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Sleepy (Character)
from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Snow White: You're Sleepy!
Sleepy: [Yawning] How'd you guess?

Snow White: [to the Seven Dwarfs] If you let me stay, I'll keep house for you. I'll wash and sew and sweep and cook.
Dwarfs: Cook?
Doc: Uh, can you make dapple lumplings? Er, lumple dapplings?
Grumpy, Sleepy: Apple dumplings.
Doc: Yes, crapple dumpkins.
Snow White: Yes, and plum pudding and gooseberry pie.
Dwarfs: Gooseberry pie? Hooray! She stays!

Grumpy: [the animals are trying to get their attention] They ain't acting this way for nothing!
Sleepy: [Yawning] Maybe the old Queen's, uh, got Snow White.
Dwarfs: [In shock] The Queen! Snow White!
Grumpy: The Queen will kill her! We, we gotta save her!
Doc: Yes! Yes! We, we gotta save her!
Sneezy: She'll kill her!
Happy: What'll we do?
Doc: Yeah, yes, wha-what'll we do?
Grumpy: [Takes charge] Come on!
[leaps onto the back of the nearest deer and rides off]

"The 7D: Buckets/Frankengloom (#1.14)" (2014)
Lord Starchbottom: Hold it! Stop! Why is everyone screaming? I am screaming on account of the lion!
Grumpy: I am screaming on account of the ghost!
Sneezy: I was screaming because you were.
Sleepy: I was screaming because Sneezy was.
Doc: I was screaming because Sleepy was.
[Dopey whistles]
Happy: I was screaming because it looked like fun!

"Once Upon a Time: Dark Hollow (#3.7)" (2013)
Happy: You know I love Snow and Charming, but... Can I be honest? It's kinda nice not having them around.
Leroy: Happy...
Sneezy: No, really. It's only been five days, but it's the first five days with no killing.
Doc: No wraiths.
Doc: No giants stepping on my Miata.
Sleepy: It has been peaceful.

"The 7D: Hildy the Good/The Jollywood Jam (#1.13)" (2014)
Doc: Heroes' Day celebrates Jollywood's founding fathers. Long, long ago, our kingdom was ruled by a wicked warlock.
[Dopey pulls up an easel, showing a crayon drawing of the warlock. Bashful peeks out from behind it]
Doc: .
Bashful: He was a real big meanie!
Doc: But the seven wise founding fathers banded together and defeated him.
[Dopey shows the founding fathers cornering the warlock on the edge of a cliff]
Sneezy: And you shoulda seen "da feet" on him!
Sleepy: High four, Sneeze-man! I could hear that joke every day.
Bashful: And we do.