Buckley Dunstan
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Buckley Dunstan (Character)
from Father of the Bride (1950)

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Father's Little Dividend (1951)
Stanley Banks: [Telephone rings at night] Hello. Buckley, do you know what time it is? It's a quarter to three.
Buckley Dunstan: I'm sorry, I didn't realize. Is Kay there?
Stanley Banks: [Sarcastically] But of course she, where would she be?
Stanley Banks: Hello, I'll take this downstairs, hang on
[Puts down the receiver & quietly tiptoes downstairs to hall, then picks up the extension phone]
Stanley Banks: What do you mean. is she here?
Buckley Dunstan: Well, I thought if she were there I could come & pick her up if she were there.
Stanley Banks: When did she leave? What time did she leave?
Buckley Dunstan: I don't know, I've been out for a few hours, I just got back a little while ago.
Stanley Banks: What was it, a fight?
[Long pause]
Stanley Banks: DID you have a FIGHT?
Buckley Dunstan: We had an argument, yes. Look if anything happens to her, I'll kill myself.
Stanley Banks: Don't worry, I'll do it for you. Did she take anything, a bag or anything?
Buckley Dunstan: She took her hatbox, umbrella & toilet case & a toothbrush.
Stanley Banks: Don't worry about it then, if she took her toothbrush, she's not headed for the river.