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Quotes for
Lt. Eddie Souther (Character)
from Sister Act (1992)

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Sister Act (1992)
Eddie: Nice church, huh?
Delores: Yes, very nice. Look, what am I gonna be? Quasimodo in the belfry? What is this?
Eddie: I want you to stay here for a while.
Delores: Where?
Eddie: In the convent. It's the safest place in the world. You think Vince is gonna look for you in a convent?
Delores: Wh... in the what?
Eddie: The convent.
Delores: You must be out of your... You know what? I'm gonna go back and work this out with Vince. You're a lunatic! I'm not gonna be in no damn convent with these people. These people don't even have sex!

[after seeing Delores on TV, when she should be hiding]
Eddie: I'm gonna kill her! I'm gonna kill her myself!

Eddie: Can I call you Dolores?
Dolores: You can call me anything you want as long as you keep me alive.

Delores: What am I gonna do here? I'm gonna go crazy! There's nothing but a lot of white women dressed as nuns! What am I gonna do here?
Eddie: Pray.
Delores: Pray?

Eddie: Deloris, look. Vince knows you're here. We gotta get out now.
Delores: Oh, but I can't go. We're singin' for the Pope tomorrow.
Eddie: Listen! You gonna be singin' for St. Peter if you don't get your ass outta here now!

Sister Mary Clarence: I can't leave, they need me.
Eddie: A bunch of nuns? What for? Relationship guidance? Make up tips?
Sister Mary Clarence: You listen to me. We are talking about the Pope. This means a great deal to them and they have worked very hard for this and they deserve it.

Eddie: Where are you going?
Delores: I'm going to the little nun's room, nosy!

Delores: Are you looking for me?
Eddie: How come I saw you on TV?
Delores: That was not my fault, these people just showed up, but it's been really good for the convent.
Eddie: Listen to yourself! This is not a career move!
Delores: You don't have to tell me that. This would not be the place to begin a career.
Eddie: You're supposed to be hiding out. Bullets flying through the air at you? Sound familiar?
Delores: Yes, but I can't talk about it now because I have a show in 5 minutes.
Eddie: Just promise me I won't see you on the Letterman Show.
Delores: Okay.

Eddie: Mrs. Van Cartier? You're Vince LaRocca's girlfriend, right?
Delores: Well you could... sort of... maybe... it depends on how you look at it! I mean, the guy just tried to kill me so I don't think that cements our relationship!
Eddie: You realize he's a major underworld figure, don't you?
Det. Clarkson: He's into drug dealing, money laundering.
Det. Tate: We've been investigating Mr. LaRocca for the last 18 months. We've got videotapes, surveillance photos...
Delores: Am I... am I in any of the... videotapes?
Det. Tate: No, no, no, criminal activity.