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Governor Lewis (Character)
from Evolution (2001)

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Evolution (2001)
Brigadier Gen. Russell Woodman: I didn't know you were coming to see the show, sir.
Governor Lewis: Well, you damn well better make it a good one, Sergeant!
Brigadier Gen. Russell Woodman: That's General.
Governor Lewis: Not if you screw this up.

[the Governor and science teams watch while an alien primate smashes the command site's video monitor cameras]
Carla: They just took out 6 and 7.
Lt. Cryer: All the monitors are down!
Governor Lewis: Well, that can't be good!
[a rumbling is heard]
Ira Kane: That's the elevator.
Col. Flemming: We have no personnel down there.
Dr. Allison Reed: They've breached the airlock.
Governor Lewis: [incredulously] What, the fuzzy no-nosed chimp?

Dr. Allison Reed: At this rate, they will take over Glen Canyon in three days. In a week, the rest of Arizona. Within two months, the United States will officially belong to them. And we are extinct.
Governor Lewis: Oh, you gotta be shittin' me!

Brigadier Gen. Russell Woodman: We evacuate, make it safe, and then we burn the alien menace right the hell out of there.
Dr. Allison Reed: With what?
Brigadier Gen. Russell Woodman: With napalm. Lots and lots of napalm.
Ira Kane: Napalm? Why don't you just nuke 'em while you're at it?
Col. Flemming: [with an eager grin] What about nukes?
[Woodman starts thinking about it]
Governor Lewis: Pull your horns in there, boys! Nobody's dropping an H-bomb on my state!

Governor Lewis: I oughta throw the whole goddamn, jacked-up bunch of you in prison. No, not that cushy federal place with the loose jumpsuits. *State prison*... with the crotch binders!

Governor Lewis: Put a plug in it, I'm not interested in your bureaucratic crap-ola!

[Lieutenant Cryer has interrupted the briefing of the Governor to call attention to the command site's video monitors]
Governor Lewis: [angrily] All right, what's going on down there?
[Another video monitor reveals a Bigfoot-like creature skulking toward the camera with a menacing expression]
Ira Kane: My God. They've evolved into primates.
Wayne Grey: Aughh. Now, that's a face for radio!