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Cavaldi (Character)
from The Brothers Grimm (2005)

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The Brothers Grimm (2005)
[while Angelika is skinning and gutting a rabbit]
Jacob Grimm: Miss, we believe your village may be under some kind of curse...
Angelika: You think I care about the village?
[Finished, she tosses her knife onto a table. It lands with a clatter. Cavaldi yells, spins around, and throws a knife, impaling a dead rabbit on the wall. Will and Jake give girly shrieks, but Angelika just glares]
Cavaldi: Scusi... but he was trying to run away.

Cavaldi: Your horses are ready.
[out the window]
Cavaldi: Avanti!
[Outside, two soliders set fire to the tails of the brothers' horses. They run away, trailing two ropes]
Jacob Grimm: [looks down; sleepily] You've got rope tied around your foot.
Cavaldi: Ciao!
[the ropes snap taught and the Brothers Grimm are yanked off their feet and dragged out the door]

Cavaldi: Grimmy. You are to have to stand trial for subterfuge, theft... and buggery!
Will Grimm: I'm sorry?
Cavaldi: For which the minimum sentence is...?
Delatombe: Death.

Cavaldi: Ik, ik, ak, ek, ek!
Jacob Grimm: [sleepily] What's going on?
Cavaldi: How can you speak-a this language? Every word is like an execution.

Will Grimm: General, you keep working with Cavaldi, this country won't be yours much longer. He panics.
Cavaldi: The great Cavaldi NEVER panics!
[a small kitten rubs against his foot; he shrieks and kicks it into a fan]

Delatombe: I said, execute them!
[Cavaldi aims, then hesitates]
Cavaldi: Generale, I wish to resign my...
Delatombe: [shoots him] Resignation accepted.

[Before torturing]
Cavaldi: [claps his hands] Musica!
[a string quartet plays Boccherini's "Minuet in G"]

Cavaldi: You go and sell your oil of snake, Grimmy.

Angelika: Who's your friend?
Will Grimm: Um...
Cavaldi: I? Who am I? I am Mercurio Cavaldi, of the great Cavaldis du Parma, the master of the torturing arts.
Will Grimm: Steady, Cavaldi. We need her warm and breathing.

Cavaldi: Demon Queen, hear me. Swallow my curse, from the dark heart of my ancestors: Maledetta! Maledetta!

[a bird startles Cavaldi; he shrieks and blindly fires two pistols into the air]
Cavaldi: I kill-a you, and take-a your eggs, and smash them all in this-!
[the bird poops on him]

Will Grimm: [after escaping from a French guard, screaming like a girl] RUN!
Jacob Grimm: [pinned to the floor by another French guard] Will! Will, wait!
Will Grimm: [running out of the inn] Never fear, Jake!
Jacob Grimm: [screaming] Will! WILL!
Will Grimm: I shall return for you...!
[a bola trips Will up]
Cavaldi: Nice try.