Lee Cullen
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Lee Cullen (Character)
from Eraser (1996)

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Eraser (1996)
John: Lee, this is Father Rodriguez.
Lee: How do you do?
Father Rodriguez: Of course, I wasn't always Father Rodriguez. You might say I was born again, with a little help from our friend here.
John: Some of his Colombian associates wanted to introduce him to God personally.
Father Rodriguez: I've been given a second chance at life. I'm using it to do God's work.

[John knocks down a door and shoots a guy]
Lee: You're late!
John: Traffic.

[explosions rock the building]
Sergei: It seems your friend has arrived.
Lee: I'll enjoy introducing him to you.

Lee: I didn't know treason was part of the corporate strategy.

Agent: This is Special Agent John Kruger. He'll be handling your personal security.
Lee: My protection?
John: New identity, relocation, I'll take you through it step by step.
Lee: What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere!
John: You're in an extremely high risk situation, Miss Cullen. That should've been explained to you.

[the limousine that Daniel Harper, Robert Deguerin, and Morehart were trapped in was just hit by a train]
Lee: What happened?
John: They caught a train.

John: That weapon, it came from your company, right?
Lee: Yes. It's an EMP prototype, it's not even supposed to exist.
John: EMP?
Lee: Electro-Magnetic Pulse. No gunpowder, no conventional bullets. They fire caseless aluminum shells at nearly the speed of light.
John: You're talking about the rail gun?
Lee: [surprised] That's right.
John: The Navy has been working on those for years. But the smallest one I've ever seen is mounted on a battleship.
Lee: Cyrez was contracted to scale them down, design a man-portable version. The most powerful assault rifle on earth. They took millions, then said the physics were impossible.
John: It looked real enough to me.

Lee: [On the computer on Donahue's office] Are we near?
John: You were right about Donahue, he left himself a back door. But we've still got to break his code. I say that we have about five or six minutes before they trace us.
[scrolling through the records]
John: Do you recognize any of this?
Lee: No. But, we're getting warm, it's an accounting format.
John: Okay, stop me if I get lucky.
Lee: UBS, United Bank of Syria.
John: $52 million? If it's an arms sale, it's a major one. Let's see who their buyer is.
Lee: Sergei Ivanovich Petrofski? Who's that?
John: [sighs] Bad news. He runs a cartel in the Russian mafia, selling drugs, guns, and influence to some very unpleasant people.
[Scrolls lower]
John: There it is, delivery date. Tonight, midnight? A thousand units at Baltimore Harbor.
Lee: But a thousand units of what?
[Screen reveals the item]
Lee: An EM gun.
John: A *thousand* EM guns.
Lee: Are they insane? If these things get offshore...
John: There'll be a whole new era of world terrorism.