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Eragon (Character)
from Eragon (2006)

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Eragon (2006)
Eragon: [to Saphira] My vision is failing!
Saphira: [to Eragon] It's not you... but me.

Eragon: We've come to join you.
Ajihad: Seize him.
Eragon: [lunges forward. Saphira roars] NO! He's with me. He saved my life.
Ajihad: [points to Murtagh accusingly] He is the son of Morzan, the traitor.
Eragon: [turns to Murtagh] Is it true?
Murtagh: A son doesn't choose his father.
[pulls up tunic to reveal large, ropy scar]
Murtagh: This was the only thing he ever gave me. I hated that man until the day he died.
Ajihad: Lock him up. If he tries to escape, kill him.

Eragon: [arguing with Saphira] I'm the rider, and I say we go!

Eragon: You can hear my thoughts!
Saphira: I've waited 1000 years to hear your thoughts. and now you can hear mine. I am Saphira. And you are my Rider.

Arya: Eragon! You shouldn't have come.
Eragon: But in the woods...
Arya: Leave me here! Go, now!
Durza: It's far too late for that.
Durza: Forgive me if I stare, I knew you were young, but even then I was expecting someone a little more, well, more.
[Eragon charges at Durza, only to have him disappear and then reappear down the hall. Durza uses magic to make weapons and rocks fly forward to hit Eragon]
Eragon: Brisingr!
Durza: A young magician, how quaint.

Eragon: [frightened] Please, put me down NOW!
Saphira: You're giving me no choice!
[drops Eragon on hay bales]

Eragon: I need to know, Saphira. Why me?
Saphira: You choose a leader for his heart.
Eragon: But I'm not without fear.
Saphira: Without fear there cannot be courage. But when we are together, it is our enemies who should be afraid.
Eragon: And are we together, Saphira?
[draws his sword]
Eragon: AS ONE?
Saphira: [Saphira breathes fire for the first time]
Eragon: I'll take that as a yes.
[the battle starts]
Eragon: Into the sky. To live or to die!

Eragon: Don't dragons breathe fire?
Brom: She's not old enough to sustain a flame.
Saphira: Lucky for you.

Eragon: [after Murtagh saves his life for the second time] Thanks... again!

Saphira: What you did was foolish... but I'm glad you did it.
Eragon: Saphira, didn't an old magician once tell us one part brave, three parts fool?
Saphira: Brom would be proud of you.

Ajihad: Which one of you is the Rider?
Eragon: I am. My name is Eragon.
Ajihad: I am Ajihad, leader of the Varden. If you are the Rider, call your beast inside.

Arya: Tell me your name.
Eragon: Eragon.
Arya: Eragon... I'm Arya, princess of Ellesmera. You're the only one who can save me.
Eragon: But how can I find you?
Arya: Durza holds me prisoner in Gil'ead.

Eragon: [leans over butcher counter] I found it hunting... hunting in the Spine.

Eragon: [angry] I know! I know your story is true!

Eragon: What did you just do? There!
Eragon: What did you just do?
Brom: I... started a fire.

Eragon: Aww... It's not so bad up here.

Eragon: [suddenly] How's Arya?
Murtagh: I thought that might come up.
[tosses Eragon new clothes]
Murtagh: Get changed.

Durza: [yelling] Taste the blood of your dragon!
Eragon: [yelling] Let's finish this!

Eragon: Where's Saphira?
Murtagh: Some friends just can't be replaced.
[pauses as Saphirz flys in]
Murtagh: But luckily, some don't have to be.

Roran: Eragon...
Roran: I'm leaving.
Eragon: What?
Roran: I'm old enough to be recruited now. Before the soldiers come looking for me.
Eragon: [pause] But what about - ?
Roran: He knows. I've already told him.
Eragon: [despairingly] Where will you go?
Roran: I don't know. All I know is that I'm going.

Eragon: [attempting to heal Saphira] WAISE HEILL!

Brom: I hardly think a boy of 15, 16...
Eragon: Seventeen!
Brom: Seventeen, forgive me. But I hardly think a boy of SEVENTEEN could handle it.

Ajihad: Which one of you is the Rider?
Eragon: [steps forward] I am. My name is Eragon.
Ajihad: I am Ajihad, leader of the Varden. If you are the Rider, then call your beast inside.
Eragon: [turns to the cave opening; talking to Saphira] Saphira, it's safe. Bring Arya, and be careful.

Eragon: [folds arms] So where's your dragon?
Brom: [bluntly] Dead.

Eragon: [repeated] Brisingr!

Arya: Legends of Eragon, the great Shadeslayer, spread throughout Alagaesia.
Eragon: You know how legends go; people will believe anything these days.

Eragon: [to baby Saphira] Where's your mother? Did she abandon you too? Did she leave in a great hurry?

Eragon: Stand up!
Murtagh: [laughs] All my life I've dreamed of dragons.
Eragon: Who are you, and why are you following us?
Murtagh: I'm Murtagh, and you need me, Dragon Rider.
Eragon: Thanks, but we're fine without you.
Murtagh: You seek the Varden? I know the mountains, every valley and stream.
[points to Arya, who is on the ground]
Murtagh: She will suffer if you go astray.
Eragon: [suspicious] Why would you risk your life for us?
Murtagh: My family was slaughtered by the king's men when I was a boy. I heard rumors, they said a Rider had appeared. If there were ever a time for retribution, this was it.
Eragon: If you can show me the quickest way to the Varden.
Murtagh: Then to the Varden it is.
Murtagh: [walks forward a few steps, then stops and turns to Eragon] You'll learn to trust me, Dragon Rider.
[Saphira growls]
Eragon: I'm not the only one you need to convince.

Brom: My story was about you, Eragon! It is your fate to be a Dragon Rider. The Varden need a Rider if they are to defeat Durza and the king.
Eragon: I didn't ask for any of this!
Brom: But you were chosen, nevertheless. A dragon will only hatch if it feels the presence of its Rider. It'll wait forever if it has to, but now it's found you. It'll serve you and only you, and that's put your life in danger.

Eragon: Why can't we take them?
Brom: Quiet! You're not ready to take anything yet.
Eragon: I have skills! I can fight. My cousin Roran and I, we've trained, with swords!
Brom: Well, then, perhaps I've underestimated you. Right then, let's see these skills of yours.
Eragon: This won't be fair to you, old man.
Brom: Humor me.
[Brom hits Eragon down immediately]
Brom: Oh dear, I see the effect of your training.
[shouting out instructions as Eragon improves]
Brom: Good, good! Don't get overconfident! It won't be your cousin Roran you're fighting, and it won't be with wooden staves, either.

Eragon: Who are you and why are you following us?
Murtagh: I'm Murtagh and you need me, Dragon Rider.

Angela: Do you wish Angela to read your fortune?
Eragon: I don't have any money.
Angela: Did Angela ask for money?

[repeated lines]
Eragon: Be careful.
Saphira: *You* be careful.

Eragon: When will I see you again?
Arya: Time moves quickly. Just think; yesterday you were a farm boy. Today you are a hero. Tomorrow may see us together again.
Eragon: Then I'll be waiting for tomorrow.

Eragon (2006) (VG)
Eragon: Who are you anyway?
Murtagh: Murtagh. I'm your new partner, Dragon Rider.