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Quotes for
Sister Mary Robert (Character)
from Sister Act (1992)

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Sister Act (1992)
Sister Mary Robert: I'm so nervous. What if I forget the words?
Sister Mary Clarence: You're gonna go straight to hell.

Sister Mary Robert: [looking at Reno from the helicopter] It's beautiful!
Sister Mary Patrick: And what a lovely name, Reno!
Reverend Mother: ...and Gomorrah!

Sister Mary Robert: Reverend Mother, I know you and Mary Clarence didn't always agree but we have to help her. Please.
Sister Mary Patrick: We've gotta save her.
Sister Mary Lazarus: We can't leave it up to the feds.

Sister Mary Patrick: I can't believe the Pope is coming! This is better than ice cream!
Sister Mary Robert: It's better than springtime!
Delores: It's better than sex! No, I mean - I've heard.

Reverend Mother: [about Delores] She isn't a nun. Her real name is Delores van Cartier. She witnessed a vicious murder and has been hiding in our convent
Choir Nun: She... she lied to us?
Sister Mary Patrick: She wasn't a nun?
Sister Mary Robert: But she made us sing so perfectly!
Sister Mary Patrick: [thoughtfully] Now that should have tipped us...

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)
Sister Mary Robert: The only thing the chef knows how to cook is German sausage.
Sister Mary Lazarus: Day after day, liverwurst, bratwurst, beerwurst...
Sister Mary Patrick: It's the "worst".