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Murtagh (Character)
from Eragon (2006)

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Eragon (2006)
Eragon: We've come to join you.
Ajihad: Seize him.
Eragon: [lunges forward. Saphira roars] NO! He's with me. He saved my life.
Ajihad: [points to Murtagh accusingly] He is the son of Morzan, the traitor.
Eragon: [turns to Murtagh] Is it true?
Murtagh: A son doesn't choose his father.
[pulls up tunic to reveal large, ropy scar]
Murtagh: This was the only thing he ever gave me. I hated that man until the day he died.
Ajihad: Lock him up. If he tries to escape, kill him.

Eragon: [suddenly] How's Arya?
Murtagh: I thought that might come up.
[tosses Eragon new clothes]
Murtagh: Get changed.

Murtagh: [yelling] I suggest you leave quickly!

Eragon: Where's Saphira?
Murtagh: Some friends just can't be replaced.
[pauses as Saphirz flys in]
Murtagh: But luckily, some don't have to be.

Murtagh: We'll have to go on foot from here.

Eragon: Stand up!
Murtagh: [laughs] All my life I've dreamed of dragons.
Eragon: Who are you, and why are you following us?
Murtagh: I'm Murtagh, and you need me, Dragon Rider.
Eragon: Thanks, but we're fine without you.
Murtagh: You seek the Varden? I know the mountains, every valley and stream.
[points to Arya, who is on the ground]
Murtagh: She will suffer if you go astray.
Eragon: [suspicious] Why would you risk your life for us?
Murtagh: My family was slaughtered by the king's men when I was a boy. I heard rumors, they said a Rider had appeared. If there were ever a time for retribution, this was it.
Eragon: If you can show me the quickest way to the Varden.
Murtagh: Then to the Varden it is.
Murtagh: [walks forward a few steps, then stops and turns to Eragon] You'll learn to trust me, Dragon Rider.
[Saphira growls]
Eragon: I'm not the only one you need to convince.

Murtagh: [Eragon saves Murtagh's life] I guess we're even!

Eragon: Who are you and why are you following us?
Murtagh: I'm Murtagh and you need me, Dragon Rider.

Eragon (2006) (VG)
Eragon: Who are you anyway?
Murtagh: Murtagh. I'm your new partner, Dragon Rider.

Murtagh: When I was just a boy, my family was slaughtered by the King's soldiers. The only person I've ever trusted was myself.

Murtagh: Is that mighty sword too much for you, young Dragon Rider?