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Quotes for
Durza (Character)
from Eragon (2006)

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Eragon (2006)
Durza: My king, Galbatorix. As you feared, the dragon has hatched, but to a mere farm boy.
King Galbatorix: To whom is not the issue. When the Varden learn that the legend is real, they will be encouraged to challenge me. And I am not interested in being challenged.
Durza: There is no one left for you to fear, my king.
King Galbatorix: [Looking at map] Beyond these borders are remnants of the resistance. Dwarves, Elves, the Varden. I can't let them have hope. Do not let them reach the Varden
Durza: I will find the boy, and kill him before he becomes a man.

Arya: Eragon! You shouldn't have come.
Eragon: But in the woods...
Arya: Leave me here! Go, now!
Durza: It's far too late for that.
Durza: Forgive me if I stare, I knew you were young, but even then I was expecting someone a little more, well, more.
[Eragon charges at Durza, only to have him disappear and then reappear down the hall. Durza uses magic to make weapons and rocks fly forward to hit Eragon]
Eragon: Brisingr!
Durza: A young magician, how quaint.

Durza: [yelling] Taste the blood of your dragon!
Eragon: [yelling] Let's finish this!

Durza: It is said that as a Rider takes his last breath, he can hear the dying screams of his dragon.

Durza: [after killing the Urgal leader for failing to bring Eragon to him] Congratulations, you've just been promoted!

Durza: I expected you to be more... more... well, more.