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Quotes for
Leti (Character)
from Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006) (V)

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Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006) (V)
Camille: Yo ceck this out everybody. We got some new shit for y'all. Here we go now!
Camille, Kirresha, Leti: [starts dance routine] Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call. Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call.
Leti: My name is Leti. I like to party. And when I shake it, the boys say "ay mami!".
Camille, Kirresha, Leti: Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call.
Camille: My name Camille. Give you three wishes. You see me shake it, 'cause I'm delicious.
Camille, Kirresha, Leti: Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call.
Kirresha: My name Kirresha. Get out my face. 'Cause when I shake it, it's like an earthquake.
Camille: Don't forget everybody, pep rally after school!
[jumps off table]
Camille: Did you enjoy the show, white girl?
Britney: I didn't know you were a cheerleader.
Camille: Ha. I'm the cheerleader OK? I'm captain.
Britney: So? I was captain at my old school.
Camille: And now you go to my school. So I guess that makes you nothing.

Camille: Jesse, it's cute you tryin to be in choreography and all but you just stick to findin us the beats, alright boo?
Jesse: Alright cool, but one day you'll come beggin for what i got.
Kirresha: Shoot, I'm beggin now hook a sister up.
Camille: Kirresha.
Kirresha: What?
Camille: You are too hot to beg.
Kirresha: I know but he's just so fine I'm willin to make an exception.
Jesse: Don't tease me mami, me gustan las chicas grande.
Kirresha: Mmm I don't know what you said, but me gustan too baby.
Leti: He said he like big girls!
Kirresha: Now, how come when you say it it don't sound cute at all?
Leti: Look he the one who said it alright.
Kirresha: Don't hate cause he on me.

Leti: [after Britney's audition] Damn vanilla latte's got skills.

Camille: Look what you did!
[brushes dirt off her handbag]
Britney: Well it's not like it's real.
Kirresha: For real?
Leti: Say what?
Camille: And how would you know?
Britney: Because this one's real
[shows her handbag with a smile on her face]
Leti: Oooh!
Kirresha: Can I touch that?
[touches handbag]
Camille: My momma bought me this purse.
Britney: Well your mum must shop at the swap meets, because that knock-off sucks.
Camille: Oh no, you did not just talk about my momma. That's it, Kirresha, hold ma shit!
Leti: Camille, don't do this your gonna get suspended!
Camille: So? Do you think I'm gonna let this barbie looking heifer come up here and talk about ma momma?
Britney: Heifer? Did you just call me fat? And I did not just talk about your 'momma'!
Kirresha: FYI, ya did.
Britney: You speak IM? NFW!
Camille: Oooh this girl just called you the 'N' word!
[takes off her earrings]
Leti: Oh!
Britney: I would never! Some of my best friends used to live next door to black people.
[bell rings]
Kirresha: Oh, hell no come on we gonna be late for class!
Leti: Let's go
[they start climbing the stairs]
Camille: Count yo blessings white girl... cuz you just got lucky.
Britney: I feel scared, maybe a little nauseous but I definitely don't feel lucky.

Britney: [Walks into classroom, and everybody turns around to look] Is this English? Are you Mrs Webster?
Mrs. Webster: It is, I am, and you're late.
Britney: Well, I was going through airport security.
Mrs. Webster: Class, this is Britney Allen, and she's a transfer student from Pacific Vista.
Camille: [whispers] She's one of them PV bitches.
Leti: [mutters in spanish] Mendiga gringa.
Mrs. Webster: Now find a seat and copy the board.
Britney: You want me to copy all of that? Can't you just give it to me in like, a book?
Mrs. Webster: [Class snickers] I'm sorry Miss Allen, but we don't have enough books for everyone. Now I wouldn't want to single you out and give you one, we wouldn't want the other students to think that you're more important than them now would we?
Britney: [everybody looks at Britney] ... no.
Mrs. Webster: Good guess.
Britney: I know! You can email it to me!
Mrs. Webster: [class laughs] You think that if we don't have books we'd have computers? I'm glad you have a sense of humour. Now find a seat.

Camille: We're gonna use these steps y'all came up with for the competition.
Britney: Wait a minute. I've told you since day one, add krumping, and you've just.
Camille: Are you done yet?
Jesse: [Grabs Britney and covers her mouth] Yes she is.
Camille: Good. Now get your little white ass over here and show me the steps.
Kirresha: What's the matter with her?
Leti: I think it's caffeine withdrawal. Coffee's like crack to white people.