Luisa Corts
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Luisa Corts (Character)
from Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

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Y Tu Mamá También (2001)
Luisa: You have to make the clitoris your best friend.
Tenoch: What kind of friend is always hiding?

Luisa: Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea.

Luisa: Who cares who you two fucked when you come that fast!

Luisa: Play with babies and you'll end up washing diapers!

Tenoch: Me too
Luisa: You too what Tenoch?
Tenoch: Julio! Me too faggot!
Julio Zapata: You too what?
Tenoch: I fucked Ceci, your girlfriend!
Luisa: What?
Julio Zapata: That's not true! When?
Tenoch: After the Plastilina concert
Julio Zapata: Fuck! That's why you took me home first, right? Where!
Tenoch: In my house
Julio Zapata: In your house asshole!
Tenoch: She was wearing the panties with flowers on them!

Luisa: You get babies to look after, you end up changing their diapers!

[Tired of fighting]
Luisa: We do things my way! One more fight and I'm gone for good!... Now we play by my rules. I won't fuck with any of you. Fuck each other, if you wish. 2. I sunbathe naked and I don't want you sniffing around like dogs. 3. I pick the music. 4. The moment I ask, please shut your mouths. 5. You cook. 6. No stories about your poor girlfriends. 7. If I ask, stay 10 yards from me. Or better 100. 8. Obviously, you do all the manual labor. 9. You may not speak of things you don't agree on. Even better, just keep your mouths shut. 10. You're not allowed to contradict me, much less push me.

Tenoch: Who fucks better between us? The truth!
Luisa: Despite the fiasco, you each have your own charms. Both have to quit whacking off and work up your resistance... Both of you, stop whacking off
[She turns to the waiter]
Luisa: These boys don't know how to go down on a girl. You were slurping like this was a lollipop. You have to be gentle. You have to make the clitoris your best friend... Search and you shall find. The greatest pleasure is giving pleasure.
Tenoch: Hail to the clit!
Julio Zapata: Hail to the clit!
Luisa: Hail to the clit!

Tenoch: I fucked Ceci a few times
Julio Zapata: No big deal. I poked Ana a bunch of times.
Tenoch: So we're milk brothers!
[Luisa toast]
Luisa: To your girlfriends who are having 10 Italians at a time!
Julio Zapata: And your mother, too! You know?... Honestly, the day she cleaned my aura
[two boys raised their shot glasses]
Tenoch: Luisa! To all mothers!
Julio Zapata: Luisa! To all mothers!