimm: I'm sorry?
Cavaldi: For which the minimum sentence is...?
Delatombe: Death.

[repeated line]
Delatombe: [pronounced "bahn-go"] Bingo!

[Delatombe sits with Cavaldi, sipping wine and watching the forest burn]
Delatombe: This is the life, eh, Cavaldi? To be victorious in the field, with one's troops around you, enjoying a simple meal, a soldier's meal... by firelight.
[Explosion of flame from the woods]
Delatombe: Romantic, eh?

Delatombe: [his last words] All I wanted was a little order. A slice of quiche would be nice.

Delatombe: I said, execute them!
[Cavaldi aims, then hesitates]
Cavaldi: Generale, I wish to resign my...
Delatombe: [shoots him] Resignation accepted.