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Togusa (Character)
from Ghost in the Shell (1995)

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Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004/I)
Togusa: How great is the sum of thy thoughts? If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand.
Bateau: Psalms 139, Old Testament. The way you spout these spontaneous exotic references, I'd say your own external memory's pretty twisted.

Togusa: His legions, angel forms, who lay entranced. Thick as autumnal leaves that strow the brooks.
Bateau: Now you're quoting Milton, but we are not Satan.

Bateau: What's up?
Togusa: Narrow, dark stairs. What's the program?
Bateau: We take turns, I'll lead.
Togusa: No, I'll lead. You're so damned big, I can't cover you!
[walks up the stairs, hereby forcing the lead]

Bateau: Still with me, pal?
Togusa: [with his head between his hands, looking to the floor] All I could see... were my wife and daughter's faces.
Bateau: That wasn't your wife or daughter. It was Death.

Ghost in the Shell (1997) (VG)
Togusa: I heard about explosives training.
Batou: Yeah, the whole group spent the night trapped in the restrooms.
Togusa: Poor babies.

[this cut-scene is shown depending on how well you complete your Training mission]
Togusa: Well, you made the grade. Congratulations!
Batou: Uh-uh, no way! That Green Order is heading straight back to basics!
Major Motoko Kusanagi: He'll be fine, let him do it! Cut the guy some slack.
Togusa: [glancing towards the player] Rear end. Break a leg, kid!

"Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Stand Alone Complex (#1.26)" (2003)
Togusa: It's not like I had aspirations to be a hero or anything. However, I'm positive we followed a code of justice that all of believed in without condition or compromise. Laughing Man, you were the one who first tried to shed some light on the black abyss of this case and bring it to the world's attention. Is it possible that at this moment, you're feeling the same as I am? Nah, you wouldn't. Your not the type to go in for that stuff. You must've had a revelation of something and you're watching this with eyes that see the big picture. Isn't that right? I could tell.